Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yard Walks from Yesterday and Today

When Heidi hears me tell Larry I'm going for a "yard walk" or ask if he wants to join me, she is always ready, assuming I will take her, too.  Once things start to grow, I go out every day to see what is going on.  When the time comes that there may be some weeding, trimming, or dead heading to do, I have my garden scissors and a bucket with me, so that I can take care of things as I notice them.  If I have just a little time, I do a little.  By being out every day, things don't get out of hand, and I keep it fun,  just doing what I have the time and/0r energy to do.  When it gets hot, and things are at a peak, I do get behind, but I still do the yard walks, and do what I can.  I also focus on certain areas as needed at a different time from the walk.

Here are some of the pics from the last couple day's yard walks.  If you want to see details, they will enlarge when clicked on.

This is the bed we started last June.  The mini blind tags are helping me figure out what is coming up, and where the plants that come up later are.

Here's the new bed from the house.  There is a circle of pink tulips that poked through just when I thought they were not going to.  The bed was supposed to be for large growing annuals, but somehow more and more perennials kept getting planted there.

Dutch Iris about to bloom:

Does anyone know what these are?

This daffodil is in the planter in front of the house.

I think this is a pansy that stowed away in a 6 pack of violas.

The narrow part of the bed was just put in last year.  I had planned on putting more plants in, because the geraniums didn't spread as much as I thought they would, but I need to wait, because we received notice our streets are going to be resurfaced, and the curbs may be replaced.  I need to call the number they gave us to see if they know when, and how far in I need to remove plants.

Bed on the east side of the sidewalk:

 Hyacinths from the previous bed:

West side of sidewalk:

East side of house:

Across driveway, still on east side of yard, in front of veggie garden:

A messy area near the compost pile in the veggie garden, complete with garlic that needs thinning, hollyhock seedlings, leaves, and blooming henbit:

Aerie-el from Gardener's Roost posted a walk around her place, and asked how our gardens grow, which is what inspired me to go ahead and post about my yard walks.  If you click on her blog name, you'll get to it.  It's the one that starts out talking about rain.


  1. Such a huge place you got! Great to see everything's looking promising there, Sue. Is the Dutch Iris same as Iris reticulata (which I fell in love with, recently)... I should google it up.

  2. Wonderfully exciting isn't it to see all of the new growth!! Great post, thanks for sharing.

  3. Your plants look like they are about as far along as mine.

    My oldest son had some friends over and somehow his mini blinds on one window got broken. After my initial upset about it, I realized I could cut up the remains to use as plant tags. Talk about going from lemons to lemonade!

  4. Did you plant echinops (globe thistle)? The pic you asked about looks like my echinops right now.

    Isn't it fun to take the daily "progress" walks? I love to watch gardens emerge.


  5. I like the way you have several beds with pathways of grass surrounding. Good idea using the blinds for name tags.

    I hope you never have a fire in the neighborhood.

  6. How fun to take this garden walk with you and see all your new spring growth. It will be so fun to watch the season's progress in your gardens. The curbside garden really shows why you named it the "corner garden" ;) I hope the city gives you lots of notice to move the plants.

  7. I love wondering around the yard and seeing what has come up and what is growing, of course I also see the weeds I need to pull and the work I need to get started on but that is my therapy time, just me and mother nature

  8. I enjoyed this walkabout. Your beds look very tidy (unlike mine right now) and ready to go!

  9. What fun to tour your yard and see all the gardens--no doubt spring has arrived there! I love the ironwork and cute borders.
    Can't wait to see it when it's all blooming :)

    Thanks for sharing your walk and for the link love!

  10. Susan, you have so many beds and so much is starting to come up. Isn't it exciting.I love some of your decor like the bed headboard. I keep watching for one for my garden. Is it your goal to eventually to have all flowers and not to have to ever mow grass again :-) Not a bad idea for us flower lovers.

  11. I love it wen plants come up and I don't know what they are till they bloom!

  12. Enjoyed our 'walk' together. I always carry pruners, or a rake, or some kind of tools so as not to be caught out with bare hands, there's so much to do this time of year.

  13. Thanks for the comments and questions.

    I think the iris is the reticulata.

    When I named my blog, it was because we live on a corner lot, but now, I'm realizing there is such a thing as a corner garden that's in a corner.

    I have globe thistle, but it looks different from my mystery plant. I'm remembering I did some deadheading in other gardens and put the spent flowers in the new bed. Hopefully, it's a flower and not a weed.

    Larry takes care of the grass. Since there is no sidewalk, we have to keep an area open for people to walk on. We also need to keep some grass for Heidi to run on. We don't plan on moving, but if we did, I would avoid a corner lot, because much of your yard isn't really your yard.

    We saw another headboard at a consignment store the other day. It was more than I wanted to pay for it. Maybe the price will go down.

    I forgot to mention that I used to use pencil to write on the mini blinds, but it would get too light to read. I think it was someone on the cottage garden forum on ivillage who suggested grease pencils, so that is what I used. Permanent markers aren't permanent on the mini blinds.

    Happy Spring! I hope it gets warm to stay soon!

  14. I love to walk around the yard this time of year just to check each day what is coming up; there is always a surprise waiting for me, it seems. Your gardens all look so neat and tidy; can't wait to see them covered in blooms! I hope you don't need to move your plants very far in the curbside planting after all that hard work putting it in.

  15. Oh look at everything coming up! It won't be long before you have an explosion of color and wonderful aromas all over the garden. How exciting!


  16. It's been too cold for yard walks the last few days, but tomorrow is supposed to get into the upper 50s. I hope to get a few more seeds planted.


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