Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just a Few of What's Bloomin'

I have been posting a lot, and not keeping up on my blog visits, so I am doing a short post for Jean's Bloomin' Tuesday today. I enjoyed having Judy, a new blogger from Lincoln over this afternoon, showing her some tips and tricks for posting and such.  We had a fun time.  Her blog is Through my Garden Window.  I've put a link to it before, but it was in the middle of a long post that folks may not have read.

I am tickled to see that the nicotiana sylvestris is blooming.  I've only grown it once before, and don't remember the leaves getting so big.  I pulled a few off that were on the ground, almost covering some other plants.

The next number of  blooms are lisianthises that I have here and there in the new planting areas in the front yard.  There are several of each of them.

I went out and found some of the tags.  This one is 'Twinkle Deep Blue'.

I think the buds are as pretty as the blooms.  These are 'Twinkle Blue Blush'.  (The nasturtiums in the background are larger than the ones I planted at the same time on the west end of the bed.  It's either because they are in more sun, they are away from the roots from the neighbors' tree, or both.)

These are 'Echo Yellow'.  That's 'Serena Purple' Angelonia behind them on the right, with the bottom of the nicotiana on the left.  Those nicotiana leaves are about 10 inches or more long, and 4 to 6 inches wide.

This is a shorter kind, and these started blooming a little earlier than the taller ones.

 This one is in the curb bed.  Several from last year were green under the leaves this spring, and I was tickled, but then, only one ended up surviving the cold night temperatures we had.  I guess once they greened up, they were in danger.

I really like nasturtiums, and they are one of the few flowers I grow from seed right in the ground.

Happy gardening and blogging!


  1. Sue, These plants are new to me and the blooms are amazing! I'll have to check out your other posts and catch up. Jean

  2. Thanks again Sue for all your help today. It was such a treat to visit your garden again. You have such a nice variety of plants and it's so colorful!

  3. Those are beautiful flowers!
    I've got no flowers right now. But am wanting some. Still research drought tolerant blooming plants!
    I've barely got weeds-- tumble weeds is about all. LOL... so hot and dry.
    heading to read 'through my garden window'

  4. Everything is green and blooming beautifully! Our spring flowers are just now blooming .. way behind schedule.

  5. My Nicotiana sylvestris isn't blooming yet but you're right about how huge the leaves get. I love it. I've never grown Lisianthus but after seeing yours I think I should. I love them.

  6. Wow, what a lovely garden you have and so many beautful flowers.
    Have a nice day

  7. They are all lovely. That Nicotiana is interesting. I really love the Echo Yellow.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. They sure do look great. The lisianthises look pretty - I haven't tried those!

  9. Your garden is lovely, a great example of "High Summer" with so many delights to see.

  10. Sue, that nicotiana is huge! and gorgeous! That is one of the plants that's fun to hear the customer try to say the name.
    That, and celosia give folks a hard time, sometimes!
    I have never grown nasturtium, but now I see how great yours are, I know I will, next year...

  11. Beautiful flowers and great pics. I love Nasturtiums too, they self-seed here every year.

  12. Your garden is beautiful and I know I can always count on seeing beautiful pictures when I visit.

  13. Love the lisianthus. I grow them as cool weather annuals here. The heat and rain usually rots them out during the summer.

  14. I love the big nicotiana. We planted a couple of plants over 5 years ago and each year we get a few volunteers and they've even bloomed in some shady spots.

  15. I planted nicotiana once.....never have had to again. It comes up in the strangest places and I let it grow. It is a great hot weather plant.

    The lisianthus are beautiful. I have never grown them.

    Lovely flowers for Bloomin' Tuesday.

  16. I enjoyed my visit here; you have some wonderful plants! I also visited Through My Garden Window and so glad that she joined Bloomin' Tuesday. I have never seen the nicotiana sylvestris, but oh how pretty!

  17. Hi Sue,
    Nasturtiums are about the only thing I can get to grow from seed! Mine are not yet blooming, but I have high hopes they will unlike every other seed I planted this year!

    The flower of 'Twinkle Blue Blush' is gorgeous.

  18. Hi Sue, have you been receiving comments about your Dahlia post? I am not able to open it for some reason. I get a 'page not available' kind of message.

    Just FYI.


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