Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday's Hodge Podge

I decided not to bring as many plants inside as last year.  I can usually get parsley, sage and thyme from the garden well into December.  The rosemary plants come inside.  The bay tree on the left is smaller than it was last year because most of it died back when we first put it outside.  Now, I'll have more room to start some seeds inside this spring.  Since we were getting our kitchen remodeled last year, I didn't plant any seeds inside.  I haven't been doing a good job keeping my African violets watered.  Some will survive, but others don't look so good.  'Naomi' holiday cactus is beginning its show.


The lantana plants didn't survive the 20s, but some of them look kind of pretty still.

This butterfly milkweed is doing way better than any I have or have had.  Look at all those seedpods!

There is a little geranium bloom under the leaves.

The grape hyacinths have sent up some growth, like they do sometimes.  These are intermingling with sedum, coreopsis, geraniums, and leaves.

Rose moss plants don't come up until the late spring.  I'm not sure if it's because they prefer warmer weather, but these are still blooming.

These lavender plants have a lot of blooms.  I dried some earlier this summer.  These are too far along to dry.

I forgot what kind of rudbeckias these are.  They survived last winter, even though I bought them as annuals.

The 'Mongolian Skies' skullcap leaves, blooms, and seed pods are looking pretty.  I think that's fluff from the butterfly milkweed on the bloom.

Only one of the larger repeat blooming iris in the front yard bed had a second bloom.  Three of the smaller ones had blooms in the curb bed.  This one didn't even start to open until Friday, and was fully opened Sunday.

Love lies bleeding looks kind of cool, even when not alive.

After taking some photos, I sat down outside for a bit. When I noticed how pretty the sky and fall foliage looked, I turned the camera back on.

This is a sweet potato vine the nursery we got it from over 10 years ago said was an annual.

There is beauty in nature no matter what the season is.  My favorite seasons are still spring and summer, though.  Do you have a favorite season?

Tuesday is supposed to be the last day in the 70s, probably until spring.  I plan to get off work an hour early.  I think supper will be take out.  I am determined not to let anything or anyone interrupt my time outside, including the neighbor kids who have been coming over every time I'm outside.   One boy has been arguing with me because I won't let him tromp into my flower beds or veggie garden to catch a garter snake.  If they come over after school, I plan to be assertive and tell them I don't have time to visit.   I am having some friends over for a monthly Bible study in the evening, so I made an apple dessert this evening, and will get the kitchen floor scrubbed in the morning, so that I can be outside as long as possible in the afternoon.


  1. Your holiday cactus is looking good, better than the African violet. lol The only plant I brought in was my mandevilla.

    I luv that you included the photo of that tiny geranium bloom hiding in the leaves.

    Good for you for taking time to sit down and look around at the beauty surrounding you.


  2. Can you have too much fun?
    Love this post!!

  3. Pretty holiday cactus. You have such a nice window to keep everything in. The milk weed seed pods look neat. I've heard of the repeat blooming irises but have never seen any actually repeat. Enjoy the afternoon! Hope you get a lot of good time in the garden.

  4. Maybe I should bring in my rosemary, I hadn't had much luck before. I start plants in my basement. I have shop lights I can adjust and set then 1 inch above theplants. I have a 5 shelf that holds 2 trays on each shelf.It is timing to start so you don't have to transplant much. I have a paper pot maker that makes 2 inch pots when I need to place my peppers and tomatoes in them.

  5. Hi Sue. Your window is so wonderful. I have always wanted one of those for plants.Your garden is getting ready for winter too I see. The cactus is so pretty. Mine has buds one it but the poor thing took a beating this summer.
    Have a wonderful day outdoors. It is suppose to be nice here this week also.

  6. What a lovely Moss Rose blossom. It truly does look like a rose. My Christmas Cactus is starting to bloom too, but it is not quite as far along as yours. I have had the same idea to not bring as much in this winter. I am wanting to start as many seeds as I can inside late winter. Hope the neighbor kids cooperated and let you get lots done outside, and that you had an enjoyable Bible Study. Hugs!

  7. I heard about irises bloom in the fall...never knew that.
    Love the nature pics with leaves all around.
    Glad to see your autumn colors.

  8. looks like a lovely fall day! The iris is gorgeous. I love the new header photo of you and your grand. He's precious!

  9. Thanks for the update, Sue! I love fall most of's so bittersweet :-) I agree with you about the plants looking good even as they pass on...that Love Lies a Bleeding is wonderful, you can really appreciate it's form now! How wonderful, too, to have Iris blooming now...I think you've convinced me to get a few re-bloomers!

  10. Hi Sue,

    I always had a thing for Fall. It might be reminiscent of candy from Halloween but even though I don't eat much candy anymore, I still love Fall.
    So does your Lavender survive the winter? I tried to overwinter mine and I killed it. I should have brought it inside.
    I like the Rudbeckias, such a cheerful yellow.
    Thanks for stopping by Dung Hoe.

  11. I'm so glad to see someone else appreciates the beauty of plants that are "past their prime". Sometimes the most beautiful flowers are the ones that other people would discard.

    You're so luck to all those milkweed pods *hint hint* :-)

  12. I brought in 4 herbs and my Mandevilla vine. So far they are doing fine. You are so lucky to have that great window for your plants!

    I have that same holiday cactus. I love the bright pink blooms.

  13. Dear Sue, Wow! You have so many beautiful blooms still! I am so glad you were able to spend time working outdoors. I envy you. I dread to think how my garden will look when I return to PA next week. Pam x


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