Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring!

I took lots of pics of what was going on in the garden and sky the first day of spring, 2009.  I am too tired to make the collage I was going to make, but here are the cardinals I saw today.

I have been cleaning up the flower beds each day after work, but still have lots to do. Tomorrow, Larry says he'll help get the leaves out of the beds.  There is so much green and growing!  I have delphiniums and foxgloves coming up, and am so excited, because they don't always come back for me.


  1. Sounds like you've entered action phase in your garden. No wonder you're tired doing all that after work.
    What gorgeous birds. They look really exotic to me, but are they quite common with you?

    The compost didn't get turned - I'll have to post about that. Basically if we'd taken the bins off that day the compost would have ended up in Oslo or Moscow, or some point East, such was the strength of the gale.

  2. Lots more going on in your garden than in mine, Susan. Things are somewhat slower for me, but we'll both get caught up somewhat to the rest of the continent eventually. Or so I tell myself. ;-)

  3. Hi Linda and Jodi,
    Yes, the action has started! I have next week off of work, and the highs are supposed to be in the 40s and 50s, with lots of rain, which I hope we get, but today is supposed to be in the 70s, and partly cloudy. Our grandson is here, and I was able to get a little done, and he helped put leaves in the bucket, but he got hives on his face, and we had to come in. Oh, Larry just came in, so now I can go out a bit. Later, we are taking him to my parents' house so we can work some more. I hope to get lots done today!

    Linda, I hope you got your compost turned, or will be able to soon, and Jodi, hang in there. Your turn is on its way!

  4. We've got a perfect gardening day here in the Pacific Northwest. Overcast, but almost 60 degrees and no wind. I came in to gobble down a bowl of cereal and check with my garden buddies at Blotanical but I really must get back to it. :)


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