Monday, March 26, 2012

Wildflower Wednesday

I don't have many blooms for Gail's Wildflower Wednesday, but there are a number of plants coming up that I am excited about, so I am showing some foliage this time, too.  There are just a few plants that haven't come up yet.  I did some visiting with myself as I did my yard walk yesterday.  "The milkweed plants are finally coming up.  Wait, it's March!  They are never up yet in March, but here they are!"

This is a native heuchera.  I was pleased to find it at our local arboretum last year, which is where I have found many of the native plants I have.  I have several of them, and may be able to divide some later in the season for more coverage.  This is sending up blooms now, but they won't be showy like some of the hybrids.  That's OK, it's cool to have the original.

The Zizia aureas were early to come up, and I love their foliage.  I am looking forward to the yellow blooms.

The Culver's root was later to come up than most plants, but it sure is growing fast!  The two clumps I have are ahead of the ones at the arboretum garden.

The new pasque flowers look to be finished blooming, and are putting out some nice growth, which I find quite pleasant.

I am hoping this is Fremont's clematis, but it's way behind the ones at the arboretum. I'll be able to tell soon, once the leaves get larger.

I divided the Geum 'Prairie Smoke' last summer, and it looks like all of the little plants survived, and are blooming.

I am disappointed the wild columbine didn't reseed around the yard, but at least the plant looks good, and is getting ready to bloom.

I hope the area in front of the new front yard area has good enough drainage for the Alyssum wulfenlanum plants that are starting to bloom.  They survived winter, so that is a good sign.

I can't remember what this plant is, and I'm not even sure if it's a wildflower, but I'm thinking it is.  Do you know?

The pussytoes are doing well.  The botanical name is Antennaria, but I'm not sure which one this one is.

This is leather leaf.  I have already posted about the cute little blooms that came up before the leaves did.  I look forward to seeing how many leaves come up.

The established pasque flowers on the east side of the house have blooms with different phases.  Soon, the tattered looking ones will be fluffy seedheads.

When I planted this Pasque vulgaris, I didn't realize it is not native to our area.  I like the bloom well enough to let it be, but will plan on not buying any more of this kind.

I read somewhere that white bleeding hearts are native.  I'm not sure if there are any white that are not.  I tried to look it up, but it is getting harder and harder to find information doing internet searches.  Have you noticed that?  All these sponsored links come up, some that have nothing to do with the search.

Virginia bluebells are one of my favorites!  This is a passalong from my friend, Janet.

I am tickled to see that the trillium my friend, Jo gave me last spring came up.

I forgot what kind of allium this is.  I hope it is a native one.  I need to figure it out, because I may move some to the front yard.   Do you know?

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  1. Looks great! Now that it's warmer, there's so much to get done outside before summer starts up. Looks like you've been getting lots of fun stuff ready to go:)

  2. Seeing your trillium reminded me I bought a couple last year and planted them in one of my pots, now which pot was that? Yes I forgot to add a label. All your plants look wonderfully healthy.

  3. So much beautiful foliage. I really love the way the allium foliage looks. Very nice!! Can't wait to see everything blooming!

  4. Even without blooms the leaves are already beautiful. Do you consider the native plants as wild plants?

  5. Pretty blooms! I especially like the Pasque Flowers. And isn't is wonderful to see the sprouts coming up in the Spring with all the different shapes and colors of leaves! I did not know that there was a native heuchera (I thouhgt they came from Mexico, or somewhere). I must look for them here - there might be some native to Mississippi.
    Happy gardening
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. Looks like your natives are really taking off, Sue. This has been such a warm spring that I can't help but wonder whether what the rest of the season will be like. Still no frost in our forecast, which is good. Thanks for reminding me of some natives I really want to add to my garden--the Zizias, Prairie Smoke, and Virginia bluebells have been on my wish list for quite some time. Now if I can only find time to make some room for them!

  7. You've got lots coming up. I've found with the wild columbine that you'll get years when they're sprouted all over - and other years - zilch. I've tried to scatter the seeds myself, and found that I've had more success that way. Lovely seeing how things are coming along - from one corner gardener to another.

  8. how exciting seeing everything coming through, promises of things to come, Frances

  9. OMG, Sue, you are SO FAR ahead of us! My Culver's Root isn't even out of the ground yet...can't believe how much growth yours has!!! I love the 'Prairie Smoke'...I really want to plant some this year, especially after seeing how well yours are doing!

  10. Your pasque flowers are lovely! Every time I see them, I think that I should grow them. So why don't I? LOL Enjoy spring Sue!

  11. Beautiful array of foliage shapes and textures you have there! I had not heard of zizia - it does have very nice leaves.

  12. Sue, I am really impressed by all your natives. I think that is a very smart way to garden.

    I couldn't identify any of the unknowns this time.

    BTW, I have never had a columbine of any sort self seed.

  13. Love your pasque flowers! I enjoyed reading about your vegetable garden as well, and seeing your pink primrose in a prior post. I am starting primrose from seed this spring. Have a nice wknd!

  14. Hi Sue, it is great that you have planted so many wildflowers in your garden! The Virginia bluebells are my favorites, directly followed by the white bleeding hearts. You have inspired me to work on creating more diversity in my garden, too. I just need to plant more plants :-)!

  15. filling my soul great background colors

  16. Very nice! I have Virginia bluebells, too, and am planning to get prairie smoke this year. I didn't know that about white bleeding heart -- will have to look into it. I'm puzzled by your unknown plant. I was going to say phlox, but those petals are just different (but very neat)...

  17. Not many! You have quite a lot~Very impressive blooms for WW and your last two posts are fantastic. Happy WW gail


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