Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Again!

I keep posting about snow, then about it being melted.  Well, we just had another 5.1 inches, after an 8 to 12 inch prediction.  Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel came to town, and broadcast about Winter Storm"Q" from "Q" Street.  He ended up apologizing for us not getting what they thought we'd get.  Folks around us did get that much, but we ended up having some warmer air come in a few times, which slowed down the snow, resulting in less accumulation.  I was hoping for more, for the moisture.

I had two days off of work, but Larry just took one day off.  He filled the bird feeders Thursday after the snow started falling.

I showed some of these photos on Facebook.  I baked 7 loaves of bread Thursday, all from the same batch of whole wheat dough.

I also made some cauliflower vegetable soup.

 Heidi and I enjoyed some picture taking time outside.  At this point, we had about 3 or 4 inches.

This was taken from the door before the above photo was taken.  The UPS truck seemed to have no problems driving on the snow.  I wish the photos would appear in the order they were taken like they used to.

That's Larry blowing snow.

I am excited to see if the seeds I planted in this area come up when spring decides to arrive.

At this point, we'd had 4 or so inches.  This morning, when I got up, they said the total was 5.1, but the pile on this little structure looked to be at least 6 inches.  I wish I would have taken a photo of it, because when I looked out the door this afternoon, it was melted.

I wonder if I should be finding an inside winter spot for the bicycle so it will have a longer life.

When we went to bed last night, we figured there would most likely be school today.  I stayed up a little too late, so was glad to turn off my alarm after the 5:30 a.m. call came to let us know school was out again.  

I didn't get a photo taken of the huge batch of cabbage vegetable soup I made for lunch.  For supper, I made split pea soup with a little turkey ham and veggies, and a chili type soup with ground turkey breast.  I thawed out a bag of tomatoes from the garden for this soup, but also, ended up adding a jar of medium hot black bean and corn salsa.  I used 3 cans of white kidney beans, and one can of black beans.  I put onions, celery, and carrots in about every soup I make, unless I actually follow a recipe that doesn't call for them.

I had been seeing doves, dark eyed juncos, sparrows, and a few cardinals at the feeders, until I started looking for them with a camera.  Finally, I saw a sparrow to take a couple pictures of through the back door until it flew off.

I've mentioned looking at photos from a year ago, to compare what was going on.  I don't mind that spring is coming later this year, and we are expecting more snow in a few days, but once that's done, and it all melts, I hope spring will be ready to take over.  This photo of the hellebore was taken exactly one year ago. 

I hope you all have been safe from the winter weather that seems to have been widespread.  At least the days are getting longer!

I am going to leave some spaces between this and the next photo, in case you get grossed out easily, so you can leave the post, and not look at it.  A week ago Thursday, I had a shave biopsy done on a growth on my left ankle.  The woman who did it said I'd know within two weeks whether it was cancer or a wart of some kind.

It has been hurting, and I can't tell if the redness around it indicates an infection, but I decided to wait to see how it's doing next week before calling the dermatologist.  The center looks better than it did a few days ago, so hopefully, it's healing.

The swelling is actually from the veins that I am supposed to have a procedure done on in March.  I need to call the place where the scleotherapy is scheduled to see how healed the skin needs to be in order to proceed.  They are the ones who said to get the growth checked out.


  1. Glad for the snow. Any moisture is welcome. You got a nice amount to help and not be such a problem. We're digging out. You made some wonderful looking food perfect for snowy days. Take care.

    1. Yes, GOSS, 17 inches is a lot to dig out from! I'm jealous, though. We may get another couple inches in a couple days, though.

  2. I keep thinking of Ian Tyson's song "Moisture". That's the way I feel, just paranoid about every drop of any kind of moisture we get; it is a good thing. We have had too much dry.

    I have to enjoy the snow from looking at your pictures...we just had a thing coating of ice and sleet.

    Keep a close eye on the spot. I don't like the red around it.....or if it hurts too badly, I would call in about it. Can you send them a pic via the internet. We have that service now with Mercy.

    The bread and soup look delicious!

    1. Thanks, Glenda, I am glad my back is feeling better enough to make a large batch of bread like this. I may see about sending a photo to the dr. office if it is still hurting Monday.

