Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Last Hurrah

We are expecting a low of 32 F tonight, and 27 F tomorrow night.  I went around after work and took some photos, mostly close ups, before picking green tomatoes and the last of the peppers.  I figured out I have to put captions in order for the photos to line up side by side.  I wrote a few, but am going to just put an "A" for annual and "P" for perennial because I need to put my link on Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday post and get off the computer soon.

Oh, I forgot to collect seeds, too.  Hopefully, I still can.





Salvia, 'Black and Blue'


Mexican Sunflower

Agasatche of Some Kind

Chrysanthemum, 'Debonair'

Aster, I think, 'October Skies'

A Few Clematis Blooms are Hoping for a Longer Fall

I've neglected the faithful alyssums.

Dianthus, 'Spooky;

A Tall Variety of Snapdragon

Zinna of Some Kind

Black Eyed Susan

Bergenia, Normally a Spring Bloomer

Reblooming Iris

I've overlooked the portulacas, too.

One of the Newer Salvias

I forgot to post this arum for Foliage Follow-up.

Goldenrod, 'Fireworks'

Chrysanthemum of Some Kind

New Limonium Attempting to Bloom Again

Verbena bonariensis

Anemone, 'September Charm'

The birds are enjoying the coneflower seeds.


Iris, 'Immortality'


I hope to collect some zinnia seeds.

They still have some nice color.




Clematis on Front Porch


Echinacea in front of Rain Barrel


Annual Helenium

Goldenrod, 'Witchita Mountians'

Short Toothed Mountain Mint


Sedum, 'Autumn Joy'


Gas Plant Seed Head


Yellow Toadflax, AKA Butter and Eggs

Potted Miniature Rose

Morning Glories that Stay Pretty All Day

I wish I would have thought to pick a bouquet this evening.  Well, at least I have these photos.  I am sorry for the slapdash way I did this post.   I need to not post so many photos if I don't have time to label them consistently. Stay warm, wherever you are.  Some of you probably would like to see some cooler temps.

Added 10/19:  The way I had the photos labeled bugged me, so I went ahead and labeled the blooms.  I have noticed I am inconsistent in my use of scientific and common names.  That will probably continue, because I am too scatterbrained to be consistent in that area.  Besides, in my mind, some plants are called by the common name, and others at least part of the scientific name.  Thanks for your patience.

It didn't get as cold as it was supposed to last night, but they are saying the low for tonight is supposed to be 30 F.  Brr!


  1. Hey Sue,
    Yes its a bevy for one post but gives you plenty of stuff to savor this winter.

  2. You have an incredible variety of flowers, Sue! These are so very beautiful!

  3. Beautiful, Sue. I love them all!
    (and what a great color "fix" for those of us in the far north!!)

  4. Your collection of plants always amazes me. We will be a little chilly the next couple of nights here in North FL too.

  5. Brr!! It was chilly here in south central Ks this morning! Beautiful plants!! You should post this again, in say, January, when we are tired of looking a dead and brown and need some color. ;)

  6. Sue I can't believe you still have so much in bloom. What are you giving those babies because I sure need some of it. Beautiful.

  7. I have very few blooms left in my garden. I think it is sad to see them fade, but on the other hand, I look forward to planning for next year.
    The blooms you still have a lovely.

  8. You still have so many beautiful blooms. I'm sure you hate to see them go. Jean

  9. You have a lot of blooms to say goodbye to. :( At least some are P's, so you will see them again in time. 27 - brrrr.

  10. We've skated by all week but tonight looks like the frost night for us. So glad you got these photos;

  11. What is that grayish-white perennial with the interesting center? It's really beautiful.

  12. Photos last a lot longer than a bouquet anyway. :) I hope the weather didn't get too cold but I guess it is that time, isn't it?

  13. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for the comments you left on my blog. Even though I haven't updated my blog in quite awhile, I still garden and hope to start blogging again next spring. Your garden is beautiful! Lots of variety. I tend to stick to a few favorites that do well for me when I should be taking more risks with my plant selections!

  14. Thanks for the comments. I saw frost this morning, but it didn't get as cold as it was supposed to, though. I suppose tonight will be the freeze, as it is supposed to get down to 30 F. tonight.

    I went back and labled the rest of the flowers today. The one Jill is asking about may be the short toothed mountain mint. That's a great plant, as long as you are willing to go out in the spring and pull up the fallen down stems so they won't take root and spread too far.

    Becca, I use compost in the spring, and occasionally put an organic food like worm castings, also in the spring, then let them do their thing. I do tend to not let the flowers get dry for any length of time, though. I am hoping to turn the sprinkler head in the front area off once the native plants there get established.

  15. Sue, maybe the frost will hold off again? That would be great since you have so many beautiful blooms still doing their best to provide color. I kinda get bored with the botanical names myself, love to hear the common names of flowers because not everyone calls them the same name.

  16. As to the labeling: I use the same method as you. Mostly I call them how I think of them. If a common name is pretty much universal it doesn't matter. On the other hand, 'yellow bells' might mean Forsythia to you, Allamanda in Florida and Esperanza (Tecoma stans) to someone in the SW. If a plant is uncommon it is nice to give both names. In the all over scheme of things, call it what you can remember.

    Frost is coming soon, even here. If it barely gets to 32, you may be able to get a bouquet of the hardiest ones tomorrow.

  17. So many beautiful blooms, Sue! It is sad to say goodbye, isn't it?! But great that you captured them all for your blog.

  18. Well knowing the time involved, very impressed with this post, Sue. So a beautiful reminder ... we will hold on to these beautiful thoughts that will sustain us all until next spring.

  19. Gode billeder.
    Hvor har du dog mange smukke blomster.
    Tak for kigget.

  20. Whenever I visit your site, I'm always amazed as to the variety of blooms and colours. Hopefully the frost didn't kill off too much and you'll have a few more weeks of colour before the brown settles in (as it has done here in Ontario this week)

  21. You capture the beauty of each bloom very well. I think, this is the beauty of gardening in four seasons, they'll disappear in winter, but coming back in spring :).

  22. You have so many blooms yet Sue. I hate to see the cold weather come in and all of the flowers fading away. I have to try that Mexican Sunflower. I love those bright blooms on it. Your Strawflowers are so pretty too. I keep forgetting to get seeds to try some of those. Have a wonderful week.

  23. Beautiful blooms Sue - these photos will certainly keep you going through the winter.

  24. Yep, we got down to 29 this morning. Pretty much took out most of the annuals. Smoked. Should have picked the basil, bye, bye. Really don't look forward to winter at all. Glad you could get the photos.

  25. Lovely photos. The pink salvia looks like the one I have... I'll probably remember the name tomorrow.


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