Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Problems with Blog

It appears my blog has some links on it that can cause others to get malware on their computers.  With Freda's help, I am working on taking care of that.  She suggested deleting the comments on my last post, and then, hiding all other comments until the problem gets fixed.  I reported the problem to Blogger, so hopefully, things will be OK and I don't have to start over.  Thanks, Freda, GoSS, and Judy!

I had my Wildflower Wednesday scheduled to go up at midnight, but changed that until a safer time to put it up.

Things may be OK now, Freda said to take out a blog called "Lost in Dreams" out of my blogroll, because that was taken over by zindagi-traume, which is a site that causes problems.  I am up way too late, and probably caused Freda to be up later than she had planned.  Hopefully, I will figure this out tomorrow.  If you made it here without getting a warning, and have time, email me, and let me know.  suedawson@neb.rr.com

(Added Wednesday:  I think the problem is taken care of.  The warnings aren't coming up for people now.  I am allowing comments again, but for some reason, they can't be left on this post.  Also, my WW post came up, even though I thought I had it set to come on this evening. Hopefully, everything is fine now.)