Friday, June 15, 2012

East Front Yard for GBBD

There have been lots of changes in the east part of the front yard since my last post on it about a month ago.  I will show you around, starting at the area we see when we walk out the front door.

The Joe Pye weed is getting quite tall, even though I trimmed it back more than last year.

It has some buds on it.

There sure are lots of blooms!

The volunteer salvias look happy with the drumstick alliiums full of blooms.

I'm thinking this is 'Gentle Shepherd'.

I sure like the way love lies bleeding seeds itself around.  They start blooming at a shorter size than what they end up with in the summer.

I'm not remembering the name of this bloomer, maybe because I'm having trouble staying awake.


I am not going to be able to stay awake to type, and want to get this posted for GBBD, so I will just leave you with photos to look at.

Kiss me over the garden gate is one of my favorites.

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  1. So gorgeous. This is just the prettiest time of year. Love to see all the lillies blooming...husband ran a few of mine over with the tractor mower!!! Lol* Love your garden as always :)

  2. Great photos! - So much color :) Love the bike basket/planter!

  3. Hi Sue, Love your drumstick alliums, the white daylily, the ruffled yellow daylily, and purpura plenans elegans clematis. You also have two very pretty daylilies that might be (my guess) Custard Candy and Strawberry Candy. Aren't daylilies great? Your garden is looking fabulous!

  4. Wow. You must be very proud.

  5. WOW...just unbelievable. I have been reading your blog for about a year and just looking at your beautiful pictures. Your garden is just fabulous! It is really just amazing.

  6. I just love those drumstick alliums! Adding those to my wish list for next summer.

  7. You must be so happy when you step outside in the morning - and your neighbors must LOVE you! Everything is so beautiful.

  8. The garden is beautiful....enjoyed the "Walk-through"...especially since it involved no work on my part!

  9. Oh, how beautiful. So many blooms! I really like the echinaceas and the red hot pokers! And what a perfect combination of the salvia with the allium! I'm going to try to remember that!

  10. Love your cottage garden....wish I had the sun and warmth to grow as much as you! I still plant my just takes longer! Seeing your pictures make me miss home, as we have had a dreadfully cold summer! Red hots ar ejust beginning to bud and blooming will take a couple of weeks I think, due to the weather! Take care...someone with my own wild at heart

  11. These blooms are very exciting. I would pass hours in that kind of garden, just to discover what my eyes didn't see at first sight, like little treasures. Butterflies must love to stop by. 8)


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