Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lots of Blooms in the East Front Bed

Yesterday, I finally got a post up on the west of the front yard that was several days in the making.  I want to participate in Bloomin' Tuesday, hosted by Jean of Ms. Green Thumb Jean, so I'm posting 2 days in a row.  The bed I'm enjoying the most right now, is in the east of the front yard.  It was started a few years ago so I'd have room for some large annuals.  I ended up putting lots of perennials in it, but still have a few annuals in there. 

The Joe Pye Weed is taller than last year.

I am loving the oranges and pinks with bits of other colors here and there.

I figured out this is a mountain mint under the Joe Pye Weed.  I can't remember if I planted it.  The leaves are wider than the Virginia Mountain Mint and narrower  than the short toothed mountain mint.  I just looked to see if there are other varieties, and found there are more than 20 native species of this genus, Pycanthemum.  I'll be interested to see how big it gets.

The blue salvia is an annual that reseeded from the seedheads I placed there the previous fall.

We have been facing east, and heading south.

One of the 2 double poppies that came up from the seeds I planted looks like it will be pink.  (A third had come up, but didn't survive being moved to leave enough room for the others.)

I think this is a daylily I got from the bargain bin at a daylily place around 9 years ago.

I took these photos this morning before deadheading. 

I will be sad when all this color is finished for the season.

This one has a lady's name I can't remember, but it was a $22.00 splurge from the place where I got the bargain one above.  I was sad when they closed a couple years ago.

The 'September Charm' anemone is needing to be kept within the area I have allotted for it.

I have pulled the anemone from growing over this foxglove a few times.

I pinched back all of the mums, but this 'Debonair' has a bloom and lots of buds anyway.  I need to find out if it will still bloom in the fall if I cut it back now.

We are at the south end of the bed, facing east and a little south.

We have turned the corner, and are now facing north.

I've been hoping the stand of nigella will get thicker in the bare looking area above.

I've mentioned there used to be a circular bed here before we extended it to make it larger.  It looks like it is a circle from this area.

We are now facing west, and heading to the north.  I pinched back the Helenium, too, but it is blooming the same time of the season it did last year.

The name of this daylily is 'Wally'.  It is one I saw on a garden forum before I started blogging, and fell in love with it.

I think this is 'Strawberry Candy'.

I was pleased with how good the monarda foliage looked as I was deadheading it (after the photos were taken).  I'm thinking it will bloom again.  I think the reason the cosmos are blooming is because I did not cut them back like I usually do when I plant them.  They came with buds, and are continuing to develop new ones as they also grow taller.  Next to them, I have 3 zinnias growing together that I didn't get thinned.  I wonder if I should pull the middle one out.

I had to cut this yarrow back  to the ground last year because it was falling down.  I think I was going to pinch it back this year, but forgot to.

The 'Pia' hydrangea is blooming now.  I've been pleased with this plant.  I did not have success with the couple other kinds I tried in the past.

The bicycle planter has some plants that aren't doing so well, but there are still some that are providing some nice color to the area.

 I got this one with 'Wally'.  Isn't it pretty?

The volunteer cleomes are getting large enough to start blooming soon.

These are the first verbena bonariensis blooms in the front yard.  There aren't many in the back yet, but soon, the butterflies and bees will be gathering on them.

This is the north end of the bed, still facing west.

Facing south, the rattlesnake master plant is not as tall as last year, but it's looking good.

The plant on the right is a hibiscus.

The white blooming swamp milkweed is almost finished blooming.  The pink one is finished.

I decided not to thin the kiss me over the garden gate and love lies bleeding as much as I normally do.  They probably won't get as tall, but hopefully there will be plenty of blooms.

The love lies bleeding will be blooming soon.

The hibiscus will be putting on a show soon, as well.

It looks like I backed up a bit to take this and the previous photo.  I am amazed at the height of the Joe Pye Weed.  In a year or 2, there should be plants that tall on the other side of the sidewalk.

We are back to the view from our porch.

