Saturday, July 16, 2011


Pam, from Digging, hosts Foliage Follow-up the 16th of the month.  I am getting in at the last minute, but already had these photos in last night, so wanted to join the party.

The painter's pallete doesn't seem to be suffering from having the tree cut down.

The hellebores survived being transplanted from in front of the house to a shadier spot.

'September Charm' anemone is needing to be kept from spreading too far.

The pasque foliage is continuing to look good.

Amsonia hubrichtii:

I was hoping the bear's breeches was going to bloom, but the foliage is pretty cool.

I forgot what this is, but I just got it this summer for the front of the east side border, and split it to plant in 2 different holes.  I like it.

The Genovese basil I planted from seed inside is doing well, and is at the point I need to be cutting it back to make pesto or something before it blooms.

Sweet Potatoes:

One of Larry's water plants:

The white blooming bleeding heart that was moved from under the tree is doing well.  The pink blooming one looks like it is going dormant.

This persecaria polymorpha, Giant Fleeceflower, is the last plant I put in.  I think I am finished for the summer.

I am excited for the grasses to grow taller next year.  This is the latest switchgrass I bought.

'Little Bluestem':

Here's the huge foliage of the nicotiana sylvestris.

It's the 17th the time zone to the east of us, but still the 16th here.  I hope your weekend is going well.  I hope to do some blog visiting during the heat wave that is continuing.  Right now, it is 85 degrees, 10 degrees cooler than an hour or so ago.  Thanks for all the nice comments on my GBBD post and others.


  1. Your garden flourishes with love, Sue. It is always such a fun place to visit.

  2. Sue, I have persicaria polymorpha. I love it but it does get huge. I hope you have allowed room for it. It is like a shrub, 4-5 feet x 3-4 feet. I use it like a hedge to screen my garden.

  3. What a great idea. We perennial lovers have to show off our 'green'. I will join in next month!

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. all those plants look gorgeous and GREEN!
    Love the grasses... and broad leafed plants..oh, and herbs.

    Any of those drought tolerant I wondered I scrolled through the post again, Will be googling them!

  5. Hi Sue, The green in your garden is outstanding. Don't you love that Nicotiana? And your Persicaria 'Painter's Palette' looks wonderful. I hope your heat wave lets up soon.

  6. So very nice. Love Larry's water plant too.

  7. You always have so much luscious greenery. Your garden looks cool and fresh compared to our heat-crisped landscapes here in Texas. Love your amsonia!

  8. i host a garden party on thursday's & would love to have you link up! xoxo, tracie

  9. Looks like the garden is getting through the heat ok. Looks great..

  10. Sue, I am so happy that many of your plants were able to survive after the removal of your tree. Yes...I agree they look very well.. Stay cool, we are having a heat-wave here in Michigan too we are in the 90's but it feels 10 degrees hotter Whew!

  11. Came here via Rhone St blog. I'm heartened to see you growing Amsonia in Nebraska, makes me think maybe it has a chance in our Scottish winter so I may try and get one for my garden after all.

    You have a great selection of plants, and I particularly was interested in your day lilies as I finally have space to put some in.


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