Sunday, March 15, 2009

It Waited until Bloom Day, and My Day in the Garden

This "holiday cactus" is called, "Naomi".  I guess it was still teasing yesterday.

Below are Yellow Sweet Spanish onions.  Tom Thumb buttercrunch lettuce was planted between the rows.  I also planted Early Wonder beets, Early White Vienna kohlrabi, spinach, and a mesclun mix nearby. The photo of the Mr. Society onions, which are extra early, and not for keeping was accidently omitted. 

Lettuce is coming up under the green fabric in the "gamble garden."  

This was from earlier in the day, when it was raining, even though there was no rain in the forecast, and I was thinking I wasn't going to get to garden.  

After planting in the veggie garden, I did some clean up in the new bed.  I took off last year's growth from most of the plants.  I just removed the top layer of leaves so far. (We had our daughter, daughter-in-law, and grandson over for supper, so I didn't get finished, but I was out long enough to get a little sunburned.)

I took some dead leaves off of this foxglove.  I am pleased it is back for another season.

I think this may be the surprise lily I planted.  I can't remember how many I planted, but this is the only one growing.  It's marker, made from cut up mini blinds must have come out.  Several of them did, but I was able to stick them back.  When everything is up well, I'll see if they are hidden or need to come out.

I am most excited to see the Wally day lily is ready to grow.  I fell in love with it from the Cottage Garden Forum on ivillage.


  1. Hey, you got a lot done, even with family visiting. Nice job. I'm envious of your Christmas Cactus bloom. Mine has been dormant for, oh, about always!

  2. Oops, meant to add that I'm glad to see your gamble is paying off!

  3. Love those signs of spring. Sunblock Sue!!

  4. I have a niece called Naomi so will have to look out for that pretty Christmas cactus :)

  5. How exciting to see your garden emerging from the winter.

  6. Your cactus bloom is beautiful. I'm glad you were able to get out to play in your gardens yesterday. It felt good I know.


  7. I am jealous! Because of the snow, there was no gardening in my place! Isn't it amazing to see all these little green things showing up from under the dry leaves?!

  8. Happy Bloom Day...the emerging foliage is wonderful! I do think the strappy foliage is surprise lily and a fun flower it is in bloom! gail

  9. Hi Sue,
    I've been out cleaning up too (or I was, before our recent rains). It's wonderful to see those tidy beds isn't it, empty now but so full of promise!

  10. I pulled back some leaves Saturday and the bottom layers were still frozen. Enjoy, it will be a while before anything is sprouting here.

  11. Beautiful cactus, with glossy green leaves. You must be looking after it well.

  12. You are definitely further along than we are. We haven't planted any veggies yet outside, though my daughter has started leeks inside. My Christmas cactus had a few more blooms, though I haven't mentioned them on my blog recently.

  13. Sue,
    You have a nice selection !!
    More power to you for growing winter crops...I pretty much stay out of the garden this time of year. Keep trying foxgloves but have no success or maybe I do but can't find them.
    See what you mean about saving favorite posts on sidebar. Since I have my extra blog page for Links that I use frequently,that is a good place to save posts.
    Happy Spring,

  14. I am just waiting for the day where I will have to be careful of getting a sunburn. It actually snowed here yesterday, although it melted away as soon as it hit the ground. I am yearning for the days to be warm enough to stay out for more than a few minutes at a time.
    Your Christmas cactus is a pretty color.

  15. What an apt name - Naomi! It really is pleasant and delighting as its name suggests. Good luck with your veggies and lilies, Sue.

  16. Thanks for the comments, and thanks for the ID of the surprise lily, Gail. I have enjoyed working on more beds and my herb garden the last couple of days after work. It's been exciting to discover more plants greening up! There is so much to do now!

    I have been buying a bunch of seeds to plant in my 72 little expanding pots. Now, I think I am going to have to get some more. I guess it's too early for the tomatoes and peppers.

    To those of you in colder zones than my 5b, I hope the time goes by quickly for you until you can be out cleaning up and enjoying the new spring growth.

  17. I'm all for anything hot pink. It's not a Christmas cactus, but a St Patty's day cactus.

  18. Hey Sue, I actually try to visit all the posts on Carol's Mr. Linky list - at least those posted the day of GBBD. I like seeing where everyone is in their season and all that they have. It is the only post a month I do as a "watercooler" post. The rest of the time during the month, I may stop by for a quick visit, but I don't stay for tea.

    I remember coming to yours and was unable to leave a comment. Hope this one goes through. Helen

  19. It seems so early to have veggies coming up, but soon our gardens will be full and lush. Don't you just love the excitement of seeing those first green shoots sticking out of the earth?

  20. Great idea with the mini blinds!

  21. It is so exciting to see sprouts!
    Your lettuce will be so yummy.
    We just put the potatoes in on St. Pat's Day.
    I will sow the Spring veggies when I return from seeing my daughter the first of April.
    Happy Spring!


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