Friday, March 15, 2013

What a Difference a Day Can Make

I had this week off, and was sad that our 7 inches of snow that fell last weekend did not allow me to work in the flower beds much.  The highs have mostly been in the 40s.  The first two photos were taken yesterday, March 14.  I'm thinking it got into the 50s.  A lot of the snow had melted, but not all of it.  I did go out and cut back a few things from the street.

The reason Heidi's back feet are up in this photo, is because I got after her for being in the flower bed.  LOL

These photos were taken at different times today.  The high was predicted to be 68.  At one point, I looked at our outdoor thermometer, and it was 71ish.  I was tickled to see most of the snow melt.

I don't know why photos do not appear in the order I want them to be.  I think I am just going to leave them, which means they won't be in the order they were taken.

This was taken after I got last year's growth taken off of the plants in this area.  I pulled the top layer of leaves off, too.  I used two five gallon buckets, and made multiple trips to my garden across the street, where some went on the compost pile, and the rest into piles to break down more slowly, and to be used by whatever critters take an interest in them.

It looks like most of the succulents in the basket have made it through the winter.

This was actually taken after I had done a partial clean up of these areas.  I didn't pick everything up yet, and quit taking up the leaves, because I wanted to make faster progress.  As I was working, I passed over the asters and coneflowers, because I am not going to put them across the street.  I ran out of energy this evening, so those will need to be taken care of later.

I was tickled to see different things coming up.  I can't remember what this is.  I'll have to look at photos of the area to figure it out.

Are these love-in-a-mist seedlings?

I didn't take out the baptisia, because this one had those caterpillars last year, so I will dispose of this foliage differently, too.  Oh, and I didn't get the grasses in this area cut back.  That's OK, because I got more done today than I was thinking I would have time and energy to do.  The most fun was getting peeks at some of what's coming up.  There's quite a bit in this area, too!

I am pleased to see the wild columbine coming up.  I asked it if it has any babies coming up anywhere.  I hope it does, but I haven't seen any so far.

The mountain mints are all up.

I got last year's leaves off of the hellebores today.  They sure brighten things up!

I wish I remembered their names.  This is the first clump I bought.  It likes its spot on the east side of the house.

We are supposed to be cold again for the next week or more, and could even get more snow this weekend.  I'll try to get out on the 50 degree day and get more done.  Some folks in a new "Gardening around Lincoln" group on Facebook were talking about April being the time to take the leaves off.  I think I'll still take the top layer off, because I know there are some things coming up that would appreciate the air.

It felt wonderful being outside today, and I even was able to wear capris and a short sleeved shirt for awhile.  I hope you are getting some time outside, too, even if it's just sitting out there awhile.  Speaking of sitting, early this evening, I sat on the bench in the front to take a break.  I looked up to see a large raccoon crossing the street, and going behind the house across the street!  I called Larry, then called the neighbor.  She came out, and we walked around her house to see if we could see it.  It must not have found anything to be interested in, and moved on.

Oh, and I found a big pile of rabbit poo in one of the beds.  I was not surprised.  I've been seeing a rabbit this winter, and it also left tracks on the snow on the sidewalk to our house the other day.  I hope it decides to eat the clover in our neighbors' yard instead of the plants in our yard.


  1. Sue what a great post. I can feel your excitement with the snow melting and seeing new plants coming up and blooming. I'm sitting here smiling because of joy. Spring and Easter are wonderful times of the year.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. I can't imagine living in your zone! Glad you're getting some warmth. Spring IS coming! We've had varying temperatures. The days are getting better, but the nights are still in the thirties.

  3. Hi Sue....everything is looking just great!! Yes, those are Love in a Mist glad some came up for you!! Wasn't it fun being out in the garden!!? I've been able to get out into mine the last couple of days and it was great! If you continue to have rabbit problems, just get some Liquid Fence for deer and rabbits. That's what I use in the front and it works like a charm! We are expecting severe storms on Monday, but I'll be able to get out and do some work today!!! Heidi looks so happy to be out in the sun!

  4. Great post. This is my first time visiting your blog and I'm happy to see many familiar native species. I eagerly await the day when I can watch my own wild columbine start growing, but I won't be finding any seedlings since I harvest the seed for a new prairie area I planted in Fall.

  5. Great work. I want to do the same this weekend.

  6. Hi Sue, it is amazing to me that you go from 7" of snow to 71 degrees in one week! Glad you got to enjoy some summer clothing and warm air. We've just had a mild and pleasant week here in the PNW. I hope that rabbit eats the neighbors clover too! Cheers, Jenni

  7. We are still totally frozen here in Wisconsin. I did see a robin and a few pairs of sandhill cranes, winter must be losing its grip! Your dog has such a sweet face!

  8. Looks like our season is about the same, a little warmth, but too much cold! Little things are coming up here and there, but it's never fast enough for me. Bring on spring!

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  10. Brrrr, looks cold, but isn't it nice to see the little bits of green appearing :-)
    Btw I'm having trouble loading photos too, no matter what I do they load backwards so I have to try really hard to work out exactly what I want before I start and then do it in reverse so I end up with it in the right order.

  11. Hi Sue, I'm glad you've had some time in the garden, I know how much you enjoy it. Look at those hellebores, oh, they're stunning. So many plants are coming up already for you, I'm glad the snow didn't hurt things too much. I love Heidi, she's so cute!

  12. "A Corner Garden" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.


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