Friday, July 8, 2011

ID Help

I have been coming across plants that I don't recognize, and today, when I saw something different while weeding across the street, I decided to go ahead and do a post to see if any of you know what they are, and whether they are hard to control.  I did decide to get rid of the wood strawberries after seeing some in my vegetable garden at home. 

The first three photos are the same plant.

I am hoping these are money plants.  I planted some in the area last year that bloomed.

I don't remember if I've seen this vine before, but I'm thinking it's something I should pull.

The next plants are in my east front bed.   I couldn't get a good photo of these blooms.  I'm trying to remember if it's something I've planted before.

The next two photos are of the same plant, (not the same as the one above.)  I couldn't get a good photo of the blooms with the foliage.  I keep looking at it, thinking the blooms look like forget me nots, but the plant is more upright, about 10 inches high.

After looking at the close up photo, I'm thinking the blooms look like some kind of salvia.  I did a search on salvias with small blue flowers, but didn't find it.

As I was about to go in, I saw some movement, and noticed this insect, which I think, is a cicada.  Its left wing is either deformed, or else it hasn't dried yet after it came out of its shell. 

Well, I did it!  I wrote a shorter post!  I'm finally seeing butterflies, and have been taking photos, but decided not to include them this time.

I got lots of weeding done this morning.  I was planning on going back out after lunch, but have decided to go do some laundry and do some sorting of clothes and such.

My 80 year old dad went home from the hospital Wednesday.  Thanks for the well wishes for him.  Mom made him get a walker.  As it turns out, he also had cellulitis on a leg before going to the hospital, and when Mom would say he should find out why his leg was swelling and red, he would say he's fine.  He had pnemonia, but the cellulitis could have caused the fever and weakness as well.  Larry took him to the library today.  Mom said she could handle it, but I suggested she may like a break from the man.  LOL

Have a great weekend!


  1. No idea what that little insect is! Or the plants, hopefully someone else will. I'll check back, because I'm really curious too.

  2. Insect is a Cicada.
    Not sure about the plants.
    Good luck!


  3. Glad your dad is home.
    Check out the links I have in this post:
    The first plant you featured looks similar to my wild four o'clocks. Mine are pink/purple but Tina at In The Garden says she has yellow ones.

  4. The foliage in the 4th photo looks like that of blue mist flower, a type of eupatorium. The pink flower is so pretty just keep it! It could be a native penstemon. Lucky you!

  5. Hi Sue,
    That first one has beautiful leaves. I have no idea what it is, but I'd keep if it were in my garden. Of course, in my garden the line between weeds and keepers is often blurred. I have only 'thrown out' 3 or 4 bad guys in past years.
    We'll pray for your dad.
    God's Blessings,
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)

  6. Sue, could the vine be bindweed? Maybe do a google image search, and if you think it is, pull it fast and be sure to get the entire root!
    The 3rd one, the white one on long stems, looks like baby's breath wildflower to me???
    My MIL suffers with cellulitis and it's terrible. My best to your dad!

  7. Thanks for stopping by. I like your blog. You have some lovely gardens. I am your new follower. I hope when you have time you'll stop back by and do the same. Thanks.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. Looks like a Penstemon to me too. Can't help with the others. Best wishes for your dad.

  9. Your vine looks similar to a wild morning glory to me.

  10. Glad to hear your dad is feeling better. The vine resembles a morning glory. I can't keep them out of my garden. I pull them, spray them, hoe them, but they keep coming back. It is invasive, so if you want to keep it, make sure it's where you want it.

  11. Don't know about the plants. Glad your dad is feeling better. I do love your header photo!

  12. Hope you find answers. I can't help. I just dumped several pots of "saved" plants that ended up being weeds-LOL! A lot I know!

  13. haha, we really have the same problem Sue... Thanks for commenting in my last post. I hope not all of them will turn out to be weeds soon... :)That sure is a cicada . But I don't know if its the one that comes out every 17 years.

  14. The one looks like Babies breath.
    Great capture of the Cicada. Scary looking bug.
    Try 'garden web' name that plant for an ID.
    people there are very nice.

    Ok, this is the second time I'm trying to post a comment. Blogger keeps telling me to sign in to my google acct on half the blogs I visit and then tells me it's an error.

  15. Sorry to hear that your Dad's been in hospital. Hope things are going better for you all now.
    Not too helpful on the ID front, except to say that I think you should pull the thing you think you should pull!

  16. I think your light blue flower is scullcap. It is blooming in my garden and I just love it.

    On your first post I must say I really like that gravel. It looks so clean and inviting.

  17. Glad to hear your dad is feeling better Sue. Nice succulent planting too - love the trough...


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