Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still More to See

Like Meems, I went around taking photos a few days ago, thinking what I was seeing would not be lasting long.

Some of the plants were still looking alive.

Lamb's ears:




Not everything looks alive, though.  These hostas, given to me by a friend a number of years ago, are finished for the season.

The leaves on the beauty berry bushes have died back, but there are still some berries the birds haven't eaten yet.

The arum foliage is looking great.

I didn't notice the bud on the love in a mist when I took the photo.  Some of these came up last fall, too.  I hope to get more next spring than what grew this year.

This is the verbena a friend of mine who lives in the country gave me.  She said it grows on its own in the ditches.  I hope it comes back next year.  I think this is the kind I grew at our other house.

I didn't think the yellow repeat blooming iris was going to have a fall bloom this year.  Well, it may not, but it's trying.

Here's the clump of snapdragons behind the iris in the previous photo.  All of the snapdragon plants are still green, and some have buds.

The seed heads are still available for birds to eat, and to add texture to the flower beds.

The mums are faded, but still provide some color.

I did not allow as many seeds from the blackberry lilies stay around as I have in the past.  I was getting too many volunteers.  The drumstick allium leaves are up.

The last coneflower to bloom:

Hibiscus seed head:

I want to plant more stocks next year.

I can't remember the name of these spring blooming small sized irises.  I don't remember their leaves coming up in the fall before, but they've just been there a couple years.  I think that's a clump of anemone in the upper left.

Verbena bonariensis:

I missed my opportunity to join in the Fall Color Project.  A few days prior to taking these photos, I looked out a window, and saw the leaves had finished falling from most of the trees.  Well, now you can see lots of nests.

Here's a photo of these trees from earlier in the month:

I'm still waiting to get snowed in for a day or two. I hope those of you in the south will have more seasonal temps.  We're supposed to get cold here, and our plants expect it.  Plus, I hate to see crops folks depend on for their income get destroyed.  Hang in there, and I hope you continue to have flower pics to post.


  1. The lambs ears are so cool. Fuzzy! Our trees have a lot of nests too. I think mostly squirrel nests.

  2. I loved this post. I lived in Lincoln for about a year when I was fresh out of high school. Back then I was busy working and spending time with friends, didn't look around me at what was growing. But I remember that I thought it was a WHOLE LOT colder there than in Oklahoma! --Ilene

  3. I see squirrel nests in those bare trees!

    I think the fall blooming iris bloomed much later this year. I just picked one around Thanksgiving and a couple more had buds that got frozen.

    These are very good shots. I like the fuzzy background with the main plant highlighted and very sharp. Good job.

    We are expected to be in single digits by Saturday night. Brrrrrrrr!

  4. Your photos looks great today! We might as well have snow here in North Florida as it is 23 degrees and we are inside unless we just have to go out!!

  5. Amazing finds, I am not seeing hardly any green. I went out looking for the ice blooms, but did find some interesting ice crystals with the frost.

  6. Hi Sue. Beautiful pictures of the garden in late fall. About the only thing I have left are the Heucheras. Everything else looks pretty dead! We had some way below freezing temps about 2 weeks ago that did a number of my plants in. I was not ready for such low temps so early sadly. Thanks for paying a visit to my blog and leaving that nice comment. :)

  7. That's an interesting photo of the tree with all those nest. It just started to snow here in my neck of the woods and it's been cold and windy! Brrrrr! I haven't been outdoors in my garden because of the freezing winds, It' just been to cold! keep warm.. I enjoyed the photos.

  8. I like the figurine with the watering can, that is very cute!

  9. Sue,
    It is amazing how much green is still around in your garden. Lots of plants hanging on in such a cold environment. And lots of leaves!I'm hoping my blackberry lilies send up volunteers. It was my first year with them and I'm a fan right off the bat!
    Hugs, Meems

  10. Hi Nebraska, I think you are the only blog friend I have from Nebraska.. That's NEAT... Thanks for coming back to my site.. I have missed you.

    YES---it looks like winter is setting in EVERYWHERE these days. We have had a week of VERY cold temps and a little snow here in TN. There's nothing blooming in our yard except Pansies--and they are struggling.

    Our reblooming irises did well this Fall ... I showed pictures a few times. BUT--now they are gone 'til spring.... Sigh!!!!!

    Love seeing all of your pictures...

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed 2011.

  11. Sue: What a neat look at the garden in the final stages of Fall.

  12. Oh, the lamb's ear is definitely my favorite!

  13. what fabulous photos. I can't believe you can grow beauty berry. Maybe I should give it a try. You still have a lot in the garden.

  14. Beautiful - what a lovely blog I've just found you!

  15. Sue it is amazing how much color you still have in your garden!!!Here as you saw from my post everything is snow white! Pretty though!Perhaps I can blow some your way!

  16. Thanks for dropping by my little nature blog. I do find it amazing you still have such beautiful colors in your December garden. Then I remember here mine is only a little south of the artic tundra. :)
    Lamium is one of my favorite groundcovers, invasive yes, but it works well as a filler in my woodland wildflower garden. Stay warm now. We are having a blizzard here today.

  17. Sue, Looks like quite a bit of color left in your garden. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog- with moving last year I'm starting all over, it's kinda fun! I get so many ideas from the blogs I read. I just realized that we're probably the same zone now :)

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  18. I love the lady gardener in he snow! NowI expect you will have a real winter, as opposed to the play winter we have here, but I see you still a a few hangers-on from fall. I really like the photos of the seed heads.

  19. Hi Sue, Well I think you're right about it getting cold there. Your weather widget says 4F and if that's not cold I don't know what is. Brrrr.... I hope you're staying warm and your plants are too. Great photos!


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