Monday, October 17, 2011


As is typical, I am arriving late to foliage followup, hosted by Pam, of Digging. When I just went to her blog for the link, I see she forgot to do hers this month.  LOL  Her post on local nurseries looks fun, so I will go check it out after I get this posted.  I labeled the photos this time instead of writing above them like I normally do.  Now, I can't write anything past the last photo.  I couldn't cut and paste the vertical one, either.

I hope you and your gardens are doing well.  Our first killing freeze is expected this week, so I hope to get out and do some cleaning up today.  I have the day off for semester break.  There is a 60% chance of rain, so I should probably go out in the 43 degrees and get started.

Switchgrass, 'Prairie Wind'

Persicaria Polymorpha

Zizia aurea

Stiff Goldenrod

Native Heuchera

Ratibida pinnata, I think

Wild Senna started as teeny baby from Benjamin's garden

Geum triflourm, Prairie Smoke

Echinacea purpurea

Rudbeckia maxima

Wild Columbine, Aquilegia canadensis and Echinacea purpurea

Euphorbia of Some Kind

Kniphofia and Euphorbia of Some Kind

Poor Bedraggled Common Milkweed

Perennial Geraniums and Sweet Potato Vine

Comfrey, Rue

Lamb's Ears are Looking Good

Amsonia hubrichtii

Salvia of Some Kind, Acanthus mollis, Day Lily

Lovely Silver Plant, Whose Name I Don't Remember

Lysimachia of Some Kind

Echinops, Globe Thistle

Painted Lady on Chewed up Kale


Bay Laurel

Sage, and Parsley, Swallowtail Cat Food

Black Eyed Susans Left off of GBBD Post


  1. I really dropped the ball on hosting Foliage Follow-Up this month, but I'm glad you left your link, Sue, giving me a chance to visit your post. You have a lot of interest still for so late in the season. And the way you labeled your photos this time makes it easy to see what's what. Enjoy your last freeze-free week in the garden!

  2. Sue, we have that misty rain here as well. I am hoping to get outside this afternoon and do some yard and garden cleanup. It certainly has been a great fall up to now. Hasn't it? It sad to see the plants winding down and getting ready for the winter cold weather but I have some inside projects to keep me busy this winter so that will help get me through to the Spring again.

    How do you remember all those flower names. I don't have that many and still have a hard time remembering what I planted in that spot. It must be the love of plants that allows you to know each one by name.

    Have a great day and try to remain dry. :0)

  3. Beautiful post, Sue...I'm so glad you included many people overlook the delightful cloud of foliage is has! I'm excited you have Persicaria polymorpha...isn't it stunning! I am faced with the reality of having to move it (or all the plants near it) next's quite big (which I love!)

  4. I love lambs ears. It is beautiful to me - no blooms needed. I also love your wild senna and your parsley. Nice foliage.

  5. We're expecting the first frost too. Hope you got all you wanted done.

  6. The unnamed silver plant is just exquisite!

  7. I love the variety of color and textures from foliage more than the blooms Sue. You have such a pretty assortment of both. :)

  8. Sue, I'm facing the same chore too, and dreading it. It's either cut rocks or get the garden under control, and the bad part is, the rock work is still calling me.

  9. Nice line-up of foliage. Looks like everything's healthy and ready to go dormant for a bit. You'll be all set come spring!


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