Thursday, March 22, 2012

Side Yard

The rain eased up again after work yesterday, so I went on my hunt for what is up, how much things have grown, and what is blooming.  The east side of the house has some things coming up that I am very pleased about. 

I see I need to be cutting back the quaking grass.  I didn't take it with rest of the old growth, because if there are seeds in it, they will sprout. 

Soon, this comfrey will hide the meter from view.

The pasque flowers are blooming.

The different salvias are up and looking healthy.

This is the third season for the zigzag goldenrod.  When I first planted it, it was a tiny bit of a plant that I was concerned may not make it.  I may sneak a bit of it out to put into the front yard bed somewhere, since it's native in Nebraska.

I want to move some of the woodland phlox to the front yard, too, but I'll have to continue to protect it from the rabbits, as it seems to be one of their favorites.  It is phlox divaricata, also called wild phlox.  I brought it over from our other house 13 years ago in a wash tub, where it continues to grow, even with violets trying to compete for the space. 

The asters, goldenrods, amsonia, mountain mint and other plants will fill this area in soon.

Heading north, the rudbeckia, 'Herbstonne' in the back left seems to have grown a few inches a day since it came up.

I was going to save the trillium coming up for Wildflower Wednesday, but I am too excited to wait.

The Virginia bluebells have spread a little.  They are one of my favorites.

The hellebores are doing well this year.  The Virgina waterleaf is a native plant that I deadhead to prevent from spreading too much.  I moved some of the rudbeckia, 'goldquelle' to the front flowerbed before the rains started, and one would not know they had been transplanted.

The bleeding hearts have also grown fast, and are getting ready to bloom.

These pasque flowers are a different kind from the others I have, but I didn't save the tags, so don't know what kind they are.

Yesterday was the first day I noticed growth on the coreopsis that may be 'Zagreb', and gets about 15 to 17 inches tall.

Looking back toward the front of the yard:

Now, heading north, to the back:

The tulips will be blooming soon.

I hope the bear's breeches bloom this year.  This will be the third season, with no blooms so far.

Yesterday was also the first day I've been able to see new growth on the amsonia tabernaimontana.

The clump with all the old growth on it yet is the amsonia.

The clump on the left is what my friend, Jo called, "outhouse flower" when she gave it to me last year.  It looks to be Rudbeckia laciniata 'Hortensia'.  I'm tickled it has come back this spring.  I'm pretty sure she originally got it from her grandmother.  To the right is the lead plant that is one of the last each spring to leaf out.  I cut it back each year so it won't get leggy.

I've been trying to get some globe thistle to grow a bit closer to the fence, but it seems to like this spot better.

The daylilies closest to the shed were planted by my mother-in-law when she was alive, so they have been there over 20 years.  The goldenrod in the front left was moved from the side of the shed when we had to have it repaired a number of years ago.  I had planted it for my father-in-law when he lived here.  Can you see the hellebore near the wheelbarrow?

It sure is lovely!

The Virginia mountain mint survived the winter in the tub, as did the volunteer rough goldenrod.  I need to find a spot for that in the front yard.

You can see the east front bed, and the neighbors' house across the street in this long view.

Heidi says thanks for stopping by!  In a few days, it will be dry enough to move some more plants around and do some more tweaking.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Things look like they're coming along nicely!
    Right now it sort of looks bare compared to pictures I've seen of your garden in full splendor...but it won't be long and it will be that way again!

    Have fun out there. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like your rabbit protection! They just go after stuff until there is nothing left! It kills me. Glad to see your finding so much to be happy about this spring.

  3. You have a lot going on....I'm sure you see some type of change out there everyday. An exciting time of the year.

  4. Your garden is in full spring swing. Can't wait to see all the blooms in a few months. I've never been able to grow phlox and am always envious of those that can. Heidi looks to be a nice companion in the garden.

  5. I love the wide variety of plants you have in your garden Sue. It's really popping now. You have so many things that just don't make it down here, I'm a little envious!

  6. What a great variety in your garden, and I wish I had a neighbor like yours!!!

  7. yours is the first picture of a young globe thisle i've been able to find as i suspected that was what was coming up in my garden. Thank you, now i'm sure!

    1. Hi Anonymous, that is, if you subscribed to follow up comments. I just noticed your comment needing approval. I guess they don't email us anymore when a comment needs moderation. I'm glad you figured out your plant coming up was globe thistle. I imagine it is much larger now.


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