Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wildflower Wednesday

I am tickled to be able to join this month's Wildflower Wednesday, hosted by Gail, of Clay and Limestone.  There isn't much blooming yet, so I included some foliage when I went out today in the wind to take photos.

Pussytoes  are one of my favorite groundcovers, and transplant very well.  I don't know what kind this is, as there are quite a few different ones.

There are a number of kinds of Pasque flowers, some of which are not native.  These beauties brighten up spring, and then get fluffy seedheads that last awhile.  The plant in the photo is one of the natives.

I have enjoyed having several  Heuchera richardoniis for about 3 years.  They are almost evergreen, and are good next to the sidewalk, because they hold the dirt in well.

Prairie smoke geum is what I know this plant as.  I'm pretty sure it is Geum triflorum, which is native to areas near us, but not to here, it doesn't look like.  This is another one that looks good for a long time.  It has small pinkish blooms, which turn into fluffy seedheads.

I'm pleased to see the Phlox pilosa coming up.  I planted some 'Eco Happy Travelor' plants before finding some that are native, and then forgot which are which.  The rabbits like them all, so I protect them with whatever I find that will work.  I think this is the kind that I have is native:

It has been fun going out when I get a chance to see what new things are coming up, and how much plants have grown.  Today was the first time I saw that the cup plant is up.   I love spring!  Now, we just need some more warm days.

My heart goes out to those who are still getting snow.  Yet, you will have some good moisture in your soil.  Ours is quite dry.  I've never had to water the lettuce seeds so they will come up, but may need to this year.  Well, it is almost April, and I know I have made it through another winter.  Whew!  Happy spring!


  1. Sue, I missed that you are back. I will have to catch up.

    You have lots of things coming back. That is always a relief to see them return and know that warm weather is coming.

    We are dry here to and hope the next two days will provide some moisture for us.

  2. NICE to see the things starting to come up in your garden. I really like those pasque flowers and their seed heads as well. We are still buried here, getting more today, but the temperatures are going to start getting into the pluses soon. We'll probably be two weeks later starting this year. But I'm sure we'll catch up! Cheers.

  3. This time of year is always so exciting in the garden, as we go out every day to see what has returned. I've tried growing the native Pulsatilla patens from seed that I bought at Prairie Moon Nursery, but haven't had any success. I should try just buying the plant, but haven't seen it anywhere for sale. I have Geum triflorum too, that one I have grown from seed.

  4. Sue, congrats on being able to join Wildflower Wednesday. You always have such a vast variety of plants growing in your gardens. It still amazes me how you can remember what they all are. You pictures during the spring, summer, and fall are so spectacular. I am going to grow companion flowers in my gardens this year which has been inspired by your flower gardens.

    Have a great wildflower day.

  5. You ave some things greening up Sue. Cannot believe your Pasque flower is growing already. Wow, I hope mine did not get ruined this winter.

  6. How fun! I love Pasque Flowers and Prairie Smoke, but I don't have any in my garden. They're both unique fuzzy plants. I don't think I've ever seen Pasque Flower at that stage before--it's fascinating as it emerges. I can't wait until the ephemerals start emerging around here. Happy spring!

  7. I used to have a native Pasque flower but it did not make it in my garden. PussyToes and CupPlant are ones I've been thinking about adding...You have some great green growth. It will be so nice when they all blossom and show off for you :)

  8. Your photos are fantastic Sue! I love seeing the hairy foliage of these early plants! Friday morni ng we took a hike and I found Pussytoes growing on the dry bluffs. I must get some of this beauty! Happy WW~so glad the snow is gone from your garden!

  9. Hi Sue, It's so nice to see your blog! Your Spring is a bit ahead of ours....and winter has been so brutal that I'm reluctant to say Spring is really here! I enjoy seeing what you have coming up. You have so many wonderful and different plants....and, you've always been so helpful to me! I really appreciate you:) God Bless, Sally

  10. So nice to see so much greening up in your garden, Sue. I planted some Prairie Smoke last year, but forgot to mark the spot, and I think I pulled it up when I planted something else:( That's what happens when I try to cram every square inch of soil full of plants. I've been gone the past week, and it's amazing the transformation in the garden in that time--I finally have crocuses blooming, and I can see tulips and daffodils pushing through the soil. I think spring might be here at last!


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