Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's Time for Yard Walks

For the past I'm not sure how many years, spring has come later than normal in SE Nebraska.  This year, it is early.  Some think we may still get freezing temps, but there was no leaving the leaves on the flower beds.  As it was, it was hard getting them off some of the plants, because they were up so much.  I am having so much fun going on my yard walks, seeing what has come up, and what is blooming.  I decided it was time to start my posts on what's going on in the different planting areas.

Today, I took some photos of the curb beds.  I just checked, and my first post on the area last year was the first week of April.  The plants are further along now than they were then.  There is not a lot to see, but I like to see the progress as time goes by.

I started with the east side, because I like this photo with Heidi in it, and two blooming plants are in it.  I need to thin the iris.  

I went over to the west side of the front yard, and took more as I walked back to the east.

One of these days, I may start keeping track of the names of what I plant.  This hyacinth doesn't seem to mind, though.

I don't think this clearance shelf rose came with a tag.  I meant to take a cutting to the nursery last year to see what it is.  I would like another one.  I wonder if I could get some cuttings to root.  I pruned about 6 inches off of it a couple weeks ago, because I don't want it to get much taller.

The heucheras that I moved from the front of the house after the tree was cut down seem to like their new spots.

I need to thin my goldenrod, 'Fireworks'.

Facing east:

I planted 3 different kinds of this 'Autumn Joy' type of sedums.  Two of them actually are 'Autumn Joy'.  They get more shade from a neighboring tree than I realized, and get a little leggy, but now that the clumps are thicker, maybe they will do better.

The different clematis plants around the yard are just showing new growth today.  This is the one with blue bell shaped blooms, and is not a climber.  I think it's my favorite, but I found some Fremont clematis plants last year, and one appears to be growing.  That may become my favorite.

I planted groups of 3 daylilies, with tulips in the middle.  Not all of the tulips survived.

I was thinking I had planted more of the hellebores from in front of the house in this bed, but maybe I didn't.  I figured out at least a couple of them are in the east front bed.

This clump will be open by tomorrow.

Here's the view from the sidewalk, facing west.

 This is facing back toward the north and west.  There are several kinds of perennial geraniums along the curb.  The rose moss should be coming up from seed  in the open spots when it warms up enough.

This is to the east of the sidewalk.

 While I am enjoying seeing all the newly emerging plants, I am looking forward to seeing less dirt, and more blooms.

Milkweeds are one of the last to come up, and I see this butterfly milkweed is making its appearance.

I am returning to work after having last week off for spring break.  I am looking forward to the rain we have forecast.  The plants need it, and my house needs some attention from me.


  1. I believe we are a little further along. But not much. I waiting on the rain also as I fertilized the lawn last night. My plants are 2-3 weeks early and have grown up tall enough where I had to trim higher during the cutback. I had enough oak leaves to fill a semi truck. lol. I hope you enjoyed your spring break, my wife's is this week.

  2. Good morning Sue ~ It is always a pleasure to see northern gardens waking up, filling out and full of color, texture and scents. What a joy.

    Have a great week and I hope your gardens get a nice watering from the rain.


  3. Hello Sue, your garden is really waking up - so nice to see! You are a bit further along than us, but not much. Your hyacinths look great!

  4. I love seeing all your plants coming up. I have just started to uncover a few of mine. Lots of things coming up early this year!

  5. I have to laugh. You're looking forward to the rain? Seriously? LOL. It's been nothing but rain around here.

    Actually I know what you mean. After so many days of warmth and sunshine things quickly begin to dry out and rain is most welcome. I love that grouping of pink Hyacinth. I don' think I've ever seen such a nice healthy clump like it. Nice job!

  6. Before long those blank spots will be all filled in with beautiful blooms. We kill goldenrod here - allergies are terrible. Heidi is precious and looks like such a good friend.

  7. Hi Sue, I just discovered your blog! It is so nice to see the garden waking up, isn't it? I love to do yard walks, too, and try to get one in every day no matter how short it will be. At this time of the year there is always something new to discover. I really like that you have planted quite a variety of plants and bulbs. Happy Spring!

  8. Your new backdrop is so pretty.
    Spring is early here too. I'm trying to be patient on the milk weed seeds. You mentioned they're usually later than other plants so I'm not worried yet.

  9. I love walking around every spring, looking to see what's coming up, and noticing every bloom. Your garden looks like it's ready for spring. Your hyacinths are gorgeous! I hope you get just the right amount of rain for your plants to grow, grow, grow!

  10. You have a wide area, and i am sure it is just a little while when it is fully blooming again. That blue hyacinth is so beautiful, but maybe it is a bit lonely being alone.

  11. Every day I walk around the yard and say, "I can't believe (this) is blooming or coming up already!" It certainly has been the earliest spring that I can recall, but I keep waiting, too, for some nasty weather to hit us before May. It's almost too good to be true. Your flowerbeds all look so neat and tidy, Sue; I've been doing clean-up for the past week, but a little at a time, so I still have some to do. The way everything is growing so quickly I hope I get around to moving some of the plants I want to before it's too late. Heidi looks like she's enjoying this weather, too.

  12. Hasn't this nice gentle rain been great!? I can't wait to see what next week brings. Things are coming along nicely in your flower beds!

  13. Wow, Sue...I think we're about even with what has come up! We had a warm winter, but now spring is kind of stalled. I'm also enjoying walking around, seeing what's come up, it's always exciting to go outside never know what you'll find!


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