Monday, June 6, 2011

East Front Yard Bed

I've been enjoying seeing close ups of other bloggers' flowers as well as wider views of the planting areas.  I also like to document what's blooming when in mine, so I thought I'd do a post of what's blooming in the flower bed that was started in June of 2008.   I just realized this is its 3rd birthday, so that's why I'm including links to the first posts about it.  Part two is here, and part three here.  Part four is here.    I'm assuming you won't have time to read them, but may glance at the photos.  It was good for me to look at these, because it makes me feel better at how much dirt is showing in the newest area.

I had been whining to Larry that I needed a nice sized area for some large annuals, like moonflowers and cleomes.  (I also had told him I would clean my messy room over the winter in exchange for the new area, but it is still not uncluttered.  I am hoping it will get done this summer.)  Over time, I have put in more and more perennials, so don't have as much room for annuals.  The cleome still comes up, but I no longer have room for moonflowers in there.  They are still in the vegetable garden.

Here's the view from the porch.

I am continuing to add plants to the new area.  I planted 4 hollyhocks, since many of the plants are not growing as tall as they are supposed to.  The first night, many of the leaves were eaten by the rabbits.  I guess that means the Liquid Fence had been working some, since there was none on these.  I did put some on the next night.

So, happy birthday, flower bed!  The Joe Pye weed I planted last year seems to like it there.

The dwarf sage, which is right next to the Joe Pye Weed has pretty blooms.

The salvia that came back from seed is blooming.

I went around the bed taking photos.  This is facing east.

Facing south and east:

I forgot what this little delphium is, but I am pleased that there are still 2 in this bed, since in the past, delphiniums did not live more than a season or two for me.  I think the little poppies coming up are from the package of double poppy seeds I have.  I forgot that I had sown them. and had to move one of my phlox pilosas, because poppies don't transplant well.  I'm glad the phlox did.

This amsonia from the sale table a couple years ago is blooming for the first time.

This dianthus, related to 'Spooky' is certainly full of blooms, and has held them well.

Still facing east:

Some of the snapdragons that overwintered again, are starting to bloom.

I need to be trimming back the mums.  I am pleased that the ones I planted in the fall at Larry's request survived the winter.

That's a penstemon  blooming on the left.  The close up of the nigella, which are the spindly plants in the bare looking section is a few photos down.

The clematis is blooming now.  I can't think of the name, but have it on the blog somewhere.  It sure is a cool bloom!

Facing east and north.


I've shown this one, of the young plant that has some 'Kim's Knee High' Coneflower in it.

A native type coneflower:

Facing north, and somewhat west, you can see where the circle bed was before the rest was added to it.

 Facing west, the gauras are blooming nicely.

 Still facing west, the foxglove is holding its blooms well, as is the verbena.

The delphinium is almost ready to bloom, and the basket blooms are still doing well.

We just turned the corner, and are facing south.

The 'Harvest Moon' coneflowers are blooming.  I'm not sure if this is the original plant.  I decided not to get anymore of those fancy ones.

The swamp milkweeds are getting ready to bloom.  I haven't seen any monarch caterpillars lately, but have seen a few butterflies, one a monarch.

I am hoping the kiss me over the garden gate and other seedlings grow and fill up this space soon.

I decided to find a spot for this purple datura someone was selling at the farmer's market.

Well, we're back where we started.  I hope you and your blooms are doing well. 

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  1. Hi Sue,

    I really enjoyed your garden tour and all the fantastic blooms you have. This is my first time joining Bloomin' Tuesday so thank you for sharing your corner garden with us. Have a great day! I will be back to visit.

  2. Hi Sue,
    I am amazed that your Guaras are already blooming. Mine is just beginning to come up! I just planted it last year, so had no idea what to expect.

    You have quite a variety of blooming flowers--way more than I have right now.

  3. Thanks for tour around your pretty garden Sue! That Clematis has an interesting bloom. :)

  4. Sue your gardens are coming along extremely well. I remember when I first started following your blog you had a lot but now your place is overflowing with beauty. You must be so proud. The clematis is different and gorgeous. The snapdragon is stunning and most unusual is dianthus spooky. Have a good day Sue.

  5. Oh,those are all so beautiful and I love the little stepping logs! What a great looking bed.

  6. Great tour around your garden! Everything is looking super. You have such good luck with seeds, just not my thing. Jean

  7. WOW! What a great use of space for a corner lot! I love your gardens! It is always nice to meet another Nebraska gardener. I am a new follower. Stop by and say hi!

  8. Everything looks very happy and healthy, I love the bike in your garden:@)

  9. Your garden now looks lush and blooming well. But i love the most your curved pathway to the door, the photo showed it so elegantly.

  10. Sue, thanks for visiting my blog! Janelles show is June 11th. there will be 15 dealers there. it is on 33rd and B in the old bike peddlers shop. She rents both the old shops and sub leases the other one. there are two great stores there! if you stop by, i will be working there all day.ask for janelle and she will point me out to you. i would love to meet you!
    cammie from flea market style magazine will have a booth there. lots of farm house finds, primitives and folk art! hope to see you!

  11. Wow very nice article and pictures about corner garden you present it very well i appreciate your work


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