Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Paltry GBBD

I really don't have much in bloom right now, but soon, there will be a number of beauties.  I know I'm not the only one who has had trouble waiting for the arrival of spring.  Right now, it seems so close, yet so far away.  I am looking forward to seeing what others have blooming for this March's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, hosted by Carol, of May Dreams Gardens.

This is a hellebore bud or flower not quite open in the planter on the south side of the house.  I think it's one marked 'Orientalis'.  If the tree in the front yard has to come down the hellebores in this area will not be very happy.  (The person who was supposed to call about coming to give an estimate for rabbit fencing and let me know when the arborist planned to come inspect the tree did not call today like the arborist said he was going to.)

This hellebore on the east side of the house is 'Silver Lace'.  It forms the buds a little differently.  The blooms face up more than other kinds do.

I just planted this one, 'Yellow Lady' last spring.  I'm excited to see a bud on it.

I just planted this and a few others in the larger front yard bed last spring.  They will also get the hot afternoon sun if the tree has to be cut down.  This may just be a new leaf, but it sure is pretty.  Oh, I think there is a little flower bud in the middle.

This robin came to see what I was doing.  I love it when they make eye contact.  How could I not take its picture and include it in the bloom day festivities, especially since there are very few blooms?

There's not much going on inside, either.  The African violets are not doing well.  I really need to stop bringing more home thinking I'm going to keep them healthy.  Two of the holiday cacti have a few flowers on them.

This is 'Dark Marie'.  The tag said not to let the plant completely dry out.  Well, that has happened a few times, but it seems to be OK.  It needs a new pot, though.

'Naomi' has been here longer, and is in a larger pot.  It gets a few blooms in November, then a large flush, followed by a few here and there.

When I drove home from work today, a neighbor lady was raking the leaves out of her flower beds.  I was thinking it was a little early, so I looked at photos from the last 2 years, and found that this is exactly the week I raked the leaves out of my flower beds.  For some reason, I haven't had any crocus come up.  This spring really is later than usual.  There were more hellebore and other blooms at this time the last couple of years.

I've been following the horrific events in Japan.  My thoughts and prayers are with folks affected by that in any way.


  1. Beautiful things are starting to awaken in your garden...it won't be long now. :)

  2. Even though there is so little sign of it, I think we have the beginnings of an early spring. I am also thinking that all the snow has protected the roses and perennials so there will be few losses this year.

  3. How exciting to see the hellebores budding, Sue! I think my spring bulbs are going to show at their normal time, but I haven't seen much from my hellebores yet. I have done just a little raking and cleaning up in my garden. I worry about whether I should leave some protection for the buds in case of another hard freeze, but it's hard to resist getting out there and doing something.

  4. Hi,

    Exciting to see the Hellebores, mine are not doing very well here, and I'm rather disappointed... Another plant that just dies if I even look at it.

  5. My neighbor called to say she has large crocus blooming.

  6. Stay hopeful Sue...just a month ago we had freezing temperatures and ice...the flowers are waking and the birds are singing...it won't be long ;)

  7. Very nice! Finally the spring is coming to my garden as well :) I couldn't wait until I see bright colours in there.

  8. I think that Robin was trying to tell you something. "It will be here soon," he seems to be saying.

  9. I love to see the plants wake up from winter. You will have blooms all over the place before long. The bird is so cute and a welcome site. Isn't it horrible the news coming from Japan and it seems to keep on coming. My prayers are with them as well.

  10. Sue, I like your happy robin shot. I photographed my first robin sighting, but we still had a foot of snow on the ground. I felt sorry for him and his friend. The two of them were off shortly thereafter. Hope they found greener pastures, literally.

  11. Great hellebores Sue. I love to see your garden coming back to life in the spring.

  12. Lovely photos. I like the robin. I've just recently gotten into growing hellebores, only one has bloomed so far. I love them.


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