Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Curb Beds, Still Ahead of Normal

Normally, it's around the fourth of July that the daylilies are in bloom.  It is seeming very odd to me to see them already.   Asters, goldenrods and most other plants are also ahead of normal.  I tried cutting back some of them, but they seem determined to bloom.

(I started this post a few days ago, so let's just take a walk around the curb beds with not much commentary.)

I'm not sure what's going on with the dead foliage on some of the daylilies.

Stokes asters were one of my first favorite flowers to grow.

Did you know milkweed blooms are fragrant?  A co-worker came over to get some plants, and brought his mother.  When we walked near the milkweed, they asked what plant it was that was smelling so good.


The brown plant is a mayapple I got at a plant sale of things that came from someone's yard.  I am hoping it is just going dormant.

That's 'fireworks' goldenrod on the end.

I ended up naming some of the less common plants.  I hope you are having a great weekend.  When we picked up our grandsons today, we went to see a garden on our local garden club's tour today.  The older grandson said he wanted to come to our house and not go to the two gardens I wanted to see.  We dropped them off, and the 14 month old grandson and I went to the two gardens that were close to our place.  We had a great time, and he seemed to enjoy seeing the gardens.  While we were waiting to ask one of the gardeners a question, he pointed out a bloom to me on a nearby plant.  It was so sweet!

Oh, and I need to vent a bit.  A few plants in my west front yard area were eaten back by rabbits.  A nice sized purple prairie clover was full of buds, and now has only a few that were not eaten.  If you were my neighbor, you may have heard me yell that I am mad, and that I hate rabbits.  You may have also heard me yell when I was looking for pins to hold down the wire I found, and some pots fell off of a shelf onto my foot and 3 nice old pretty ones got broken.  I saved the pieces in hopes of making stepping stones with them in them.


  1. Lovely as always...darn rabbits. Im in Georgia and I heard you yell. Great idea with the broken pots, I might crush mine to put in a fairy pot... thanks for the idea.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

    1. Hi Carrie, Thanks for your comment. I hope I didn't hurt your ears with my yelling. LOL I clicked on your name, but found a site that wasn't a blog. I think it was linked in, however it is spelled, and I am not in that. I see I'm not the only one with broken pots. I am still sad about that. We should have had them out on the deck.

  2. Hi Sue, I love the look of the plants lining the sidewalk up to your front door. The Stokes Aster is really pretty too, as are your liatris and the clematis with the little bell-shaped flowers. This year I put in New England asters (I grew those from seed) and goldenrod, thinking I needed to add plants for FALL color...and here yours are blooming in June. I might need to rethink that. I do have mums, and I keep pinching them back so hopefully they will provide me with fall color. I'm sorry about the rabbits - have you thought about using a product like liquid fence? It seems to work here, at least in terms of deer. We have lots of stray cats in our neighborhood and they seem to take care of the rabbits. Have a nice week, Sue.

  3. The flowers look good in your garden. All those pops of color and the foliage still looks good. Not struggling in the heat yet.
    Rabbits can be so bad. I've had two plants completely gone this year. Eaten in one night!

  4. Don't say a word 'cause by the time you will write it, there will be more flowers in your garden ah!

    ...and I'm happy that I don't have ( cross my fingers ) rabbits or any other kind of animal that eats my plants. I would be very mad or very sad...depending of the day... 8(

    I also had the surprise of my first daylily of the season exactly today! 8)

  5. You have quite a collection of Daylilies there! Thanks for taking us on a tour--it's always a pleasure to "walk" through your garden. Those darn rabbits! Sometimes interplanting Scallions with other plants can help. Amazing gardens, Sue!

  6. Hi SUe. Your beds look so full and lush. I love the red yarrow. It is so strange to see lilies this early not to mention the ironweed. Everything is in a hurry and gone too fast this year.

  7. My goodness Susan, you have SO many different plants in your garden! Don't you just love the riot of color we get in the summer?

  8. After a second look - I realised that the milkweed that grows in your place looks so much like a Hoya plant - a vine plant that is native to my place.

  9. Your yard is wonderful! I'm looking forward to sharing my garden with my grandson when he is older. My kids just purchased their first home...thinking of asking friends to contribute plants to a friendship garden!

  10. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Check it out in my latest post. You have a great day!


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