Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some Herbs in the Window

We went to Trader Joe's the first Saturday it was open in our city.   I don't normally buy herbs crowded in pots that are too small for them, but the herbs in the pot in the middle of the photo looked good, and they found their way into the shopping cart.  The rosemary, thyme, and oregano joined a couple rosemary plants that I've managed to keep alive for several years.

On the top shelf, is one that looks dead every spring, but comes back to life.  This may be its last winter, though.  It didn't green up this summer as much as it normally does.

I thought the bay plant I've had a few years had died this spring, but new growth came from the base of the plant, and I cut back the dead stems.

I haven't been using as much self control with the food at holiday gatherings, but am managing to not gain much weight.  I made a big pot of vegetable soup, and put some of my new herbs in it.  This soup is low fat, low calories, so I can enjoy some of those treats.  I just have to be careful.

Happy holidays!  I'm a Christian, and am very thankful for the gift of faith in Jesus.


  1. Hi Sue, I love your Rosemary plants.

    Just a thought, you have one that seems to have not done as well for you this year, I'm not sure if it has been in the same pot, or if you dig it up and move it, but sometimes Rosemary roots will outgrow the plant. When you trim a Rosemary plant, and dont trim the roots too, you can sometimes end up with a rootbound plant that doesnt do as well.

    If that is the case, simply breaking up the root ball a bit and trimming it a bit should breathe new life into that plant.

    I'd hate to see you lose a plant that had withstood so many winters so valiantly.

    Hope you have a great Christmas. May you and your family be blessed, through the holidays, and throughout the coming year.

  2. Looks Delicious!!! I want some plant that i can use for my cooking.

    Just like to share with you a beautiful quote...

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  3. Sue, the soup looks delish. I'm a big fan of soup, but don't often get around to making it. Your photo motivates me to get going.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  4. The soup does look delish!! No calorie counting this time of the year.....

  5. I liked Troys tip and to see you are having good luck bringing your rosemary in. I put mine in my kitchen and try to trim back the plant often.It is more than a gifting holiday unless we are spreading that gift of love. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  6. Merry Christmas Sue. My pastor said something the other day that really struck me and I thought it was just beautiful...he said "we celebrate not the birth of a baby but the birth of a savior" AMEN!! Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Your soup looks fabulous. Your herbs looks very good also. My next project is to have a garden window like yours to keep herbs going in the winter. I grow herbs for Farmer's Market here in North Platte, NE and I have a very tiny lot, so I grow in containers, and soil bags.
    Take care, have a wonderful, and peaceful Christmas, may the Lord keep you and bless you the coming year.
    Regards in West Central Ne

  8. Hi, Sue!
    I have a devil of a time keeping Rosemary alive in the house. That particular plant can't seem to cope with my on again off again attention to watering. Your soup looks quite yummy. I think we need that recipe! :)

    Hope you have a great week of holiday fun. Merry Christmas!

  9. Hi Sue. Your herbs look so nice sitting in your window. And the soup looks yummy girl.
    Wishing you and your Family a Wonderful ChristmasQ

  10. Your soup looks delicious. I love homemade soups this time of year, and they are a great opportunity to use some of our herbs. The rosemary Christmas tree I purchased for the kitchen this year is already developing brown spots. Yikes! I put cool to touch lights on it, so I don't think that's the problem. It's going out in the yard ASAP, where it has a better chance of survival.

    I hope you have a blessed Christmas and the very best in the new gardening year.

  11. Hi Sue,
    Your veggie soup looks delicious--is it cabbage based like the weight watcher's soup?

    I brought in some rosemary this year, too. After two months it still looks pretty good. I am hoping to nurse it through the long winter.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  12. The reason I didn't give the soup recipe is because I rarely follow a recipe, and don't think to write down what I've put in a soup. Also, I make enough for leftovers, so use larger amounts of ingredients.

    I looked at the Weight Watchers recipe, but didn't have zucchini. I sauteed some chopped onion, celery, chopped peppers from the freezer, and garlic (from the garden. I added some chopped carrots, a can of petite chopped tomatoes and I forgot how much water. I put in about a tablespoon vegetable base from a jar when the liquid got hot. Since the WW recipe called for tomato paste, I added a can of that, but then needed to add water, because the tomato flavor was too strong. After about 10 minutes, I put in about half a cabbage, chopped up and since I didn't have any frozen beans, I dug the carrots out of a bag of yellow and green beans mixed with them, and put the beans in the soup. Oh, and I had about a cup of frozen peas left in a bag that I put in the soup. I use a lot of Mrs. Dash salt free seasonings in my cooking. I think I used the garlic and herbs one, along with the fresh oregano, thyme, and rosemary.

    Thanks for the comments, and Merry Christmas!

  13. I should have edited my comment before posting it. I sure used the word, "chopped a lot". The tomatoes were petite diced, but you probably knew that.

  14. I must be tired. I put the second quotation mark in the wrong spot!

  15. Sue, we went to the same cooking school! I also cook w/o following recipes so it's always a challenge when someone asks you to share 'em. Though I own lots and lots of! Could go for a hot bowl of soup right now! Hope you and your family enjoy all the festivities of the Holidays. Hugs, Lynn

  16. I have tried for years to grow a bay tree but I simply cannot seem to keep one alive. Having better luck with Rosemary. Did you know Rosemary sprigs will root in water? My original Rosemary plant came from the Farmer's Market. They said it was hardy in this zone. So I planted it outside in a protected area. But it didn't make it so I was glad I had clipped some and rooted them. I'm down to two now, having given several away, but they are in pots that I brought in for the winter and I hope I can keep them going.

    The soup looks good and I think I'll put a pot of it on at my house too.

  17. Mmm . . I can almost smell your herbs from here! That soup looks delicious - I've also been trying to eat more soup to make up for all the chocolate and other desserts that tempt me :-) Have a Merry Christmas!

  18. Happy Holidays to you Sue! Beautiful soup!

  19. Your pics are great...the soup looks soooooo good.....
    Merry CHRISTmas...

  20. I laughed when I read about your visit to Trader Joe's. Well, I've been known to pick up a few crowded herbs there too. I am really a sucker for their rosemary Christmas trees. Lovely.

    Soup looked great. Joyous holiday to you and yours,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  21. Merry Christmas.
    I too have rosemary in house this winter. I do love the smell and it is nice for cooking. Your soup looks yummy. I have been doing a soup on Sundays this December in the slow cooker. Tasty and the house smells wonderful. Helping me stay away from baking!
    Have a joy filled Christmas.

  22. Merry Christmas. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday!

  23. Merry Christmas, Sue! My, that pot of soup looks yummy. I have a weakness for herbs, and am amazed at the ability of pots of herbs to jump into my cart when I am not looking! ;-)

    I, like you, am so thankful for Jesus. What a gift He has given us. I love this time of year, when my thoughts dwell on the wonder and mystery of his birth.


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