Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pics taken Today for Blooming Friday/Fertilizer Friday

Katarina's theme this week is, "Out of Season". She says we can use her theme or make up our own for Blooming Friday. Like her, we've had a few nights with freezing temperatures, snow, and yet some flowers are still blooming. Tootsie, from Tootsie Time invited me to link these same posts to her Fertilizer Friday meme. The reasons I didn't when I first discovered it were because I was already doing Blooming Fridays, and also because I don't really use fertilizer other than compost, and sometimes worm castings or manure. It sounds like that doesn't matter.

The first group of photos show annuals that are still blooming. I'm not sure what their normal season is, but these were not stopped by the cold.

I love the different colors of gazanias.

I'm thinking straw flowers are usually killed by freezing temps, but I have several plants that are still blooming.

I don't remember if I've grown bidens before. I'm thinking they may be a perennial in warmer zones. I did a quick search, but didn't see the answer.

These annual phlox were in a post where I showed flowers I didn't plant. I hope more plants come up next year from the seeds of these blooms. It will be fun to see what colors they are. There are different colors in this tub, and they are all different from their parents. They bloomed all summer and are still looking pretty.

Borage has been blooming awhile, too. There are young plants coming up from earlier blooms going to seed.

Now, this lantana surprised me by its blooms, since all the other lantanas were killed by the first freezing temps. When one participates in memes of this kind, they make fun discoveries by looking to see what's blooming.

The rest of the blooms are perennials. I don't remember if they normally continue to bloom this late in the season. The knautia bloomed most of the summer and fall.

The catmints have a few blooms on them.

This scabiosa, pincushion flower, which I planted this summer, just had a few blooms. It just has this one right now.

There are a few 'Spooky' dianthus with blooms.

The rue plants have had blooms all season. Last year, they had swallowtail caterpillars eating them, but I was sad not to see any this year.

This is a potentilla of some kind, that I don't remember planting in the tub it is in. It got pretty big, so next year, I will keep it cut back better. It's still blooming!

Last week, I posted close ups of the delphium that had a new flush of blooms. They are still looking good. The other delphs in this bed have been finished awhile.

Speaking of out of season, my holiday cactus, 'Naomi' is starting to bloom. I didn't take it outside for the summer. Do you put yours outside?

I hope you get a chance to check out more Blooming Friday and Fertilizer Friday posts.


  1. Sue, you have an amazing amount of blooms considering your cool temps and snow you have had. I am surprised that you still have Lantana--that is always the first plant to get hit by the cold for me. That first shot of gazanias is just beautiful. I have always wanted to have Borage, and your photo reminded why.

  2. OOh, another Christmas Cactus!! So pretty.

  3. Nice lovely blooms.
    Have a beautiful gardening weekend.

  4. Lovely blooms! I love your gazanias.

  5. Enjoyed seeing your lovely flowers! Pretty ganzanias!

  6. I can't believe your gazanias are still blooming! Mine have long been gone...maybe its too hot???? This was my first year to plant them...and they did really well. They are supposed to come back next we shall see! Happy Friday!

  7. hi & a lovely blog, will be reader from now on.

  8. I'm impressed with all you have going on...I wish I knew how to grow the Christmas Cactus!

  9. So much wonderfulness! I have hardly any bloom left...20+ inches of rain this fall didn't help the xeric plants I planted in 2008! Where did you get the biden seeds...I want to grow that here! Have a great weekend Sue~~I hope it's warm. gail

  10. You still have a lot in bloom! I'm not familiar with that Bidens species, but I think a lot of them are reseeding annuals. The ones on my place are. I especially like the first gazania and your purple annual phlox, they are very lovely.

  11. It is always good to see some blooms that just want to keep going. Mine are almost all gone now. The knautia has a pretty bloom. I had to look that one up since it is new to me.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. You really have a lot blooming! Mine are getting more difficult to find now. I'm not a fertilizer either other than compost and some for my roses.

  13. Bee-yootiful! Thanks for sharing. B : )

  14. many blooms and low temperatures.....I was really surprised to see some of them....

    I treat Bidens as annuals, although they do seed around.
    A few years ago I put them in hanging baskets, the frosts came and killed them. The next year I had small plants in the gravel below where the hanging basket was!!

    I put cacti outside in the summer but bring them in before the frosts arrive.....

  15. Hi, Sue, I just spent a happy afternoon catching up on your blog ... I've been out of cyber space for a while due to a crashed hard drive. Love your photos, as usual. So many blooms so late in the year. Have a lovely weekend. Pamela

  16. Sue, the strawflower and knautia photos are especially appealing to me. The blooms look like they're floating in space. Nice work with your camera.

  17. never ever saw one like the first planted morning glories this am have little luck

  18. I have lots of flowers blooming out of season too. At least I thought they were out of season! My strawflowers are also still going strong. I love your gazanias, I might have to try them next year.

  19. WOO HOO!!! what a wonderful post! I don't require the fertilizer is mostly there to remind those who do it once a week during the growing
    I love your flowers...I did take my Christmas Cactus outside this year and it did not seem to be quite so happy about it. I am not sure if it got too much sun...or just is spoiled by the indoor conditions!
    thanks for linking in...I am hoping you will be a regular...your garden shots are wonderful!

  20. Hi Sue, What a nice variety you have out there, yet. :-) Yes, I put my Christmas cacti outside in the summer... in a protected, mostly shady spot. My light pink one has been absolutely full of bloom while my red one has now begun. Have a wonderful weekend - hopefully you're nearing the end of your Fall work. :-)

  21. I cannot believe you have so many of these flowers still showing. Holy cow, Delphiniums even! We have been chilly here but I do believe it's the rain that is doing everything in. It's been raining so much even the fish are getting wet

  22. It's amazing that those flowers of yours are still blooming - I remember the snow that fell so early in your garden... How lovely for you!

  23. So many BEAUTIFUL blooms! Wow!

    I don't put my Christmas cactus outside for the summer, but come to think of it, I don't know why. Almost all my other house plants get to spend the summer outside.

    I love your yard in your header. I just adore when the whole front yard is a garden. So charming.


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