Tuesday, June 14, 2011


While early spring is my favorite part of the year, the middle of June ranks right up there.  I am always sad, because the iris and other early bloomers are finished, but there are many other blooms and buds to cheer me up.  I tried not to include blooms I've shown already, but some found their way in anyway.  I am keeping the photos smaller than usual, since I have so many.  I am only going to label the less common blooms.  (At first, I was able to move the photos around, but, then they started doing their own thing, and after that, I was no longer able to drag any photos around, so I just kept the rest in the center.)

Carol, at May Dreams Gardens is the host of Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, if you don't know that yet.  Check out her blog and then see what others have blooming the 15th of this month.

Cosmos are blooming for me this year. 
'Spooky' Dianthus

'Prairie Splendor' Echinacea
Chocolate Cosmos

Jupiter's Beard

Silene of some kind, purchased after seeing Grace's

Baby's Breath

Wood Betony

Volunteer Coneflower, must be related to Harvest Moon-no more hybrid echinaceas
for me, because they have problems, and my natives have interbred with them

Limonium, German Statice
Butterfly Milkweed, Catmint, Perennial Geranium

'Octopus' Bellflower-spreads and doesn't stay pulled out

The pansies are doing well so far.

Purple Milkweed


Amosonia Tabernaemontana

White Rose Campion, Veronica, Rue

Bachelor Buttons and a Larkspur in the Veggie Garden
Sweet Pea

Jacob's Ladder

Variegated False Sunflower

Kniphofia of Some Kind

I love gazanias!

Swamp Milkweed
The weather has been all over the place all over the U. S. it seems.  We're currently having some pretty mild temps.  I spent a couple hours cleaning out my part of the garage after getting almost all of my pot planting and some transplanting of houseplants done.  Oh, and I pulled and hoed lots of weeds at my garden across the street.  I even went for a walk with Larry and Heidi this morning before doing those other things.

I look forward to seeing what is blooming in your gardens.


  1. Wow! You have so much in bloom amd such variety. it's wonderful.

  2. No shortage of bloom here!... and so many lovely pinks. I saw your comment regarding rabbits at Carol's site... after a lengthy respite, they have returned here and are doing some major damage with some of the annuals. Have great week amidst all the beauty that surrounds you! Larry

  3. Sue, your garden is looking absolutely beautiful!!! You have the most incredible variety of plants and your deep love for them all comes through so strongly. Gardening is clearly your passion in life :) You have successfully created a little masterpiece on your land and serve as an inspiration to all!

  4. You have such a wide variety of flowers--just lovely!
    I've never seen a variegated false sunflower-very neat indeed!

  5. I am always impressed when I visit your gardens.

  6. You have so much blooming, Sue! It's all gorgeous. Still not too much blooming in mine. Just wait until July 15 though! ;) Have a wonderful day.

  7. Lovely. (Again I'm reminded I want a clematis!)

  8. I like the individuality of your garden. You must have a hard time keeping track of your list of plants. I have to keep my list on my blog. Your new garden is coming along well. I could use some of your galvanized items, as I am designing a new area on my corner lot.

  9. Your garden has lots of wonderful colour. And quite the variety of plants. It is looking great. Hope the weather improves for you soon.

  10. What a beautiful catalog! great photos! I am always amazed at how quickly summer arrives in your part of the world.

  11. Yep. Those Silene flowers look exactly like mine. The plant started out compact but now tends to get pretty tall, which I don't really mind. Love all your blossoms. You've got an amazing assortment. I'm most envious of your milkweeds. I must get more of those.

  12. Absolutely beautiful...you have so much blooming and are so far ahead of us...I can't believe you already have Echinacea and Cosmos blooms! Love that pink Echinacea with the thin, strappy petals...so charming!

  13. What a beautiful, peaceful place you have created here! Just beautiful!

  14. Nice blooms. You have a beautiful garden. I'm really taken with the Baby's Breath. Another plant to put on my list!

  15. Boy your yard is loaded. Such pretty pinks at the beginning of your blog. I'll have to spend some time going back over past entries now that I've found you. My garden almost quits blooming May 31 then about one week later all the summer stuff takes off.

  16. Your garden is lovely. And we have so many plants in common too, Cosoms, echinacea paradoxa, foxgloves, butterfly weed and many more. Your corner home in your neighborhood is just beautiful.

  17. Sue I have Baby's breath in two small containers. I didn't get around to posting them yet because they to so long to bloom I forgot. Mine are purple and I find that they will also spread to other pots and areas if they are near them.

    I too have bell flowers, but mine are not in bloom yet. Love all the colors and textures of your garden and flowers you posted for GBBD.

  18. All of your flowers are beautiful and are perfect for a cottage garden. I especially like the two clematis growing together!

  19. Wow, you really do have an impressive array of flowers blooming right now.

  20. I know what you mean, Sue, about being sad once the iris stop blooming. But there is so much going on in your garden right now, it would cheer anyone up! Your clematis are beautiful, and I'm envious you have cosmos blooming already. Your foliage is just as eye-catching (I read that post first).

    I'm loving these cooler temps this week, too--it certainly makes me more motivated to get out and actually do some work in the garden!


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