Thursday, June 16, 2011


We've had enough rain that the foliage on plants is looking pretty good.  I have a variety of colors, textures, sizes and shapes to post for Pam at Digging's Foliage Follow-up.

The coleus is happy and growing in this wash tub in the front yard.

I scattered around some love lies bleeding seeds from last year's plant, and I'm pleased that some are coming up.  This is one I transplanted the day before the photo was taken.  I already had some plants bought, so it will be fun to see which plants do better.  I like the colors of the foliage.

I have two different colors of gazanias.  I like this silver.

I think I've shown the ginger mint in the past.  I sure like it, and it makes good tea.

I've shown a number of these in the past.  I am glad the painter's pallet is doing fine without the shade of the tree.

This is Larry's weird vine that comes up every year, and tries to reach the sky.

I am enjoying the different kinds of sedums I have.

Some of the coral bells were getting some crispy foliage from getting too much sun.  I decided to move them all, and some of the hellebores last week.  I think they will survive the move.

I hope no one is getting tired of seeing milkweed on my blog.  Go by this quickly if you are.  I never thought of it as a nice looking plant, until I started growing it.

I am hoping to get some blooms on the bear's breeches for the first time.  It has grown larger than last year.  This is its third summer.

Euphorbia, 'bonfire':

Chocolate Joe Pye Weed:

Eupatorium 'Prairie Jewel', a relative of Joe Pye Weed, with a plant with red foliage in the background.  This little flower bed in front of the vegetable garden has a theme.  It's yellow or white flowering plants, or plants with showy foliage.

I have borage reseed in the vegetable garden each year.

Larry has a water garden in this tub I got from an estate sale last summer.  The people had told me to put in in a certain area, but I wasn't comfortable with where it was, and kept watch on it as much as I could.   When I was ready to pay, I went to pick it up, and a lady made some comment I can't remember, saying she should have picked it up earlier.  I told her something like if it was there when she saw it, I had already said I was buying it.  Well, I got it, and Larry asked me nicely if he could use it, so here it is.  I like the foliage of the floating leaves, and the reflection of the iris type plant in the water.

I've decided I like the grasses Larry wanted to buy when we first started growing things.

False Baptisia, Globe Thistle, Blue Sage, (I think), and Lead Plant:

I trimmed back some of the stems of the Joe Pye Weed, and left the middle ones so that it will be more shapely, and some of the blooms may be delayed, so the bloom time may be a bit longer.

Well, I'm off to visit more Bloom Day Posts.  Check out Pam's foliage post, and see who else has posted some foliage photos.


  1. I have a patch of Milkweed in the vegetable garden. I get lots of strange looks from people, but I always do things with wildlife in mind. There are crazy with butterflies later on when the bloom....and quite easy to control (they pull up so easily if they get "out of bounds".
    Love the coleus in the tub. Hubby would love that-he's always pointing out unusual coleus foliage in the nurseries. I might surprise him!

  2. Wow, I love all of your wonderful, different foliage. You have so much to enjoy, colors, shapes, scents and even flavors.


  3. lovely plants to share. I saw that Prairie Beauty Joe Pye in the sunken gardens there in Lincoln.
    Steve ootp

  4. Nice Sue. I enjoy reading how Larry is interested in different aspects of gardening.

  5. Wonderful foliage post, Sue! Again, I'm left gasping at how much variety you manage to include in your garden spaces. True genius, for sure, plus a hefty dose of very green thumbs! Love Larry's water garden ;)

  6. I've decided Coleus is the VERY best container plant. It can stand upright or drape and can stand a little drought AND comes in so many colors. You Joe pye is looking good. My husband wrings his hands when I say something like that. He has invested alot of time and money getting it out of the pasture.

  7. Great post, as usual, Sue...I may have to try selectively pruning my Joe Pye would be great to have an even longer show...and maybe if the outside branches were shorter, it would keep them from flopping so much.

  8. I love your little water garden that Larry made! Is it in a sunny area? I have a large pot without a hole on my back porch, that I thought I might turn into a little water garden, but it is in the shade, and I think water plants need more sun. So now I'm undecided about what to do with it. I guess I could just move it, huh?

  9. You just proved to us that it isn't only flowers that make a garden beautiful. Your variety of foliage is stunning.

  10. Beautiful foliage. Love the many coleus you have. Love your water garden.

  11. Just went on a native plant tour and saw 12 varieties of milkweed. One was called antelope milkweed, the blooms looked like antelope horns. I may try to transplant some. definelty going to get some seeds.

    Went on a wild goose chase with my wife trying to find monarch eggs on milkweed. Sounds funny doesn't it. lol. no luck.

  12. Great update of your garden!

    So glad you posted that photo of love lies bleeding. I sowed seeds last year, but they decided to sprout this year (none last year, probably because of the drought0.

    I have the chocolate Joe Pye and love it. One plant is very nice and the other is doing nothing.

  13. Larry's weird vine, LOL. I'm with Darla. It's fun to read about Larry's particular take on things. I never get tired of seeing your milkweed either. If only mine look half as nice. :)

  14. Hi Sue, I love how your yard continues to change. How do you like the euphorbia? I enjoy the photos in catalogs, but I've never grown it.

  15. Isn't it wonderful to have rain? I know we can have too much, but it sure does make the foliage look lovely. Nice pics!

  16. What a wonderful array of foliage types. I love the coleus wash tub. I'd never heard of painters palette, such an apt name. Love the ornamental grass too.

  17. Sue, I love all the foliage. I think it is as beautiful as flowers.

    I was glad to see the Painter's Pallette. I just bought one and was a little worried about the self-seeding nature. Mine doesn't have the burgungy v-pattern in the leaves.

    I hope to begin posting again ... later today and will show my new plant.

  18. Great photos and beautiful garden. Your garden has such a variety!

    Have a great weekend. Michael

  19. Every time I visit, Sue, you seem to have more plants! I'm impressed that you manage to keep track of them. So much lovely foliage on your plot at the moment.

  20. I have four varieties of coleus in my yard but I'd love to have yours too. And I am longing to have sedums in my yard...


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