Monday, October 3, 2011

Some of the Blooms in the Curb Beds

The photos for this week's Bloomin' Tuesday, hosted by Ms. Greenthumb Jean, were taken Sunday and Monday.  I decided to just include the ones from the curb area to limit the size of the post and because I've been showing the others in posts already.

Oops!  First, I had to put some photos of the Mexican sunflower plant from the new front planting area.  I continue to be excited about seeing butterflies.  They love it here!  This is a painted lady The Mexican sunflower plant is taking a beating from the squirrels, but continues to bloom. 

The bees like the blooms, too.

I hadn't seen any monarchs for a few days, so I assumed they were on their way to Mexico.  I am seeing 2 to 3 each day again.  Either these flew in from somewhere to the north, or else they are the offspring of the ones that were here.  I did see one caterpillar a couple weeks ago.


A relative of 'Autumn Joy' sedum:

The persicaria I got from a friend is doing pretty well.  It should be taller next year.

The mystery rose blooms all summer!

I planted several asters last year and some this spring, but don't remember most of the names.  I like this pink one.

I haven't decided if I like this color.

The lavender bloomed again after being cut back earlier in the season.

Back to the porch, Heidi donned blue from lying down on our grandson's chalk drawing.

These are Monday's photos.

I think these are New England asters.  I cut them way back early on, and dug some out, in hopes they wouldn't get diseased.  It worked to a point.  They didn't get the disease as early as usual.  I was going to take them out, but the bees love them so, and they are a bit different from other asters.

I meant to get a photo taken of this iris before it started wilting and in this case, before the beetles got to it.

I like how the 'Fireworks' goldenrod and spent liatris blooms mingle.  That's agastache in the east flower bed, and 'September Charm' anemone on the left.

I hope you are having a great week, and still have some flowers blooming.


  1. Mexican sunflowers - perfect for the monarch photos.

  2. I love your photographs -- so crisp and beautiful!

  3. beautiful all of my blooms are over except the hosta,and golden rod. This month the mums will be out though.

  4. Hi,

    Lovely blooms, I too still have Lavender blooming after cutting them back after their first flush. I hadn't expected them to come again; but I'm glad they are as the Bees do love them :)

  5. Asters and lavender...Ahhhhh....
    Your butterfly photos are gorgeous!

  6. I agree that the butterfly photos are gorgeous! You still have so much going on, Sue, enjoy your week as well.


  7. Nothing like a beautiful aster to extend the season. Very nice and I'm glad the thinning and pruning worked to help the disease. What do they get? Mould?

  8. Hi Sue, I think the blooms this time of year are more appreciated than the abundance we get all summer. That Mexican Sunflower really attracts the wildlife, have to add that to my garden next season. :)

  9. Great assortment of asters Sue! And Fireworks is great for late season pollinators, sometimes attracting the weird and wonderful. Enjoy these warm days.

  10. I just love thoseMEican sunflowers Sue. I am going to half to grow some next year. Heidi looks good in blue. LOL!

  11. Hi there I am visiting your site as another Bloomin Tuesday participant. I enjoyed all your photos but the first three are stunning.

  12. Sue, Beautiful photos! Love the Mexican Sunflower! Need to put that on my list. Jean

  13. AFter growing lots of seedlings inside last spring, I didn't get a single Mexican Sunflower, because the bunnies or deer ate every seedling! I was so mad. The flower you asked about was not ironweed, but my butterfly bush!

  14. So many pretties! Not too many flowers still blooming here, but I'm enjoying every last one until the first hard freeze. Indian summer this week--hurrah!

  15. Hi Sue! LOVE all your blooms. The Mexican sunflower is just beautiful--everything is really blooming nicely, even in October! I didn't cut my lavender back...I should have. I've been AWOL from Bloomin Tuesday for a couple of months. It's good to check in with you again.

  16. Beautiful blooms, Sue.

    Congratulations on the Monarch picture. They are so fluttery, I can't seem to catch them with the camera.
    We have had a couple move through this week.

  17. Really nice flowers and butterflies :-).

  18. Beautiful blooms Sue. I'm going to put Mexican sunflower in our front border next year. I have to take some hollies out because they died in the heat, so that will give me plenty of room. A friend has them and they are butterfly magnets!

  19. Wow! this must have been a really fabulous year in your garden. It is gorgeousl And all those butterflies!

  20. I've been seeing a lot of monarchs the past couple days here in North Carolina as well. I've enjoyed seeing them so much and keep hoping that they'll notice my sad little milkweed plants that have barely survived the aphids.
    I love that combination of the goldenrod with the liatris and agastache! It's very striking!

  21. Gorgeous! I love the way the painted ladies blend with the colors of the Mexican sunflowers.

  22. Although I'm typically not a fan of golden yellow, your final photo of the Goldenrod is outstanding. I love the structure of the plant. I hope have a great week too.


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