Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I haven't done a Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day post in awhile. Since spring has been slow at getting here, I decided to post the blooms we have so far.

This was taken yesterday morning, after we had gotten half an inch of snow after a little over an inch of rain.  By the time I went out to take a few photos, much of it had melted.

Some of the Pasque flowers in my garden are native, but I'm thinking this is one of the non-natives.

The rest of these were taken this afternoon.  Now, this morning, it got down to 19 degrees, a record low for the date!  I didn't have the heart to take photos of the poor plants all shriveled with frost on them.  I am thankful it warmed up enough for them to recover, and they actually look pretty good now.

I haven't planted any bulbs for a number of years, but the ones I have have been very faithful in coming back each spring.


Grape hyacinths

 I'm not sure what kind of tulip this is, but it's my only clump, and they are small.

I don't remember the names of the varieties of the Daffodils or Hellebores, either.

Scillas sure are little cuties!

I believe this Pasque flower is the native kind.

The name of this little spring ephemeral is not coming to my mind right now.

I sure love Hellebores!  They are such cheerful things, and like the other plants survived the snow and cold.

The Virginia bluebells will probably be finished blooming by the middle of May, so I'll post a set of buds.

I usually am not a fan of two toned flowers, but I like this daffodil, hard as it is to photograph.

I am just so tickled that it is spring, and even the Bleeding hearts are about to bloom!  Now, I hope the warm days will soon be here to stay.  To those who live north of us, I hope all of your snow is melted if not now, then soon, and spring finds its way to your gardens!


  1. Wonderful blooms Sue! Isn't nature wonderful? Even with as much snow and ice as you get every year, your garden keeps coming back every spring.

  2. It looks like everything is coming back to life, and they are getting to be colorful. While yours are starting to grow, ours are dwindling to die as we are approaching the height of our dry season.

  3. I feel for you with the snow and frost on your flowers. It's marvelous they are popping back up. I love Hellebores too, they are so tough and bloom so early. I like your range of colors, too. The red tulip is so intense and glowing. It looks like one of my species tulips, Praestans unicum.

  4. Wow! Such vibrant colors so early in the season! Amazing.

  5. I love the little scilla, too. I want to remember to plant more of these this fall. I saw on Facebook that a lot of people were out covering their gardens the night of the big freeze, but I didn't. Your photos are proof that these early spring bloomers are a hardy lot. Nice to see all your spring pretties!

  6. Wow Sue, your garden is a feast for the eyes! I don't have many spring bulb plants but am rethinking them......they do brighten things up. I'm a bit technically challenged and am wondering if you can tell me how to create a link to those who blogs that host GBBD, etc? Thanks! Looking forward to seeing what is blooming in your little Eden this year! Happy Gardening!


  7. Sue, we had 1.5 inches of snow here on the western bank of the Nebraskan Missouri river. The total moisture was one inch. It was sorely needed that's for sure. It put about 200 gallons of water in my rain water collection tank. The cabbages made it through the hard frost but I'm thinking the onions will need another replant. I'm not sure if ours was a record low but it was 24 with wind chill of 17. Pretty frosty. I just can't get anything worth while planted in the garden this year. The harvest looks to be even later than last year.

    Are any of your flowers edible or is that sacrilege for you to think about eating any of your beautiful blooms. How's the across the street property doing? You had a couple posts last year about different thoughts for planting. Did any of those come to fruition?

    Have a wonderful day in the garden.

  8. Your garden is way ahead of ours. Great to see such pretty hyacinth, hellebores, and daffodils! :)

  9. Your garden gives me hope that spring will come here too eventually! Beautiful hellebores. I also love pasque flowers.

  10. Wow, you have a lot blooming at the same time! I can't believe you have Daffodils and Va. Bluebells at the same time--what a lovely combination! I agree about the Hellebores--I can't get enough of them, and even though they aren't native they don't stray much and are so reliable. I think they help the early pollinators. Beautiful blooms, Sue!

  11. pretty nice blog, following :)

  12. I've just bought a Pasque flower - it's a reddish colour though.I now need to decide where to plant it. I also have a dicentra just starting to flower


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