Thursday, February 28, 2013

Longing for Spring

Looking at this leaf in the snow, one could be confused as to what the season is.  This time of year is hard on me, but I'm thinking, even more so this year.  At this point, I wish I could hibernate until it's time to garden.  Actually, I have the week of March 11 off, and am hoping to start taking off some of last year's growth.  I've looked at the extended forecast, and it looks like a couple days will be in the 50s, so I will try to be outside then.

Most of the snow has melted, Heidi so I went out after work today to take some photos.

I am pleased that a few of the hellebores are sending out new flowers and buds.

In a few weeks, this view will be very different.  I am so excited!

It looks like fall here, except for the bits of snow.

This hellebore on the east side of the house had some yellow blooms already this season.  Hopefully, it will get more.  I need to get the old foliage cut off when I get a chance.

The snow on the east side of the house takes longer to melt than in front.

I see the mountain mint is in its yearly attempt to spread.  I will pull up what I don't want, and it will be better behaved after that.

This hellebore is in the front of the house in the raised planter box.

Today was the first time I've noticed a crocus plant sending out flower buds.  Yes, spring is on its way!

Even the south side of the house still has a little snow.  I'm thinking it will all be melted by the end of the week.

While I was up in the planter box, I turned around to take some photos of the area where the tree used to be.

I plan to take out all of the lambs ears and lamium from behind the bench, and let the strawberries spread around in the area.  I also want to plant some in other areas of the yard.  We just found out that our grandson, who is allergic to most foods, can eat strawberries.  I look forward to the boys (and Larry and I) picking and eating them.

I like it that plants make their appearances at different times of the year, and some look pretty good all season, like this prairie smoke geum.

I think this is the area I hope to clean up first.  I wonder when the seeds I planted in the bare spots should be coming up.

Thank you for your words of encouragement and prayers about my ankle, where I had had the shave biopsy done.  I got the letter yesterday, saying it was a benign keratosis, not cancer or a wart, as the dermatologist had suspected.  The wound is getting a little smaller each day.  I did find out that it can take a number of weeks to heal, so I am not so off track.

As I've already said, I am looking forward to seeing the progression of spring for the bloggers in warmer zones, and when it's our turn, I will be outside as much as I can be.  Last summer, I worked summer school in order to get the loan from remodeling our kitchen paid off.  We have been saving all of my paychecks since then, and even though it's not enough for when we get old and need more money for medical expenses, I plan to retire this spring.  I am a special education paraeducator, and plan to be a substitute next year, in order to work fewer hours.  I figure I can work more hours in the winter, when I can't be in the garden.

I also want to get rid of clutter in our house, and make cleaning supplies, salad dressings, and such from scratch.  I already cook, and we rarely go out to eat, but I look forward to trying new recipes, too.

I hope you are in good health, and either enjoying your gardens, or getting ready to.


  1. Think I need to plant a few hellebore for some very early blooms. My crocus aren't blooming yet and I keep searching for signs of spring....the snow flakes this morning don't help.
    Thanks for the walk through your garden......JB

  2. Sue, I am so glad to hear your growth was benign!

    I love seeing your garden just beginning to peep through; it does remind us spring is coming soon.

    You will love being sort of retired and having more time at home to garden and keep house. It will be nice to be able to work part-time. You will have the best of both worlds. Enjoy it!

  3. I can't wait to see more pictures of your garden as it starts blooming

  4. Congrats on your upcoming retirement, Sue! It's great that you can sub, work when you want to, don't when you don't want to. Good to still have an income into retirement! Spring is indeed on the way in Nebraska! We still have a lot of snow on the ground. Spring WILL come to Iowa eventually...I'm convinced. lol

  5. It is wonderful to see some small bits of green and growth coming into the garden. Yours is coming right along Sue. I am so ready for spring to get here even if the winter has not been all that bad here this year. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Hi Sue....I'm glad the growth was benign and the area is healing. Your garden is looking really good. I'm looking forward to spring too! Today we bought some shrubs even though the temp was 35 and it was snowing and sleeting. They will have to wait in the garage until next month!

  7. It seems that the weather is teasing us here. The snow melts, we have a few mild days then BAM - we're in the deep freeze again and the ground is covered with snow. And the cycle seems to repeat and repeat.

  8. It's always so interesting to visit your garden and see it through your eyes. I have friends who say 'there's nothing of interest out there.' They haven't seen what you see, especially the vision you have for the garden in June.

  9. Hi Sue, Your hellebores are way ahead of mine!! They usually wait just a little longer. And this year they're still covered by snow! lol. I don't mind, but I am happy that soon it will Feel like March!! :-) Have a great weekend.

  10. So glad to hear the good news about the ankle! You certainly have a lot of signs of spring in your garden! Yippee! We need to have several inches of snow melt here before I'll find any evidence. But your post is very encouraging. Thank you!

  11. Glad you got good news. Sounds like you know exactly what to do in your retirement. That is great. The snow is melting and will be so great for the spring bulbs.

  12. Hi Sue, I haven't been on your blog for a while and I am glad I stopped by, again. I think your garden looks pretty even at this time of the year and I absolutely love your hellebores, but I can understand that you are longing for spring. Even here in Southern California where I garden I can't wait until it really warms up and my roses burst out into their spring flush, again. My yard looks a little bare right now as well, but the roses are leaving out like crazy and I have some nice pansies blooming. Happy Gardening!

  13. Oh I cannot wait! We got 8 inches of new snow yesterday...but the sun should be shining again tomorrow!

  14. That's news about your ankle! Congrats on your upcoming retirement too, you will have more time to enjoy your garden!

  15. I can see and smell Spring! We still have a fair amount of snow here in Montreal but it is melting. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos!


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