Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring is Later than Last Year

I went back a year to find photos of what was going on.   I exported some from March 12 to the 14th 2012 for this post.

A sure sign that spring was earlier last year, was that the pansies were in the nurseries.  This is the tub our then 4 year old grandson planted and tended to.

It just took a few days for some of the blooms to open.

The daffodils were blooming.

I even picked a few chives to cut up on some potatoes.

A number of hellebore clumps were looking quite colorful.

We do have some crocus this year, but look at all the blooms from last year!

I haven't seen any bloodroot yet this year.  I hope it comes up soon.

 This is Liverleaf, Hepatica acutiloba, a purchase from the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum.

I have seen pasque flower foliage coming up this year, so soon, there will be lovely purple blooms.

This hellebore clump is from a couple days ago.  I need to cut back last year's old foliage so that the new growth can grow unimpeded.

I started doing some clean up of last year's growth Friday, and got a little done yesterday.

Even though spring is later than last year, there are signs of it, and lots of things are coming up.

Today, however, winter has exerted itself, and is trying to hang on as long as it can.

The most recent measurement I could find was 4 inches at 11:00 a.m.  This was taken around 5:30 p.m.  I can't tell how much this is, but it's probably 5 or more inches.  It has pretty much been snowing all day, and still was last I looked, around 7 p.m.

This was taken a couple hours after Larry shoveled.

Heidi loves the snow, and was disappointed I didn't go out front with her so she could run around.  I've been too cold to go out.

I'm glad Larry keeps the bird feeders filled.  I tend to forget them.

I used the zoom from inside the back door to get these photos.  I held the camera outside the door for some of them.  I just noticed the neighbors' deck looking closer than it is.

I think this is a dark-eyed junco.

As I sit on my couch, with 2 afghans and a microwaved heated thingy keeping me warm, I long for 70 or even 80 degree days, and plants popping up all over.  We have had some 50s, and are supposed to yet this week.  The two days in the 60s that were on the forecast are no longer there, so I hope the 50s are able to stay.  I will be thankful for the moisture, and hope that once spring weather comes, it will be here to stay.

I hope you are well, and I know some of you are already enjoying spring.  I will decide to enjoy yours with you until ours gets here.


  1. We got another dose of winter today too. Although, you got more snow. I'm so anxious to clean up the garden beds and let all the sprouts start to show. I keep telling myself the moisture is more important. Stay warm. Spring will come.

  2. We're in that in-between phase now. It has rained non-stop all weekend, and with more than 16 inches of snow on the ground, the combination resulted in some nasty fog this morning. It's still raining now, which is wonderful! The snow is melting fast... but so far no major flooding. Thanks for the signs of spring from your garden this year and last year.

  3. I think you are right Sue. I checked my bloom list and it seems things are about 1-2 weeks behind last year. I think that is probably a good thing because maybe it means the weather has normalized? At any rate spring can't be far behind!

  4. Hi Sue!! Here in TN we had a couple of nice days this past week. Funny when I say nice days....they were in the 50s with 20-30 MPH winds, but there was a little sun. When I lived in CA I would have been bundled in a big coat at those temps, but here I put on two hoodies and out I went! Anyway, I hope spring comes soon for all of us...I'm just chomping at the bit. Heidi looks cute as ever, especially with the snow on her nose!

  5. Hi Sue, I enjoyed seeing the pasque flower, hellebores, crocus, and especially the bloodroot. It can't be too much longer before you are enjoying them again.

  6. I thought we were done with snow, it was mostly melted by rain on Sunday. Now the high for the next two days is supposed to be about 35 F. You're right, spring is definitely coming late this year.

  7. Hi Sue, we are well behind here in London too, many weeks compared to a normal year. Spring has been teasing us a couple of time, but today it was snowing again. I am so fed up of the cold weather, I am longing for some nice warm weather too! Hope you have a great week, whatever the weather :-)

  8. Brrr Sue, try and stay warm. Those photos are making me feel cold too. Spring will get here eventually.

  9. I got out my garden journal from last year just last night and noticed, too, how much was blooming at this time last year. I have a few crocuses with buds on them and I'm hoping they'll bloom for Bloom Day, but that's pretty much it. You certainly have had a lot more snow than we have, but I just checked the forecast for next week--cold and snowy on the first day of spring!

  10. Your garden was so early last year! You have lots of beautiful spring flowers.


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