Friday, October 14, 2011

October's Bloom Day

Since we have not yet had our first frost or freeze, we still have lots of blooms that most likely will be finished in November.   A lot of my blooms have been posted lately, but I tried to show them at a little different angle or from a different distance.

These irises are blooming on both sides of the sidewalk.

My little faithful bargain unnamed rose from a sale table a few years ago continues to bloom all season.  I need to see if I can propagate it from a cutting or something.

I hope to get more lavender dried next year.  I have enjoyed it in the flower beds, though.

I love these heirloom marigolds!

I love how the 'Debonair' mums I moved to the west side of the sidewalk look with the aster I just planed this spring, and hope to find the tag for.  Some of the asters were eaten by rabbits, and didn't get big enough to bloom.

The agastache canas had a slow start this summer, but they sure have looked great for awhile.

The fence isn't tall enough for the black eyed Susan vine.  It has adapted by tangling itself on the top and marching into the areas where other plants are.  I have trimmed it back a number of times.

I always enjoy lantana.  They have a nice long bloom time.  I plant them for the butterflies, but I think the butterflies around here like some other blooms just as well if not better.

The butterflies have really enjoyed the dahlias this year.

This is one of the mums I planted last fall, and wasn't sure if it was going to survive the winter.  These seem to have a later bloom time.  Some of the several I got have not opened their buds yet.

The original 'Debonair' mums and 'September Charm' anemone continue to look great.

That's phlox pilosa in the cage.  I have several that I hope do well next year.  In the meantime, the cosmos are offering their last burst of color.

Some of the volunteer celosias are blooming and offering some seeds already.

The helenium 'Marti Gras' has a few new blooms, even though most of the plant is finished blooming.

I didn't get many strawflowers dried this year, but, like the lavender, I enjoyed seeing their blooms on the plants.

The tropical milkweed, Asclepias curassavica is a later bloomer here than other milkweeds.  I hope the monarch caterpillar I saw on it a couple weeks ago is safe.

I hope the love lies bleeding seeds itself, but will collect some seeds just in case.

I don't think I've shown the painters' palette yet this year.  It sure is putting out lots of blooms.

This is the aster that has seeded itself around the side yard.

The 'Witchita Mountains' goldenrod is in its full glory.  The aster that looked so nice next to it is now finished blooming.

Here is one I haven't shown.  It's a threadleaf ironweed that I planted last year, and is now blooming for the first time.

The pincushion flower didn't do so well this year.

Most of the cleomes are about finished, but this young one is now blooming.

I remember the autumn joy sedums having new blooms along with the older ones last year, too.

These marigolds are in the vegetable garden.  I don't know if I've seen a monarch on one before.  It was pretty chilly when I took this.  I wonder if that's why the butterfly wasn't moving.

I don't have to plant borage or cilantro anymore, because they self sow in the vegetable garden.

The rudbeckia laciniata 'Hortensia' aka Golden Glow aka Outhouse Plant are still blooming, while the 'Goldquelle' are finished.

I hope you still have some blooms to enjoy this October Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, hosted by Carol, of May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Really, really beautiful blooms this month. I like the blue borage. It has such a delicate flower in that baby blue color. Happy GBBD!

  2. Sue those are the most lush, gorgeous marigolds I've ever seen! You've still got a ton of stuff blooming...very nice.

  3. aloha,

    you have such a beautiful collection i love that collection of dahlias, they are my have some beautiful colors at this time of the year.

    thanks for sharing your garden

  4. I'm loving that combo of the pink mum with the aster.....just beautiful!
    You STILL have so much in bloom. I'm glad-it gives me that garden beauty that is LONG gone from my frozen garden.

  5. Hi Sue,

    Lovely blooms, it's nice to see you still have so much going on!

    We had our first cold night last night, annuals seem to have come out ok... We'll see though!

  6. quite a splash still I am boggled by iris still??? sandy

  7. That really is a gorgeous goldenrod. I am also wondering about the name of your reblooming iris--I think I have it too. Happy GBBD.

  8. I can't believe you have irises at this time of year. I love your Love Lies Bleeding. Mine was kind of pathetic.

  9. Every time I visit here, I see something new, Sue. Your dahlias are gorgeous! And what a mass of blooms on the marigolds. Your aster looks like a new one I planted called 'October Skies.' It's shorter than New England asters and more of a mounding plant. I don't know how much longer this warm October weather is going to last, but I'm enjoying all the blooms for as long as I can. Happy Bloom Day!

  10. Everything is super, but Oh! Those Dahlias!

  11. Sue enjoy those beauties while you can. They are telling us it may frost next week!

    I don't have much to lose down here.

  12. Pincushion and dahlia's are my fav! Beautiful shots.

  13. Oh, my! You do have some lovely blooms this October. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  14. Those heirloom marigolds are gorgeous especially at this time of year. All of your blooms are the Monarch capture! Happy GBBD!

  15. Dear Sue, Your October blooms are amazing! It's sad to think a frost must occur soon. Happy GBBD. P. x

  16. Your garden is gorgeous. I love your combinations, especially that purple aster and pink mum combination. I hope the frosts stay away for a while so you can enjoy the garden a bit longer. Happy GBBD!

  17. Beautiful post, as always, Sue! I'm so in love with that pink Mum/purple Aster combo...just perfection! I love seeing how your garden keeps expanding from year to year!

  18. My goodness, you have so many blooms in your garden yet. Iris?! That's amazing. I so enjoyed seeing all the flowers you have here. Gorgeous.

  19. Your Asters and Mums make great companions! And your Dahlias are amazing, too. Happy GBBD!

  20. Sue, what a marvelous fall blooming yard you have. It has to be an eye stopper for those that drive by your house. About the only thing that I have that blooms some what close to fall is the full size Hostas in the back yard. It's more of a late summer bloom but they are really big. I haven't really put any effort into growing them and I think they were planted by the original owners of the house way back in 1965. I just clean up dead foliage from the bed in the spring and they grow. They finished blooming long ago.

    This week will be pull out the remaining garden plants and get ready for the coming cold weather.

    Have a great fall blooming day.

  21. Amazing colour and variety in the garden. I grew the love lies bleeding this year from seed and have really enjoyed it. Pity when the 1st frost hits, I'm expecting it this week or next. All the best, Kelli, Northern Ireland.

  22. Hi Sue, I love wide angle shots to see the whole view of the garden, and yours are certainly lovely. A lot of blooms are still there and very beautiful. I prefer most your heirloom marigolds and that variegated dahlia. I wish they don't get much diseases here.

  23. Hi Sue - you still have so much in the garden. Nothing here in Southern Ontario but sedum and spent hydrangeas and mums. But I love, love, love the combination of mums and asters you have.
    Also I bought a painters palette recently - so nice to see it is doing well in another garden. I've never seen it before - can't wait to plant it. I hear it needs some shade - is that right?

  24. Oh, lots of lovely ones there, I gave up trying to remember all the ones I wanted to particularly mention!

  25. Your gardens are still lookin' great! Ours have recovered well with the break in the heat and the bits of moisture that we have recieved! We're certainly hoping for the drought to break, as I don't think I, or my garden can handle another summer like this one has been!!

  26. Threadleaf ironweed???? Tell me more!!! And how do you get your 'Wichita Mtns' goldenrod to not flop all over? I resorted to string.


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