Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wildflower Wednesday

When I first got to thinking that this is probably the day for Wildflower Wednesday, hosted by Gail, of Clay and Limestone, I didn't think I would have much to share.  I went out this morning in the stop and start rain,  and took a few photos, but then, when it cleared up later in the afternoon, I took some more.  I found more than I thought I would, and included some plants that are not blooming yet, due to their foliage being just as pretty as their blooms. 

The blooms of the Pasque flowers are fading, but will turn into lovely plumes that last quite awhile.  This is the only photo I included that was taken while it was sprinkling.

I brought a wash tub with Phlox divaricata over here when we moved here over 12 years ago.  I planted some in the yard, and kept some in it.  While it is supposed to be a shade plant, the ones in the wash tub have continued to thrive in a good amount of sun.  I have been protecting it from rabbits, but am experimenting by leaving some unprotected now that a good sized patch has grown.  I was tickled to see some color on it today!

The Virginia waterleaf has pretty foliage, and small whitish blooms that I deadhead.  I missed some last year, and have a couple coming up in other places. 

I included this to see if anyone can help me identify these little volunteers.  I'm thinking they may be either Prairie dropseed grass, or Ridell's goldenrod. Oh, after reading this page, I'm leaning towards Ridell's goldenrod, because it said it something about being V shaped in the cross section.

Soon, the blooms on the Heuchera richardsonii will be yellow.  I'm glad I have several along the walkway to the house, because the foliage turns different colors, and always looks good, even in the winter.

 This is a Hepatica, or Liverleaf of some kind.

I was pleased that the little Jack in the pulpit came back.  I hope it grows and spreads some.

The name of this little plant is not coming to my mind.  I just hope to find more of these and others that will be going dormant by the time their slow to come up and grow plants need the room.  There is too much dirt showing in the area where these are.

I wish I would have gotten more than one clump of Bird's foot violet last year.  

I know this plant as Prairie smoke geum, but it has other names as well.  While not native to Nebraska, it is one of my favorite wildflowers.  The seedheads on this are fluffy and as interesting as those on the Pasque flowers.

The Virginia bluebells have their first set of blooms!

The native Columbine has a flower bud, which I may not have noticed yet, if I wasn't doing a WW post.  On the east side of the house, there are some that have crossed with this, and while their leaves are wider, the blooms are the color of these.  I'm trying to remember if they are larger.

Pussytoes are another one I love for edges, blooming or not.

I am looking forward to going to plant sales where I know native plants will be, and getting some holes filled.  Almost everything is up and growing, and we are getting some much needed rain.  Happy spring!


  1. I always LOVE seeing your gardens come to life each and every spring. What a happy time, filled with color and beauty.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  2. Sue, Nice posting! Your white flowers are an anemone some call it Wind Flower. I too think your little plants are goldenrod.

  3. You have some beautiful plants. How amazing that they are wild flowers in your part of the world. Apart from the wood anemone they are all garden plants here.

    1. Thank you, chloris. I went to go see your blog, but it looks like you do not have one.

  4. Hi Sue,
    Your gardens are lovely, as usual and blooming like crazy! I love, love, love the Virginia Bluebells and the Violets! You inspire me to continue to add native plants to my flowerbeds. Happy Gardening! Sally

  5. I love the number and variety of native flowers you have in your gardens! It's such a pleasure to see all the different things you have tucked away - I am amazed!

    Your little white flower is rue anemone, I think, based on my having a couple of the same thing. The scientific name is Thalictrum thalictroides.

  6. You have lots of natives growing. The native Columbine I started and grew did not return, unlike all the frilly double ones that seed madly around, and the tall and dwarf singles. I love the dwarf Antennaria, I planted some last year and they are spreading nicely and starting to bloom. I have a lot of Anemone nemorosa which spreads really well, I don't know about yours. Blanda didn't make it for me. I finally planted Virginia bluebells last year, not a native here, and they are growing but shot full of holes from slugs, I doubt I will get blooms this year, though lots of other Borage family plants do great here.

  7. Oh yeah, you have quite a few wildflowers blooming or almost blooming! I love the Prairie Smoke! It's so pretty when the seed heads form. I planted Virginia Bluebell seeds in the fall, but I'm not seeing them yet. But I've heard they don't bloom the first year. Beautiful wildflowers, Sue!

  8. Is that little white flower Bloodroot? I tried without success to grow bluebells before, boy are they pretty!

    1. I think those who think it's rue anemone are correct. I need a few more of these so there won't be so much dirt showing in the spring.

  9. Your garden is a head of mine Sue. It is so good to see green plants growing again. I love your Bloodroot. I need to add them into my spring garden. My Pasque flowers really took a hit this winter. I only had one bloom on each plant but I am glad they are growing at least and will get started again. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Your natives and wildflowers are delightful, Sue. I would love to walk around your garden at this time of year (or any other time for that matter). I love the Prairie smoke geum and believe it will grow in my area -- must research it and maybe add it to my garden. P. x

  11. Hi Sue, Wow you've really got some excellent wildflowers. I've tried three times to get that Geum to grow for me. I'm apparently doing something wrong. And I've never grown Pasque flower. I saw it at the nursery recently and I'm wishing now that I would have bought one. I have the Phlox divaricata and love it. I also found a variegated one with white, green and pink foliage. Very sweet. I wish we were close enough that I could give you some. ... Aren't plant sales the best? I've been to several already and just love them. Not that I need more plants, but it's sure fun to find something new. I hope you have a great week.


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