Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blooms, Sort of

The outdoor blooms are finished, but there is still some color in the yard.  I had a holiday gathering after work today, (Tuesday), and there wasn't much light left when I got home, but I went right out to take photos for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, hosted by Carol, of May Dreams Gardens.

The temps have finally gotten cold enough to take down the snapdragons.  I am sad.

There are a few strawflowers on dried up plants.

I imagine these rue buds won't be opening up.

The autumn joy sedum has some new color under the seed heads.

The iris is not going to open after all.

The gomphrenas still have color on their dry stems as well.

The beauty berries are not blooms, but they are still looking pretty.

I'm thinking folks have included seed heads for bloom day before.  Since there aren't live flowers, I'm enjoying having the seed heads around.

These are New England Asters.

The coneflowers are being eaten by birds, but are still looking good.

Rattlesnake master:

Love lies bleeding:

Saw toothed mountain mint:

I can't remember what kind of grass this is.

It was getting dark, and I got sidetracked taking photos of the next door neighbor kids with the lighted Christmas animals in their yard.  This was the best photo of the Virginia mountain mint.

Inside, out of the cold, I have a few blooms.  I got this holiday cactus, 'Caribbean Dance' in bud a few weeks ago, and it is doing well.

I had thought the next one, 'Dark Marie' wasn't going to make it because I had let it dry out too many times, but after a couple waterings, it is blooming, too.  It looks pretty similar to the new one.  Now, I need to get both of them into larger pots with some good potting soil, so it will be easier to keep them from drying out. Naomi, my pink blooming one is finished blooming for now, but it may bloom again toward spring, like it did last year.

I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of blooms others have this cold December.


  1. Pretty photos, but sad and cold flowers. Happy GBBD.

  2. Your pictures show that there is still beauty in the garden, even covered in snow.

    Love your cactus blooms.

    Have a lovely Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  3. That last photo is exquisite. I also love the New England aster seeds, so cute.

  4. wow what a poppin color on that Christmas cactus??Still love the other's grace..Sandy

  5. I like all the dried bloom heads, especially against the backdrop of snow.

    I leave all mine on until spring clean-up.

    The Christmas Cactus are a gorgeous color.

  6. The flowers are beautiful even in their frozen state, and berries and seedheads add so much to the winter landscape. Love the warm coral glow of the cactus flower.

  7. Very nice photos Sue, I love the still bloomers. Thats why I always like the snapdragons.When I go out on the prairie I remember some of the blooms and angles I shot , almost like seeing an old friend.

  8. I really love watching the way winter is marching across the country. Great photos. Sometimes plants adorned with snow are really lovely.

  9. Beautiful photos, especially the beautyberry. Gotta love the snow!

  10. Dear Sue, The seedheads in your garden have their own beauty! I envy you your Christmas cactus ... time for me to drop hints that I would like one. Happy Bloom Day. Pam x

  11. I'm surprised you have even remnants of colorful blooms in this cold, Sue. I find the seedheads are just as interesting to look at this time of year, too. It's fun to watch how the coneflowers slowly get nibbled away. Stay warm!

  12. These are great photos of off-season interest in the garden! I rely on grasses at this time of the year, but you've given me some more ideas, so thanks!

  13. Beautiful flowers... but I actually think the delicate colors of that dried gomphrena are my favorite. It's always nice to see mountain mint, too!

  14. Even when dried and turing brown, flowers have a certain interest.


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