Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Kitchen Tip-Repurposing a honey/syrup dispenser

(Edited 3/4/12:  For some reason, this only worked once.  The other times I tried it, the oil leaked out.  I wonder if it's because it got washed in the dishwasher.) When we first moved in, and bought a hoosier cabinet, I got involved buying some cool old things to add to what I already had in the kitchen.  I have two of these honey/syrup dispensers.  One, I bought on ebay, the other, from a local Goodwill.  They aren't exactly the same, so one is probably older than the other.

I had olive oil in this one, then, when it was empty, I put it on the counter to wash by hand.  Larry put it in the dishwasher.  It got nice and clean.

It's 3 pieces.  I love the shapes of them.

I put more olive oil in.  I love using it this way, because squeezing the handle and releasing right away lets out about half a tablespoon of oil, and if you want more, you just hold it open longer.

I was relieved that washing it in the dishwasher did not appear to damage the stopper.  I was wrong, though, and now have oil in the little cup as well as the container.  That's disappointing.  I just checked on ebay to see what these are called, and to see if they have any there.  There are a whole bunch of them, and one seller has a number of them for different prices.  I'm trying to decide if I'm going to get another.  Maybe I'll put a different kind of oil in the other one that I already have to see if that stopper is in good shape.

I wonder if those hot peppers from 2009's veggie garden are any good.  I've been to chicken to try them in anything.  I had planned on using a few at a time whole in some chili, and then pulling them out before serving it.


  1. What a beautiful dispenser. This is quite the find!

  2. I'd like one of these to use for honey :) We always have a mess! You have a good re-purposed use for dispensing olive oil. I have a small syrup dispenser that I use for homemade coffee creamer .. picked it up for 25 cents at the thrift store.

  3. I just love shiny and sparkly in my 'old age' - glass containers especially, as they catch and reflect the light so beautifully. What a pretty jar!!!

  4. Sue,

    Never seen this type of honey dispensers before. Sounds like they work well for the olive oil too. Been finding all kinds of olive oil and vinegar bottles for our bottle wall.

  5. That is really a useful and pretty idea. Also, I love the expression on the cardinal's face in the previous post. Made me wonder what was on his mind.

  6. That is a gorgeous dispenser, and I always think it's neat to repurpose things.


  7. I have never seen a dispenser like that either. It is beautiful.

    I need something like that for honey. I have to wash the entire mouth of the jar each time and the lid seems to always feel sticky.

    I just crush my dried peppers and add a pinch to foods I am cooking.

  8. Sue, the dispenser is very pretty and I'm glad that the dishwasher didn't make the glass cloudy. That's happened to me a time or two. Don't know what to say about the peppers...I never cook with hot peppers. I'm not a Hot Mamma like you. lol

    I always enjoy the variety of things you blog about.

  9. An interesting container, I have never seen one with the holder like that. If you only use that small of olive oil bottle you probably can get a pour stopper for it.I buy it by the gallon so have a small bottle I use.When I can I try to put away a years worth. If they are real hot they may have disolved the rubber seal.HA!

  10. What a gorgeous blog you've got here! Found my way via Teri's mandala blog list. I'm glad I stopped in. Nice re-use of this gorgeous pitcher too.

  11. Cute dispenser, Sue. Love your blog redux too!

  12. Hey Sue, that is one interesting looking contraption!

    I like your new header. I am definitely counting down the days!!


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