Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday Hodge Podge

I was planning on putting photos from both Saturday and Sunday in a post, but ended up exporting too many photos, so I'll do Sunday's photos in a different post.  After having Thursday night's low in the lower 20s, plants like tomatoes and basils are finished for the season.  Other plants are plugging away.  The temps this weekend were in the lower 70s.  I had wanted to take KJ to a local park with hiking trails, partly so I could take some photos of fall foliage, but he wanted to stay here to play and garden.

This is the plant KJ picked out this spring.  He has remembered it's his, and it's still blooming!

 I didn't have my camera when we first went outside.  KJ said his pumpkin on the porch was getting "yucky".  When we took it to the compost pile, we saw that the neighbors had put their first raking of leaves onto the compost pile.  He told me to put him up there.  It was so sweet.  He was willing to get back up there later to show Grandpa how he played in the leaves.

The greens survived the lower 20s so far.  Borage and dill plants are sharing the space.

I wish I'd have had the camera when we went across the street with KJ's shovel and a couple hoes.  He was such a great helper!  He picked the remaining few peppers and lots of green tomatoes.  When we got home, he lined a number of them up on the deck, then put them back into the bucket.

I went around and took some photos of plants that have survived so far, and some that are about finished.  I'm not going to label them, because I have other things I need to attend to.  I do need to say that I'm excited that this bachelor button lived all summer.  They usually don't here in my yard.  Maybe it's because there is afternoon shade here.

This is the larger 'Marguerite' sweet potato.  I heated it up after being baked the day before.  It tasted pretty good, and was not dry or stringy.

Let me know if you've tried eating your ornamental sweet potatoes.

It's been a nice fall here in Nebraska.  They say cold weather is on the way.


  1. Your grandson is adorable! What a nice garden helper!

  2. Your late season blooms are great, but KJ steals the best of show award. The header photo is your best ever.

    It never, ever occurred to me to eat my ornamental sweet potatoes. Now you got me thinking about it.


  3. Sue ~ Your grandson is a sweetie pie, and what a joy to have him as your helper. You still have some lovely bloomers.


  4. the last hurrah of colors special

  5. Boy you have a lot more blooms than around here.I put in 180 bulbs yesterday, mostly tulips with a few dutch iris.In another couple months I will be looking at catalogs planning for next year.We have the white stuff possible toward the end of the week.

  6. Your grandson is adorable, and great header photo.

    We just had our first frost too. You still have a lot in bloom! I love the verbenas and chrysanthemums. So lovely.

  7. So many blooms still in your garden. You little garden helper is too cute. He is really into plants!

  8. You've got lots going on in the garden Sue, and your grandson is such a great little helper - just adorable!

  9. Sue, He's adorable and I love the header photo! Seriously, is that an ornamental sweet potato you're dining on or are you teasing us! gail

  10. Hi Sue it is depressing to see those plants like that, considering the time and labor spent in making them live and grow. You asked what seasons do we like, i'm sorry we only have 2 seasons here. But i feel deprived of Autumn because i love it in photos. In this country green persist through time, all green and shades of green everywhere!


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