Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Skipper Kind of Day

I wasn't going to put up any new posts for a few more days, in an effort to get some gardening and housework done, but I did get some things done this morning, and when the clouds let the sun through, the skippers came out, and so did my camera.  Well, first a couple loud geese flew over kind of low, and I had run in to get my camera in case more followed.  The skippers caused me to use it after all. So, I now have a post for Misty Dawn's Camera Critters.  The link is in my sidebar.

I pulled some of the verbena b. from the path in the veggie garden so we can haul compost around easier.  I made sure there was still some for the butterflies that are still around.  There were a number of skippers that were on the shy side.  Most of them looked to be the same kind, so I just put one of the photos in instead of my usual bunches.

I'm pretty sure this is an Asian Lady Beetle, which seem to not be around as often as in the past.  I haven't had one bite me for awhile, anyway.  Their bites hurt!

Here's another skipper enjoying the Chocolate Joe Pye Weed, in the bed on the east side of the veggie garden.

A couple of black winged moths were either on the Chocolate Joe Pye Weed or its relative, Eupatorium, 'Prairie Jewel', which is next to it.

 I love the deep blue color of this volunteer salvia, and so does this skipper.

 The New England Asters are still providing food for the bees and other critters.  Some of the asters are finished blooming already.

 There were a bunch of tiny insects humming over the 'Fireworks' Goldenrod.  I just pointed toward them, and took some photos, hoping some would be visible.  I see I got a nasty beetle, and something smaller above it.

 This skipper is atop a salvia I purchased this spring.  It's not as deep a blue as the volunteer above, but I still like it.  By the way, I've mentioned in the past, that the way I got the volunteer one started was by laying spent stems from some at church, which always have a bunch of the lovelies in the bed I got the stems from.

I haven't seen any monarchs, ladies, or swallowtails lately.  I supposed the monarchs are on their way to Mexico.  I did see a silver spotted skipper when I was walking in the back door after picking up our grandson from my parents' house.

(Added later in the day:  KJ and I saw a monarch flitting around as the leaves were falling.  It was pretty cool.)

I hope you're having a nice weekend.    It sure is a beautiful day here!  Now, back to work I go!


  1. Hi Sue,
    I have not been out in the garden for over a week. I had hoped to get out today, but now it is raining. My butterflies have been gone for a few weeks now. Yesterday I saw hundreds of ducks that were headed south.

    It must be a lot warmer in Nebraska because you seem to have flowers still blooming!

    I am having a nice day working inside.

    Take Care,

  2. I enjoyed your post. I have had a monarch the last two days flitting around.I told it to head south but fear this is one who may not do so.Two nights ago there were a few red-winged blackbirds chirping in my front yard. They are some of the early migrants, clear back in August.

  3. Those skippers are cute! I had no idea that some lady beetles bite. Yuck. Nice photos as always!!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I just went back to edit my post to say KJ and I had seen a monarch flitting around today, as the leaves were falling around us. It was pretty cool!

  5. Wonderful shots! We're having quite a cold autumn here so not so many beautiful critter creatures about.

  6. My son would definitely enjoy if he sees this creatures. he likes bugs

  7. Sue,

    All the upper skippers are female Sachems. The last photo is of a male Fiery Skipper, nice job on it too!

  8. It was a beautiful day here to be out and about inthe garden! I'm glad you were able to stop and take a minute to enjoy your scenery. Your photos are lovely.

  9. Hi Sue, Looks like the critters are still busy in your neck of the woods. Nice photos! Your little helper in the header photo is adorable. :)

  10. Hi Sue,

    I didn't realize you left a comment about the water bottles. I took the lids off when I put the bottle upside down, but I guess you can leave the lid on with hole poked in it. Before I put the bottle in the ground, I gave the plants a really good watering, that way the soil was saturated with water and it didn't need the bottle water until it dried out.

    It worked like a charm.

  11. Sue, I always enjoy your 'critter' photos.

    We don't have the Asian beetles as much this year either, but I think they have hurt our native Lady Bug population too. I haven't seen many of them either.

  12. You sure do a great job on your photos of "winged" creatures!

    This time of year is always pleasant in Nebraska. It's rainy here in Minnesota, today...could have snow flurries any day (or not) but I'm pretty sure all our butterflies, moths, etc. have all gone away.

  13. Sue, don't you love how Randy always seems to stop by and clarify for us the 'details' of our butterflies, skippers and dragonflies?! He's so terrific;-) I'm glad you are still have nice weather, as are we. I don't believe I've ever seen an 'Asian Lady Beetle' before. Her head looks kind of scary! I didn't realize something that looks like a 'typical' ladybug can bite you! Ouch!

  14. Great photos Sue. I've never been able to capture a photo of a skipper, they never seem to sit in one place long enough.

  15. Great pictures. I hate Asian Lady beetles. They are a real problem herein Ontario. I have yet to be bitten by one and I'll bet it does hurt.


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