Sunday, November 21, 2010

There are Still Some Things to Look at

Our temps did not get into the upper 40s like they were supposed to the last couple of days.  It was quite cloudy today.  I ventured out to take a photo of my brave pass-along iris that has opened its bloom, and ended up taking photos of the whole curb area.

I started on the west side facing north, went east, and then back around the area from the other side.  It was about 38 degrees when I took these photos.

These petunias, which have been blooming ever since I planted them, but may soon be giving up.

My little $5.00 no name rose bloomed most of the summer, too, and now has some pretty little hips.

The clump of Jupiter's beard I took from the larger one last fall took a long time to recover from being moved last year, but did pretty well this year.  It didn't have as many blooms as the parent plant, but has a new one right now.

I just took a photo of this bachelor button a few days ago, because they usually go dormant in August, and I was excited to see it still blooming.  Now, it's finished.

There is a lighter blooming sedum on the left of the photo, next to the autumn joy in the center.

Most of the goldenrods are finished blooming, but there are a few blooms still making finding their way out in the cold.

Here's a spent bloom from the same plant.

I haven't been drying the gomphrena flowers as often as I used to.  I love how they stay nice looking on the plants for so long, even after the stems don't look so good.  I think the strappy leaves on the lower left are grape hyacinths.

The plants close to the curb are perennial geraniums.  The lavender plants just finished a late flush of blooms.

Continuing to the east:

I do plan on moving the New England asters to another spot next year.  I'm thinking I'd like to find some pink muhly grass or a more upright kind to put in the spots next to the sidewalk.

The seed heads are kind of cool.

There are still a few blooms, too.  I love this color of blue!

Do you remember what I first went out to take photos of?    It's in this photo.

The iris looks out of place with all that brown.

I think the goldenrod in front of the lavender in this photo may be 'Little Lemon'.  It is smaller than the other goldenrods I have.

It still has some blooms, too.

The arums have leafed out.  (Added 11/23- Here's a link to the post I did on arums last year.  They have peculiar flowers, seed heads, and growth habits.)

This is one of the sedums I stuck a stem of in the dirt this spring.  I was surprise it bloomed this year already.

The salvias are still pretty, even though they are pretty much finished for the season.

Now, we're facing west.

The cold temps killed the lantana in the basket.  There is a clump in a raised bed at church that is protected enough that it's loaded with blooms.

I'm enjoying the foliage of the perennial geraniums.

I like the form of 'Fireworks' goldenrod and the different kinds of liatris, even when they are finished blooming.

Sea hollies are pretty cool looking brown, too.

Facing south, my little pretty is in another photo:

This is facing south and back to the west.

I was thinking about cutting the milkweed back, but have decided to leave it for now.

The name of this flower is not coming to my brain right now.  Oh, I'm thinking it's a veronica of some kind. 

I hope the ironweed spreads some next year.

Maybe these seeds will end up in the ground and grow in the spring.

There is one more bloom that looks out of place for the season.

This is a different bloom than the one I posted recently.

These echinaceas are 'Prairie Splendor'.  Do they look diseased?

There are still a few seed heads on the bush clematis.

Now, we're facing east and south.

I didn't get the edge with more 'Fireworks' goldenrod in the previous photo, so I included this one in the post.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. I have one petunia that is still blooming too, which I find totally amazing! I've never seen rose hips grow on a rose before. That's neat.

  2. Hi Sue, it is depressing to see where the lots of man-hours in developing the garden go. Maybe if i am the one living in such climate i might not be able to garden anymore. How will you gather all those fallen leaves??? It will be lots of compost, but before that happens a lot of work will ensue. Oh that will be back breaking for me. I hope flowers will just grow through those dried leaves withought getting them out.

  3. You have such variety. I really like the leaves of the arums? Do they come back each year? We didn't get our predicted warmth or sun either.

  4. Look at all of those leaves...I love seeing the blanket of them keeping those plants warm. You have a lot of interest in your gardens. Do you know how to collect seeds from the Gromphena? I have tried for two years and cannot locate them. They must reseed as I have volunteers come up in my gardens.

  5. What a nice selection. I like to brew the rose hips, a good cold remedy also.I went and shot the dry blooms out on the prairie with some backlight from the sun and liked how the goldenrod was some of the showiest.

  6. Thanks for the tour,'s always so interesting to see how plants behave in other people's gardens! I agree with you on the Pink Muhly would look stunning with your asters! I'll cross my fingers for your Ironweed, I bet it'll spread a bit. I would definitely keep an eye on those Echinacea next year, it looks like it could be a case of Aster Yellows, then again, I think sometimes flowers that form during the colder parts of the year are sometimes a little deformed, so it may be nothing...time will tell :-)

  7. Last of fall seems to be hanging around your yard. I have 2 inches of snow in my yard!

  8. HI Sue. My Echinacea looks like that with some of the very late blooms. You still have some blooms going on and some very lovely seed heads to add texture to your beds. The Iris is so pretty. My reblooming one never bloomed this fall so I am wondering if it is dying.
    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

  9. You've got so much going on in the garden. It is looking great. I don't think your Prairie splendor looks diseased-looks like it is setting seed. A lovely selection.

    I must say that header photo of you and your grandson is so nice! You look like his mother and not his grandmother-lucky you!

  10. Awesome on the new grandbaby!! Boy or girl to join the older brother?

  11. Thank you so much for the long stroll this evening. I am popping in to say hello and to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving....
    I love your header picture! Looks like so much fun you are having there ;-)

  12. I always enjoy rose hips better than mine! LOL! I thought the shot of the seed heads on the bush clematis was really cool. It's amazing you still have blooms this late in the season. The Iris is beautiful. Have a great Thanksgiving--we have so much to be thankful for.


  13. So cool to still have so many nice blooms at your garden even when is so cold! I hope they last even longer

  14. That seed head is wistful and lovely - uncanny the iris..I am making one Christmas tree of all dried pods and seeds and berries this year with live flowers in water picks interspersed. Haven't done it for about 10 years and felt more natural this to all. What's planned indors what 's new and exciting there?/

  15. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog. I actually lived in Jersey City when I graduated college. I lived in two different places in Jersey City for 6 years.

    You are so lucky to have a Trader Joe's that opened across town. It is worth the trip, you will love it there! I like to go there to get plants, the begonia I bought was only $2.99. I also love to buy bread there, they have an amazing sourdough. And coffee! They have great whole bean coffee for a good price. And if you like nuts, like pistachio, almonds, etc, I always find it's cheaper there than any supermarket in my area.

    If you do end up going there and seeing a Nebraska tote bag, I would love to get one from you. In return, I'll send you a New York City one!


  16. I adore your new look!! And the Header photo is just amazing, Sue. Perfect.

    You posted this two weeks ago and we had snow then! So just another reason why we should move south-ha!


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