Monday, November 15, 2010

November's GBBD

I took these photos Saturday, the 13th, so I could do the post ahead of time, and not be rushed.  I took the photos the same time as the snow photos, and also got some for Foliage Follow-up.  Carol, of May Dreams Gardens is the host for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

The petunias I got from the farmers market this spring started blooming right away, and haven't stopped yet.

This lisianthus bloom surprised me.  It's the only bloom left.

I really enjoy planting Helenium, 'Dakota Gold' in the bare spots.  It's an annual that blooms all season, and takes cold temps in the fall.

This clematis bloom was a surprise, too.  It's near the back door, but I missed seeing the ones that are shriveled.

A few of the asters still have some color.

I want to see if I can find some seeds of this Stock, 'Vintage Mix' to plant inside in the spring.  I sure like the color on this one, and it is still blooming!

Snapdragons sure do well in my garden.  I'll have to plant some more.

Sweet alyssums in a pot:

I have some of this Gaura, 'Ballerina Rose' planted at church as well as at home.  Someone asked me today what it was, because they liked the blooms.  How nice to have such pretty blooms this late in the season!

I sure like volunteer salvias.

I'm still enjoying the Hydrangea, 'Pia' even though the blooms have dried on the plant.

The chrysanthemums are fading, too.

This is the first bloom from this clump of self sown coneflower that may have 'Harvest Moon' as one of its parents.

I have another pass along iris trying to rebloom.  I'll have to see if it's open tomorrow, and replace this photo.

'Naomi' holiday cactus sure is strutting her stuff!

Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to returning the visit.


  1. I love the colors of the snapdragons! It's so pretty! Those are gorgeous blooms. Is that a Christmas cactus bloom in the last photo?

  2. Lovely photos. You have a wonderful assortment of pink plants, I just love them!

  3. One of the things I most enjoy about GBBD is seeing how different are the places that I think should! be similar to mine. You still have so much going on. Not here.

  4. After seeing the snow on your last post, I can't believe all the blooms you still have, Sue! What a nice surprise to see the clematis bloom. The rain you had last week turned into just a few sprinkles by the time it made its way to Illinois; it's so dry here that I think I'd welcome a little snow just for the moisture in the garden.

  5. Such pretty flowers, I am saddened to see them looking so forlorn. Your snow got the best of them. Lucky you still have flowers though. Some are looking good.

  6. YOu have some hanger oners for sure. I was noticing all of the leaves that have fallen in your gardens. Seeing the same thing around here.

  7. What fun to still have color. Love your photos!

  8. Sue, you are so lucky to still have so much color in your garden.

  9. I'm amazed at all that is still blooming in your garden. My last Clematis blooms got blasted a week ago by the big freeze. I really like snapdragons, they are so sturdy and such a fun shape.

  10. I always have snapdragons for their holding power through some cold.

  11. It's like a treasure hunt finding those last remaining blooms, isn't it? You found quite a few that can take a bit of cold weather!
    We have snow on the ground this morning - our first significant covering. It won't amount to much but everything will be white and pretty at least for a little while.
    That early post you noticed was a mistake - I hit the publish button instead of "draft" and took the pics right off as soon as I realized my mistake.
    Apparently Hellebores bloom whenever they choose to :) Mine didn't bloom last spring but they're both young plants.

  12. That's quite a variety for this time of year. You've captured the fading beauty so well.


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