I have been checking Jean's blog today, and have noticed she has not done a Bloomin' Tuesday post so far.  I looked, and didn't see anywhere where she said she's not doing it this week, so I'm going to go ahead and publish this, and check back to see if she has us link in.  I plan for my next post to be shorter.

I hope you are having a good week.  It feels good to have a pretty clean house since we had to clean for company yesterday.  I do need to clean out a couple spaces, though.  Except for the last couple of years, when we all went to our son's and daughter-in-law's house for the fourth, we have a tradition of inviting both sides of our families over for supper.  They and our kids bring the fireworks, and a side dish.  My family doesn't always show up, and they didn't this year.  My dad may be going home from the hospital tomorrow.  Thanks for your get well wishes for him.


  1. Well! I think it's safe to say that The Corner Garden is in FULL bloom. So much colour everywhere you look. It's really looking wonderful, Sue.

  2. So many lovely plants. It's really hitting its peak. Beautiful!

  3. I really enjoyed the garden tour. Your plants look so beautiful. I am assuming you haven't had the heat we have had...and maybe more rain.

    The garden looks beautiful from any view...good planning and great maintenance.

  4. Yep your garden is a smorgasboard of blooms this week Sue. I'm thinking with the holiday weekend that's why no Bloomin' Tuesday post this week. I hope my Rattlesnake Master does as well as yours, mine is a fraction of the size but it is the first season in the garden. :)

  5. Well done, I bet it smells just so delightful too!

  6. I know you are a proud mama when you stand on your porch and view all the beauties nearby. Sue your gardens are bigger and even more beautiful every year. Pretty Sue.

  7. Wow Sue, your front beds are just beautiful. I am loving all of the lilies and coneflowers. I bet the Butterflies are loving those beds.

  8. Everything looks happy and beautiful. Like you I miss the color when it's gone~We are almost in the 'green times' here in the Middle South. Do you still miss the big tree? gail

  9. I love your 'Wally' daylily! I never thin my Kiss Me. I find that they seem to help hold each other up when they're growing close together. I look forward to seeing your border when they and the Hibiscus and the Love Lies and the Joe Pye bloom...ooh, la la!

  10. All that work.......all the rewards. I too have many Salvia F. seedlings coming up, they are the backbone of my garden this year. Pinching mums, usually fourth of the july is the last date. I suppose I need to add more daylillies to the garden. It's like pulling teeth.

  11. Your garden is looking beautiful, Sue! I love this time of year with the coneflowers and daylilies blooming; you have such a nice mix of different plants and colors. My Joe Pye weed is so much taller than last year, too; in fact, I wasn't sure at first if it was indeed Joe or a weed! But now that it's starting to bloom, I see it just had a growth spurt this year.

    I had to check out your last post to see the new bed where your tree was; everything is looking so good. By next year it will be awash with color like your other garden areas.

    I hope your Dad is feeling better soon and gets to come home as soon as he's able.

  12. Hope your dad is feeling better. Beautiful, beautiful flowers!

  13. Hvor har du en flot have og så mange skønne blomster. Det er en fornøjelse at se.

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  15. Your gardens are exploding with color now!
    Our plants here are growing but everything is much later this year because it has been quite cool. And except for perfect summer weather on the 4th, it now is cool again.
    Glad to hear your Dad is improving!

  16. Love all your daylilies, and your hydrangea is beautiful. Can't wait until mine blooms. Your neighbors must love you for providing such a lovely garden view.

  17. Hi Sue,
    Your front summer garden is a cottage garden dream come true. Wow! Does it make a difference without the tree for shade? I still miss the tree by the way.
    Everything is wonderful, but I have to say the bicycle flower basket takes FIRST PRIZE for creativity.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)

  18. Wow - absolutely beautiful! I just stumbled upon your blog several weeks ago and I'm really enjoying your gardens via cyberspace. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hi Sue,
    Your garden is looking beautiful! You have some very nice daylilies. I think the first two weeks of July are the best in my garden, too.

  20. All I can say is WOW!! I hope my garden someday matures as lovely as yours has!!


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