Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Sue and Heidi

It's hard for me to believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving already! Well bring on the holidays, because it means we are that much closer to spring. I've mentioned that when the days start getting longer the end of December, I feel a weight is lifted off of me.

Fall has been quite mild, though, and I am still harvesting lettuce and greens. I don't remember a Thanksgiving where there has still been lettuce.

I am thankful that I see God's work in my life, and know his love through faith in Jesus.

We are going to my parents' tomorrow, and I am taking green bean casserole, corn, a fruit crisp, and crustless pumpkin pie, all gluten free for our daughter. I may also make a carob pudding I found a recipe for. Oh, and I'm taking some salad.

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!


  1. It's hard to believe for me too! The time just has been flying by. Sounds like you've had a nice fall, although I think you had snow early on.
    Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!

  2. Happy T-Giving to you, dear Sue! I'm make green beans and dessert too for a big gathering (not hosting this year..relief!)
    Enjoy your family on this special day!

  3. This reminds me of last Thanksgiving and being invited to our daughters; I brought mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, stuffing, pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce... lol... she and I were both happy. I love to cook and she likes me to.

    Sue, we hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. I'm Thankful for everyday I get to see!

  5. This year is flying by....
    Prayers, Bo

  6. Hi Sue [and Heidi], A happy Thanksgiving to you too. Ours has also been a mild fall. I picked a huge bouquet yesterday! I know what you mean about bringing on the holidays because it brings us closer to spring. I always look forward to January!

  7. Hi Sue and Heidi !
    Have a great Thanksgiving and YES ! what an unusual Autumn we have had .. but snow isn't far away I'm sure .. brrrr ! LOL
    Joy : )

  8. Thank you Sue! I hope you have a delicious day filled with love and celebration! gail

  9. Sounds like you had a feast. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

  10. I'm so amazed that you still have so many things in your garden. I remember many times driving through Nebraska this time of year in blowing snow and icy roads.

    I hope you and your family had a great thanksgiving.

    In the spirit of the season, thank you so much for your fun blog.

    I truly enjoy each visit to your blog.


  11. Your garden still looks like a fun place to be even in November!!! ;) Happy Thanksgiving!


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