  3. Hi are quite a cook! Everything looks good but the bread and cauliflower vege soup look extra delicious to me. I always like to see Heidi out in the garden. She looks so cute wearing her bandana. I would keep an eye on the surgery site, but I can tell you I've had several skin cancers removed and they all had the red around them until they began to heal a bit. Take care of yourself and give Heidi a pet for me!

    1. Thanks, Christy,
      I am thankful for those two days to get more soup made. I needed more for the freezer. Plus, my food container drawer was getting too full. LOL

      Larry thought it was silly of me to post the photo of my ankle, but that it what's on my mind right now, because it continues to hurt. When I have looked up things about shave biopsies, I found conflicting information. So, it sounds like yours took awhile to start healing, too. It was a week ago last Thursday. I guess that big of a wound will take awhile to heal. They told me I'd be able to get into the swimming pool at work last week, but the chemicals are harsh enough, that I don't think I will risk it until there is no pain.

      Heidi is on her blanket a couple feet from me. I'll pet her for you when I get up.

  4. I hope the growth turns out to be nothing. I've had many moles removed, they all turned out to be benign.

    On a lighter note, your cooking looks delicious, especially the fresh bread and the bean soup!

    1. Thanks Jason,
      I had soup for both lunch and supper today. How long did it take for your wounds to heal after your moles were removed?

  5. Hey, Sue We had Thursday and Friday off from school too. My grandson thought it was great and as for grandpa, well, not so much. One day was OK but two days connected with a weekend was a bit much for me. It's one thing to have a couple days off and let the eight year old play with friends outside but to keep all the energy cooped inside is not good. Any way we had to take to the school yard slope when the snow stopped falling. Good thing a friend went with the grandson as they went up and down the slope for two hours. I watched from the nice warm truck. That seems to help and well there was watching the star wars movie. My grandson is a typical guy for sure. Any thing that has sword fights, flies fast, or blows up holds his interest.

    One of the best parts of cooking during the winter is a house filled with all the wonderful smells. Soup, baked bread, and winter just seem to go together, don't you think?

    I hope and pray that your ankle will heal up and there will be no cancer. My household was hit with scabies during the month of February. Nasty little buggers that caused two weeks of horrific itching for my grandson and I. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

    I am hopeful that Spring will be here soon. Have a great day in the kitchen.

  6. Love seeing all your pictures of the snow, Sue, especially those with Heidi in it. I'm sure she enjoys playing in it. I know Sophie would, except we've had very little snow this winter. We had maybe two inches Thursday night, the most we've had all winter, but that was less than forecast. It seems like every winter storm has gone around us this year; I'm not complaining, but a little more snow on the garden would have nice. I've been wondering...just when did they start naming winter storms?? And why don't they get real names instead of just a letter?:)

    All your soups look so yummy, perfect for these cold nights. And the homemade bread--I could make a meal out of just that! Hope your ankle heals quickly and it turns out to have been nothing serious. I'm glad you got it taken care of right away, though--that's the important thing, to catch them early.

    Thanks for stopping by for a visit; I meant to stop here before this, but my blog reading has been very limited lately. Only two more weeks of school, and then I'll be retired again:)

  7. You know the weather is bad when Jim Cantore comes to town! Your loaves and soup look delicious! Just the sort of thing you need when it's snowy outside. Hope spring arrives for you soon.

  8. I was watching Jim Cantore when he talked about "Q" on Q Street. That was cute! I'm feeling the same way about the winter--OK that we're getting more precipitation because we need it, but tired to be "in" it still and many more weeks to come. I hope your ankle spot turns out to be benign. Take care!

  9. I hope the spot is nothing to worry about. Your photos are awesome, I love the snow photos...and the bread and soup look scrumptious!

  10. All the good food you've posted has made me enormously hungry! We've have a lot of snow again, too, but it's ok with me, too. I know we need the moisture.

    I hope your ankle heals steadily and the tests results are negative. I'll keep you in my prayers. It does indeed look sore.

  11. Thanks again for all of your nice comments. I found out that the growth on my leg was a benign keratosis, and not the cancer nor wart the dermatologist thought it may be.


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