Friday, October 15, 2010


I have more photos than last year for October's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens.  When I looked back at last year's post, I noticed a number of flowers that were blooming are finished for this year, so I must have deleted more photos last year.  I am going to try to label my many blooms and not write much between the photos.  I tried to do a post with captions, and smaller photos next to each other.  Sometimes I could drag and move them, other times not.  I got frustrated and started over.  When I looked for help, I did not find the information I needed.  Any tips would be appreciated.


Painter's Pallete:

I included the American Beauty Berries last year, saying they are as pretty as blooms.  Well, they are!

These salvia plants were in my August or September bloom day post.  They still have some nice color on them.

Blood Flower, a kind of milkweed, an annual here:

This volunteer salvia of some kind in with the rudbeckias was not blooming last month's bloom day.

Goldenrod, 'Fireworks':

The petunias in a pot are doing a fine job filling a hole in the curb bed.

 This is a volunteer aster in a pot.  It's in the spot where a butterfly milkweed died.

This is one of the goldenrods that don't get very tall.  It's been blooming a few weeks.

This lavender is blooming again after being sheared back when the first blooms were spent.

I didn't get as many flowers dried this year as usual.  I did cut a few stems of this gomphrena the other day.  The rudbeckia, 'Tiger Eye Gold' has been blooming off and on all summer.

I'm still enjoying the lisianthus blooms.

Knautia, with asters in the background:

Lisianthus and a pentas:

Aster, 'Woods Pink':



Gail, do you think this goldenrod  is 'Little Lemon'?  It's about 18 inches or so.  I wish I had a better memory.



 Perennial geranium:

Another perennial geranium:




Sweet allysum:

The volunteer hibiscus from the plant behind the garage:

I'm loving the mums, 'Debonair' and anemone, 'September Charm' growing together.

The nicotianas did not get very tall this year.

The snapdragons are hard to photograph, but they are so faithful in coming back each year, and bloom off and on all season.   I had to include them in today's bloom day post.

Last year, I started some tall growing cockscomb plants from seeds my next door neighbor gave me.  She had grown hers from seeds another friend had given her.  Well, I didn't get any seeds gathered last year, but had spread them around, hoping they'd seed themselves.  The neighbors' were about finished blooming this year, when mine came up.  I was surprised to see them, and didn't have hope of them blooming, but they matured quickly, and have provided some color to the fall garden.  This is the tallest one, about 2 feet, growing next to a self sown salvia.

The stocks are being crowded, but are blooming anyway.

The phlox, 'Orange Perfection' are almost finished for the season.

Kiss me over the garden gate:

Love lies bleeding:

I didn't think this one  that popped up late would bloom, either.

I should harvest more strawflowers before they get to this stage, too open to dry.  They sure look pretty on the plant, though.

I am not going to let these blackberry lily seeds stay on the plants all winter like I usually do.  I am getting too many plants coming up.  The hydrangea, 'Pia' blooms look pretty to me, even though they are faded.

The snail vine is almost finished for the season.  It got down to 35 Wednesday evening.  I haven't checked it yet to see how it fared.

Salvia, 'Black and Blue'

Goldenrod, 'Wichita Mountains' with yellow marigolds on the lower left:

Russian sage:

A newer variety of coreopsis that looks like the 'Creme Brulee' I found on the internet, except the leaves don't look to be as narrow.

Volunteer asters and marigolds with a cape daisy or something on the right:

Cleome with grass of some kind:

A couple clematis plants have some blooms.

I discovered this dried gas plant seed pod when I was taking photos of the clematis.

Perennial sweet pea:


Volunteer salvia:

The plant KJ picked out that is "his" may be a million bells.

Larry's miniature rose plant that survived the winter in the egress window is full of blooms again.  It bloomed off and on all summer.

Black eyed Susan vine from the back yard side of the fence, with asters:

One of the last hollyhock blooms:

The descendants of tie dye morning glories have huge blooms that do not fade during the day like the blue ones do.  The blue ones are finished blooming.

I think this is Genovese basil.  It held off on blooming longer than other basils.  I want to plant this again next year.  I only got one batch of my own version of pesto made, but it will probably be enough.

This is one of the smaller kinds of basil.  It did well this summer, too.

I can't remember the name of this plant that is related to snapdragons.  It sure is blooming well.

