Monday, October 11, 2010

The Rest of the East Bed

A recent post showed the part of the east bed next to the house.  This is the area I left off with.  The fence to the right is where the back yard is.

Jenny from Morning Glories in the Round Rock asked me to show a close up of the helenium.  First, I'll show a shot of a clump, then, an individual bloom.

Here's a broader view of the area to the north of the house, and east of the back yard.  You can also see a bit of the back yard.  The morning glories took over some of the space on the lattice that belongs to a few clematis plants.  Our deck is on the other side of the lattice.  Larry and I are determined to only let 2 or 3 vines grow next year.

I was hoping to get the tub sunk into the ground to keep the bear's breetches from spreading.  I didn't realize when I planted them that they have a tendency to spread.  When I went out to see if I could dig a trench for it, parts of the tub chipped off.  I realized that the whole thing would decompose if I sunk it.   I'll have to figure something else out.  I planted this the spring of 2009.  It hasn't bloomed yet, but it is much larger than it was last summer, so I am thinking it will bloom next year.  The bare spot to the left of the tub is where a daffodil was.   Last year, I left the seed heads on the lovage, which is between the tub and the downspout.  I liked how tall they were.  I don't remember why I took them off this year.  I think they were falling down or something.  Maybe I was trying to keep a whole bunch of little lovages from coming up.

There are a few blooms coming on shorter stems of the lovage.

I am thinking this is pitcher sage.  I got it at a plant sale put on by our community gardens.  I hope it spreads a little next year.  It's just been blooming a few weeks.

Here's one of the volunteer asters that came up in a good place.

Heading north, the agastache and veronica blooms have faded.  I don't remember how many times I cut the amsonia back this season.  It seems to be shaped pretty nicely, even though it's pretty large.

Here's a closer peek into the back yard.  I didn't keep up with deadheading the false sunflowers on the east side of the fence this summer, but there is still some color.

Another clump of asters behind the agastache:

The false baptisia behind the amsonia and chicken holds its own in that spot.

I think the aster here is a volunteer, too.  The black and blue salvia has grown so big, I couldn't find the purple milkweed last I looked.  I hope it's still there.

I can't remember what this annual is right now.  I'm glad to see it's blooming.

The pincushion flower still has some blooms.

This is the same area as 3 photos above, a higher view.  You can see the morning glory on the light Larry's dad put there when this was his place. 

I like the black eyed Susan vine on the ladder.

I wish I remembered what kind of goldenrod this is.  I planted it on the other side of the shed when Larry's dad lived here.  I moved a clump of it to this spot when we had the shed repaired.  It seems to like it here.  The grasses were planted to block the view of the garbage cans.  I was not a fan of grasses, but Larry wanted them, so we planted them here.  They have grown on me.

I like to grow this annual helenium.  It has a long bloom time.

I had a hard time staying awake when I was posting these photos.  Believe it or not, I deleted some that were similar to each other, as well as some duplicates.  Still, I'm showing some different angles of the same plants. 

I need to cut down the spent stalks of the hollyhocks.

The cleomes are volunteers.

A 'Spooky' Dianthus is blooming again.

Just on the other side of the wheelbarrow, in the lower right corner, is a plant that won't be shaded by its neighbors in the spring.

I look forward to seeing the hellebores bloom.  There are others hidden by their neighbors in these beds, too. 

Yes, I'm acknowledging it's fall, and a nice one so far.  I hope to spend most of the last week of this month outside, since I will be off of work then.  I am only able to be out an hour or so at a time these days.


  1. I am still in awe at how you can keep all of this going and growing. Love it!

  2. You have such great variety in your beds. I really like the use of the old ladder. You're doing a good job of getting things vertical. I need a little more of that.

  3. Hi, Sue;
    Love your spooky Dianthus ;-) My pincushion flowers are still blooming up a storm, too.

  4. Thanks Sue for the shots of the Helenium. It is not what I have blooming. I will have to get some pictures of what I have to see if you might i.d. it. I loved the long shot of your side yard (with Heidi on guard), and I love, love, love the old ladder with the B.E. Susan vine. I am with your husband on the grasses. I am trying to incorporate more in my garden. They seem to come alive in the wind and add so much interest to the background plus they do a nice job of covering up garbage cans! Hope you are having a good week and you manage to spend the weekend out in your garden as planned.

  5. Love your collection, I had cleome come back after I had 2 ft of water in my yard, one of the few plants that survived 2 weeks of flood two years ago.

  6. Oh boy to have the problem of bears breeches spreading. Folks here can't even get them to grow.

  7. Your garden is still looking great...I really love those self-sown cleomes!

  8. It's still looking wonderful Sue. I love that "spooky" dianthus and the vines growing on the ladder. What fun!

  9. Sue, the beds are looking wonderful for this time of year. Helenium is one of those I can't grow down here. It was a magnet for every insect imaginable so I just gave up or it gave up on me.

    Enjoy your days off and don't work too hard.

  10. Wow, Sue, I can't believe how high that morning glory has grown on the light on that roof!

    I may try MG's again next year--I really love the blue ones.


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