Friday, March 6, 2009

Blotanical for Garden Blogs and Bloggers

I've already shared here how I started blogging in October after friends on the Cottage Garden Forum on ivillage talked about it and gave us links to their blogs.  One of the reasons I was attracted to it was because I could post as many pictures of the new bed, which was what led me to the garden forum, as I wanted, because the space was "mine."  I've also made references to blotanical, and have the icon in my sidebar, with a note, but I've never done a blog about blotanical, which is run by Stuart Robinson, who lives in Western Australia, and has a blog called, "Gardening Tips 'n' Ideas".

I don't remember when I discovered blotanical, but joined November 11.  It quickly became a part of my daily blogging routine.  I have had lots of fun exploring, finding out all the things you can do, such as looking at which garden blogs have been visited most, or which bloggers have been the most active on the site in the last 24 hours.  You can send and receive messages, "fave" blogs you like, read posts people have written, and "pick" as many as you like. Many of these activities earn you points for different "perks" on the site.

There are two reasons I'm writing this today.  One is because I clicked on someone's star by their name, and saw the stars are for "friends" who have written a post about blotanical.  The other reason is because, for the first time, last night, I was first on the list of most active "blotanists" in the last 24 hours.  Cool!  Of course, when I looked this morning, I was number 5.  That's OK, I'm just glad Stuart was able to get the site back up after some technical difficulties.  I want to provide links to blotanical posts a couple other people whose blogs I follow wrote.  One is Jill's from "Through the Looking Glass" and Grace's, from "Grace Peterson".  Click on their blog names to get to them.  If you are new to blogging, and don't know, you can click on "home" on their sites and see other posts they have written and great pics they have posted.

I need to get to work, so I may come back later and edit this like I frequently do, but have a great day! (I did do that.  It says the same thing, but I did more changing of the wording than I've ever done on a post.  In the future, I won't try to post something before work, when I know I don't have time to edit it.  It's still not a great piece of writing, but it's a post about blotanical, where you can find gardens and gardeners from all over the world.)

As I was driving to work, I realized I forgot to mention that the garden blogging community is a living thing, just like our gardens, and many members of this community know each other because of blotanical.  Thanks Stuart!


  1. Is the Stuart that started blotanical the same person who originated GardenWeb?

  2. I'm still learining about blotanical. It's going to be beautiful here today so I need to get busy as well.

  3. Welcome to Blotanical Sue! It's a joy meeting gardeners all over the country and around the world!

  4. Thanks Sue, I'm going to have to check that out

  5. Hey there Sue ! .. I have checked up on your blog here and there and it is very nice : )
    "I'll Be back" as some one says ? LOL Joy

  6. Sue, I love your front garden and your header photo always makes me smile. Pansies are such happy flowers. Blotanical is a great deal of fun...and there are delightful bloggers hanging out there...Have a good weekend, I hope you are beginning to feel spring in the air! gail

  7. Sue, You're a dear. Thank you for recommending little ole me. I always enjoy your posts, your photography savvy and your enthusiasm for all things green and growing. Your garden plot pictured above looks intriguing with bits of color sprinkled among the treasures that are blissfully taking over. I can see you're going to have a lot of fun puttering here. It's also been pleasure to watch the days creep closer to SPRING. Ah that blessed season! Hope you have a sunny day. :)

  8. I haven't yet latched onto Blotanical. I go there, see my plot, cannot access my messages, then go away again. Blotanical must be wonderful since everyone uses it, but must not have figured out how to use it yet.

  9. I love blotanical. It has really been fun for me! I love meeting fellow garden bloggers and really helps you to share your blog with others.

  10. Hi Sue! Your comment about the 'community of gardeners' is right on target. Blogs like yours and links to other sites knit us together and distance seems to melt away. It's wonderful to share gardens and tips and see and appreciate someone else's perspective on working with Nature, be it down the street or on the other side of the world.

    You work so hard on your beds and they are beautiful! :-)

  11. TODAYS question, that grass is it cut with noisy, polluting trimmers/lawm mowers? Is it?

    Nice blog, at any rate.

  12. I'm glad I found you on there. I really enjoy your blog!
    Blotanical has been a great way to find really great blogs and bloggers!

  13. Yes, I live in Texas and the weather is good.
    Looking forward to smelling the dirt and watching the little ones poke their heads out.
    Have to love it. God did good

  14. Thanks for your comments.

    Marnie, I'm not sure whether this Stuart started GardenWeb. Maybe he'll read this, and let us know.

    Darla, I'm still learning, too. I thought the stars were for those who have won awards, and I was looking to see what award whoever's star it was I clicked on.

    Hi Linda, We met when I first joined, but we haven't crossed paths as much lately for some reason, maybe because there are too many blogs to try to keep up with. I've enjoyed yours whenever I've been there, though.

    Deb, I hope you do check it out. I think you'll have fun on blotanical.

    Thanks, Joy, I visit your blog on blotanical,too.

    Thanks Gail, I went to a garden center on my way home from church to see if the pansies were in. They were but were on the small side. I decided to wait a couple weeks. Spring is approaching, and I am seeing new things popping up every day, but we will have some cold days this week.

    Thanks, and you are welcome, Grace. I want to see what you are doing with that corner the play house was in.

    Sweet Bay, I'm trying to remember if I've seen your blog on blotanical. I'll try to look tomorrow, and will let you know. Have you been signing in when you try to access your messages? There are technical difficulties from time to time. This post showed 12 picks, then none, then 13, then none, then today, 3. I wonder if it's because I edited it.

    Flowrgirl1, We just recently found each others' blogs through blotanical. It really is fun! I just wish I could keep up with all the blogs i want to read, and check out the new ones coming on. So, you live in North Carolina, but move back to Minnesota in the summer? I imagine you don't miss the Minnesota winters, do you?

    Thanks Kris, That's right and since we're from all over the world, I think it would be helpful for people to say what zone they are in, or what kind of weather they are having for those in other countries where they don't use our zones.

    Catherine (GP) Thanks, and I'm enjoying seeing the progress you are making in your yard, and looking forward to seeing pics of this spring and summer.

    Judanna, You are also one of the people I just met recently on blotanical, I think, unless I clicked on your name on a comment you made on someone else's blog. LOL Yes, God did good, and I feel blessed to have the love of putting my hands in that dirt.

    Blog on!

  15. Hi Sue, I love your flower bed it's so pretty.

  16. Hi Sue, you were one of the first people I met on Blotanical and we immediately 'faved' each other...that was nice:-) I consider you a friend...almost a 'long-time' friend(!) since I've met so many people in the past few months...seems I've known you longest! I did know Robin and Beckie before I joined,though...just from basic blogging...
    I have fun blogging through Blotanical...I have enjoyed it thourally! Now Sue, you will have a star after your name too!!!!

  17. Hi Maureen and Jan, Thanks for your comments.

    Maureen, I'm glad we have recently met. This flower bed was just started last June, and I'm so excited to see what all comes up this year.

    Jan, I do feel we are friends. I remember clicking on your name I noticed through a comment you made on someone's blog, because, being a Christian, I liked the title of it.

    Jan, we both are having trouble keeping up with all the blogging we want to do, and blogs we like to visit. I need to make myself go to bed an hour sooner than what I've been doing. I really need to be getting more housework done, too. I'm so tired when I get home from work, though, that all I want to do is blog.

    Have a great weekend!


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