I hadn't gotten photos of the zinnias and Mexican sunflowers I have planted across the street.  There are a few here I misssed, too.  When I looked over at them today, thinking about grabbing my camera, I noticed them looking bad.  When I walked over, I saw many of the stems bent.  I don't think squirrels eat the seeds of these, but it must have been them that tried to walk on them, and they bent.  Surely the neighbor kids wouldn't have done that trying to catch the monarchs.  It looks like they are each broken at about the same height, so it's probably the squirrels.  I need to get over and cut them to see if they will recover from the damage.

I imagine most of these blooms will be finished by November's bloom day.  A co-worker's allergies were really bothering him the other day, and I told him he's probably ready for a freeze, while I'm hoping for the weather to stay nice as long as possible.


  1. Sue, are you sure these blooms are all in your yard or were you at the local botanical garden snapping pictures? ha ha

    Everything is still looking so colorful in your garden. When I see photos of American Beauty Berries, I wish I had some of my own. Your photo is great.

    The tie dye morning glory bloom is beautiful.

    Your little KJ picked out a nice plant to be "his"....he for sure will follow in your footsteps and be a gardener.


  2. oh I miss sweet peas so- that seed pod is so pretty. lisianthuis and lobelia so deliacately lovely- we are suffereing here in Fl. no

  3. Wowzer! That's a lotta blooming beauties! My garden looks positively nekkid! Happy Bloom Day~gail

  4. Sue, you sure have a lot of fall bloomers. Get out and enjoy them while you can. Frost is a coming!

  5. Love your love lies bleeding. You still have blooms on a lot of things that are finished for me. Even my beautyberry is heading to not being so beautiful!

  6. Fall is certainly being kind to your garden. So many wonderful flowers still.
    I've tried labeling beside my photos in blogger too and been frustrated. I'm not sure what the deal is.

  7. You ain't kidding, you have a lot of blooms still going strong and looking beautiful! Do you think you'll collect any seeds from the tie dye Morning Glory? If so, are you going to share any of them....nope, I am not ashamed to ask, lol.

  8. WOW! Love the different plants and great color you still have, I planted the snail vine but it didn't overwinter.The purple berries are magnificent in color, never seen them before.My clematis have lots of blooms.I have a huge flowered celiosa about a foot across I got from someone.

  9. I am so impressed with the beautiful callicarpa's berries... I really need to try one... I've also found lisianthus to be amazing, especially when considering its start as a prairie plant in the US and traveling to Japan for hybridizing, and now popular here again in it's many improved cultivars. I haven't grown any in a few years... thanks for the reminder concerning what a great plant it is! Larry

  10. Sue I agree, I think that Beauty berry is just as pretty as a flower's bloom. I too" hope that the weather holds off and stay as nice and long as possible! Winter is not one of my favorite months.

    You have a lot of nice blooms still and I currently still have my Cactus Zinnia's. They are still going strong thanks to the weather temps that have been in the low 60's and 50's

    I had a little time away from my home work to pop in and say Hello! I miss chatting with you guys! Have a fantastic day!

  11. Wow! It's flowering like summertime at your place. I love beauty berries. They're so aptly named. Happy Bloom Day, Sue. Everything is gorgeous. ;-)

  12. Wow, you have quite a blooming show. Beautyberry is one of my favorites. I like all the soft color in your garden. Beautiful.

  13. Beautiful! I especially like the combination of the pink mums with the anemones...inspiring!

  14. My lands lady, I cannot believe all the blooms you still have in your garden. Your mums and anemones are so pretty. I love them. I hope my baby Beautyberry blooms and get berries next year. Yours is so beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend Sue!

  15. aloha,

    i enjoyed the garden tour, what an amazing collection this late in the season, i love the lisianthus...beautiful

    thanks for sharing this today

  16. Sue, I'm need to come over and check out your garden, with all the butterfly attractors you have I bet you get all kinds of butterflies too.

    Dan The Butterflyman

  17. Wow, what a variety! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Sue, you have lots of volunteers in there, but they made the garden more beautiful and more biodiversity garden. I bet more butterflies are happy. Many of those are also thriving in the tropics.

  19. Well so nice to meet you! I'm glad you stopped by for GBBD. I wasn't going to participate as I was having a bunch of techincal issues trying to post but boy am I glad I did. I've met so many nice people and been introduced to so many gorgeous gardens. Yours is charming! I especially love the shot of the dried gas plant bloom. I'm not familar with the plant but absolutely love the dried form! It would be lovely in a dried arrangement.


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