Thursday, December 16, 2010

Foliage Follow-up

Pam, at Digging hosts Foliage Follow-up the day after GBBD.  I just checked out her post, and it is a fun one showing lots of outdoor trees decorated for Christmas.

These photos were taken yesterday, the 15th, after work.  There was still snow on the ground.  Actually, as I typed in the evening, more was coming down.  I had to scrape my car after church, and avoided an area where I was told there was a 3 car accident.  Driving wasn't too bad, but I thought my car wasn't going to stop for the red light at a busy intersection.  It finally did, a little farther out than it should have been.  The cars to the left still had a red light, because the left turning lanes had arrows.  There weren't any in that lane coming my way, so I was able to scoot around the corner and turn right.  As it turns out, there were over 40 accidents last nigh due to icy streets.

Some of the foliage is still looking alive, and some, not, but as many of us have decided, there is still beauty in a plant that is not alive, at least for the season.



Another heuchera:


Perennial geranium:

Grape hyacinth and sedum:


Wood betony:


Pine leaf penstemon:

I'm trying to remember whether this is candytuft or sweet woodruff.

Amsonia hubrichtii:

Coreopsis, the taller threadleaf kind:



Chocolate Joe Pye Weed:

When I went to last month's post to get Pam's link, I noticed I had the kale in it.  It is looking sadder this time, but I'm thinking I'll be able to get out and pick some leaves if I do it pretty soon.

I decided to save the indoor foliage for January, since there probably won't be much outdoor foliage to show.  In less than two weeks, the days will start getting longer again.  That's one of my favorite days of the off season.  The countdown to spring begins!


  1. wow, 40 accidents? Why won't people slow down and be careful!?

    You've reminded me to check the hellebores. Can't wait to see the blooms start to peek out through the snow!

  2. Your lavender still looks great, and I'm intrigued by the pineleaf penstemon. Cool foliage. I have to say too that the heucheras look good just about year round. I wish they grew better here in our hot, humid climate.

  3. yes even dried leaves have beauty in them, but i prefer to see them rather than the greens trying to beat the cold stress. It really looks pitiful in those state, and somehow it is contagious. Oh i am so sorry for them. Better look at our blogs this time of the year, so you have some alternatives from your surroundings. hehe.

  4. So many great foliage. I specially like the geranium, the shape is very attractive

  5. At least you can still see your foliage, mine is covered in snow. :(

  6. Brrrr...looking cold in those parts; think you got some tough plants for them to still be hanging there.

  7. There is more going on in the snow than one would think. You did good finding them all.

  8. Sue, I think the garden looks good in winter too!

    I also like how you let the leaves fall on the beds and leave them there. It looks good and is great in-place mulch.

    Be careful on those slipper streets. So far, we haven't had any bad roads.

  9. Hi Sue, I left a long reply to your comment on my blog telling you why I visit here. You can read it, but to summarize, your closeup images are really like being in your garden. I like the color of the greens, white of the snow with the texture of the dried leaves. Nice documentation. Really I mean,nice photos. LOL

  10. I didn't realize that lavender could be hardy to zone 5! I haven't seen a penstemon like the the pine leaf penstemon before -- very nice!

  11. Hi Sue, Thanks for commenting on my blog! Also, thanks for the advice about asparagus - I planted a 20 foot row 3 years ago.. this will be our bumper crop year (I hope!).. I love asparagus!

    Also, in answer to your question, my book is about veggie gardening year round. It will be published by Storey Publishing late in 2011.. I'm not sure of the title yet, as it's already changed several times and we're still 10 months from publication! :) It will be available across North America though..

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

  12. Nice bits of foliage you have. You've got a lot of promise for next spring.

  13. Nice post,'s so true, this time of year makes us really appreciative of the little things in the garden!


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