Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Veggie Garden Across the Street

I don't think I've posted about my garden across the street, east, on Jeff's property this spring.  His daughter is no longer living in the house there, but a friend of hers is.  She put the red dealy with dead strawberries in it on the walnut tree.  She does not garden, but was hoping for some strawberries. 

I am very behind in getting the weeds under control in much of the garden, but have managed to do some planting. 

I received some seeds from a few different bloggers.  The zinnias I got from Cathy, Flowering Mama are coming up.  Lona, I think you sent the blue petunia seeds.  I hope I find where I put them in time to plant them for next year. In the upper left corner, some Mexican sunflowers are coming up.

Some kiss me over the garden gates are coming up from seeds dropped by last year's plants.  There's a nice sized one on the left.  I planted some little zinnia and marigold plants in the area.  The logs are from the tree we had to have cut down in the front yard.  The irises, a freecycle find, were planted a few years ago.

Facing west, the tomatoes seem to be doing well so far, even though they are close to the walnut tree.  I put alfafla meal down for a mulch, but I think the rabbits are eating it.

Facing east and north, they don't show up well, but there are more tomatoes and peppers planted where the cages are.  The huge clump of a bellflower of some kind that I gave to the woman who lived here before the owner's daughter moved in.  I intend to make it smaller.

Here's a closer view of the tomatoes and peppers.

The lettuce, spinach, and such are about finished for the season.  This garden is not as sunny as mine, so with a bit of a cool down the next few days, maybe I will be able to harvest some more.

I planted a mix of 7 different kinds of basil between the tomatoes.  They are coming up pretty well.

I guess I put this photo in to show a closer view.  Look at all those bellflowers!

 In the past, birds or squirrels tore up the onions.  Some were lying down, but they have gotten larger than in the past, so maybe we will get some onions from this garden this year.  They do fine in my garden, but some are starting to bloom, which means they need to be used soon.  Something is coming up in the area that looks like bare dirt.

We need to get a rabbit fence up before the rabbits find the green beans.

I planted flax seeds in the area next to the green beans.  I need to shape up the bushes I planted to block the view of the neighbors' yard.

I transplanted some garlic from my garden.  I don't know if they will make it, but they were in the area I cleaned up to plant some tomatoes in my garden.

The raspberries I planted last year came up, and need to be weeded.

I need to get some more strawberry plants.  They are not in the best location, on the north side of some trees, and next to the fence on the north, but some of them are growing.  The other day, I was goind to try to transplant some of the plants to another part of the bed, but figured out the little plants are not from the strawberry plants, and I'm not  sure what they are.  They have yellow flowers.  I looked online, thinking they may be a potentilla of some kind, but I also saw some red, which turned into some little berries.

I think they may be wood strawberries.  I tasted one, and it was OK.  I wasn't sure what to expect, because I read somewhere that they don't have good flavor.  Do you have any experience with them?

This was taken from the attempt at a strawberry bed.  I have lots of weeds in the area.  I let some stay around for the ladybugs.

Taken from the same spot, looking east, at the area where I hope to get more strawberries to grow.

Last year, the tomato and pepper plants got big, but didn't produce well.  In fact, they were on the leggy side, because they needed more light.  I've decided if the garden does not do well this year, I'm going to give it up.  I love having all that space, but if there isn't enough light, then I can't do the veggies.  I can't afford to plant a shady flower garden there, but it would be fun.

I hope you are finding time to be outside.


  1. Another garden! Wow. You have a lot of great spaces to work with. So much coming up there too. You mentioned flax. Like the flax seed you buy to add to food?

  2. It always feels good to see that other gardeners have weeds!! I love it. How nice that you are able to garden across the street as well. :) I like how you are able to use all of your available space.

  3. Hello Sue,
    I didn't know you had another garden across the street. Girl, you really keep yourself busy.
    Don't worry too much about you got some weeds.
    everyone knows how hard it is to get them under control. It sometimes seems to me new weeds are "shooting" out the ground while I'm pulling weeds at another spot.
    Happy Gardening and Best Regards
    Paula Jo

  4. Girl you have gardens everywhere. LOL! I do not know how you keep all of the seeds and plants straight and I have lists galore. Thanks for setting me straight on my Valerian plants. I forgot all about them. I bet I will remember now. LOL!

  5. How nice that you can garden over there as well. Are you doing the gardening for them, or do I understand no one lives there?

  6. A companion planting article said to not plant tomatoes under walnut trees. They will get walnut wilt...could be hindering growth of your plants. Just a thought...enjoy your blog.


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