Friday, March 16, 2012

Foliage and a Few New Blooms

Since we are experiencing an early spring for a change, there are lots of plants popping up to show for Pam's Foliage Follow-up. I decided to post some I don't think I have yet this year, ones that are special to me in some way.  I left out the natives, so I can show them later for Wildflower Wednesday.

 I love taking yard walks, and this time of year, things change so fast, that I wanted to include some blooms that were not open for GBBD.

In the curb bed, I am pleased that the reddish/pinkish blooming persicaria a friend gave me last year is coming up.  It didn't like being moved, but did bloom.  

Hyacinth blooms are so cheerful!

I just noticed the chindoxias blooming today.

In my GBBD post, I said the established pasque flowers were not blooming yet.  Well, they are starting to now!  

OK, there is something new coming up near where the trillium was last year.  Could this be trillium seedlings?  Hopefully, I will be able to tell in a few days.

More daffodils are blooming.  I forgot to get a photo of a different looking clump nearby.

The Brunnera, 'Jack Frost' that I had to move when the tree in the front had to be cut down survived the winter.

The next two bleeding hearts are also from under the tree.  This one is a pink bloomer.

This is a white bloomer.

Oh, and the lady's mantle survived the move from under the tree.  Welcome to spring, sweeties!

There is some foliage in the garden I am excited about.  There are several kale plants from last year that I can harvest until they start to bloom.  I will let at least a couple of them bloom for the insects.

Most of the "gamble garden" I planted in January and February is up, now that the soil has gotten warm enough!  There are several kinds of lettuce.


Now that I have larkspur going in the front, I dug out most of the ones in the vegetable garden.

The peas are up, and everything in this garden is protected from rabbits.  The same things are coming up in my garden across the street, and only the peas over there are protected.  I hope there is enough for all of us.

The asparagus I planted 2 years ago look like they won't be ready for harvest yet this year, but I may sneak a few stalks.

Every spring, the rhubarb is ready at a busy garden time, and I don't always get any used.  Every year, I say I am going to make good use of it.  Maybe this will be one of those years.

Thirteen years ago, we moved here, where Larry grew up.  His mom grew hardnecked garlic, and she had passed a number of years before Larry's dad did.  I had quite the tangle of things to clean up in the garden.  There was lots of garlic all over the place, and I had to figure out where I wanted to let it grow.  A few years ago, I figured out I had been waiting too long to harvest it, and found out how to replant some in the fall.  It is doing pretty well, and I enjoy using the scapes when they come on. There are some onions growing just beyond the garlic patch.

I let some violets grow here and there.  I like to add the leaves and blooms to my salads.

It's a thrill to be using fresh chives for cooking now!

 Some folks are well into spring, and others still have rain and/or snow, and cooler than normal temps.  Wherever you are, I hope all is well with you.  I continue to be behind, and unable to keep up with all of the blogs I like to read. 


  1. You are way ahead of me with the spinach (mine isn't up yet) and lettuce (none planted yet) and peas (not up yet). I never use the chives in cooking.....must change that.

    Things are looking very promising in your garden. Try some rhubarb crisp....that's a really quick fix and freeze some for winter.

  2. We may have skipped spring here and went straight to seeing all the new sprouts!

  3. What a nice variety of things you have growing in your garden! Thanks for sharing them. I love pasque flowers - yours are a nice color. They have such great seedpods later too.

  4. Hi Sue! It is so exciting to see new green growth! After all our rains and snow, I am able to go to the garden, at last. Oh, there are so many green tops appearing! The most exciting for me is to see those that I don't remember - what they are! Happy spring to you!

  5. Those do look like trillium leaves to me - can't ever have enough of them in the spring. If your garden is growing mine won't be far behind. Happy spring.

  6. Hi Sue, Your garden is looking great! It feels like we've gone directly to summer - 80s the past few days. I am grateful for the beautiful weather. Realistically, I know we could get another taste of winter yet. Hope not, though!

  7. Lots of growth in your garden Sue. Good to see it all coming along.

  8. The early spring in so much of the northern part of the country must be confusing to your gardens. But your spring leaf-out is looking good, and I always enjoy seeing your leafy greens included in the Foliage Follow-Up post.


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