Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to being a Winter Wonderland

I'm thinking it was a 50 percent chance of snow that gave us 5 inches in the night.  We went to bed last night with a light snow, and figured it wouldn't be enough to close schools.  Actually, Larry got the call after he had taken his shower this morning, so I got to turn my alarm off and sleep some more, but he had to get up because Heidi pestered him to stay up.  While I've said I am finished with winter, and want spring to be here now, I am thankful for the moisture, and hope it takes awhile to melt, so that the plants can be protected from the drying winds.

I kind of like the contrast between the flags, fire hydrant, and everything else in this photo.  I am, however, working on Larry to take the flag pole down.  It was his dad's, but I have actually been more sentimental than he has about holding onto things that were his parents'.  (We own and live in the house he grew up in.) We'll see how that pans out.

I was planning on starting to take down the dead foliage soon, a little at a time, to make it easier, but I don't mind waiting for the snow to melt.  This is Joe Pye weed with snow hats.

I am thankful I discovered the fun of growing wild quinine, a native to our area.

 Gray headed coneflowers:

They give us the measurements of snow from the airport, which is not near here, and also from the news station, which is two blocks away.  It does look like about 5 inches on one of the hollow branches that caused our silver maple tree to need to come down. The reason there is another cut, is because there were squirrels in there still, and the arborist took steps so they would be safe.  (That's a link to the post I did on the tree coming down.) He tied this up, and got it down softly, so it wouldn't fall with the squirrels in it.  He was so sweet!

I think the snow is also pretty on the different structures in the garden, some to protect plants from the rabbits, and others to provide support to plants.

Heidi had been out with Larry awhile, while he was shoveling, then, when she saw my camera, was ready to come out with me.  In the mean time, Larry went in, and he is at the door here, trying to figure out where Heidi is.

He called her to come in, and now, she was at the door, watching us, maybe trying to figure out why she was back inside.

Here are some more coneflowers or something with their lovely caps of snow.

I like the butterfly and other structures with the snow on them.

I always like to take photos of the fire hydrant.

Soon, it will be February, and I will be planting lettuce, radishes, spinach, and carrots.  I think I'll plant more kale, too.  It lives more than one season, but it blooms after the first year.  I want to make more use of it than I have in the past.  These veggies will come up as soon as the soil is warm enough.

Spring has sprung for some of you garden bloggers, and I am happy for you.  I will be trying to get more blogs visited, and enjoy your new growth, while waiting for ours.


  1. Hello! Boy, that's a lot of snow! It doesn't look like it bothers Heidi at all! I really like the pictures of snow on the different structures. I also like the one of the log with the snow on looks like a little ottoman!

  2. Your garden looks beautiful in the snow, Sue. We have a lot of snow too. I need to go out and work on it some more; the snowplow came by and pushed a lot of snow into our driveway entrance. It's a nice day to stay inside and drink hot chocolate!

  3. Who would have guessed that a bright red fire hydrant would look so pretty in all the fresh white snow. Heidi's scarf and the flag also added a nice touch of color. Lots of snow here, too, and still falling.

  4. What a coincidence, I was reading your post then looked out the window and all of a sudden it is snowing! Yesterday it rained and was 60 degrees. I wonder if we'll get anything like the 5" you got.

  5. Hello Sue, It's been ages since I visited -- I must apologize. Your place looks amazing in the snow. I didn't cut down all my perennials this year, so will have a lot of work when the snow is gone. I'll try not to leave it so long before I come back to your blog. P. x

  6. Glad you got the snow. We got a nice cover of snow too!!!

  7. Think the pan's out as far as it's going to go...

  8. I miss snow! I just got back from Illinois, I planned my trip to see snow thinking at the end of January we would see some snow, silly me. But I can enjoy it in your garden. I have a really good Kale and potatoe recipe, I will have to post it. If I don't bug me about it and I will send it to you. You can contact me through my blog page.

    Have fun with your snow day

    With All That I Am

  9. You captured some beautiful snow pictures, Sue! We just got eight more inches today, too, after highs in the 50s yesterday! And then tomorrow night we're supposed to have -30 wind chills. Ick. Anyway, I love your photos of snow-dusted plants!

  10. OMG Sue, that is soooo deep snow. It will need a lot of man-hours again to clean and be ready for planting. Meanwhile keep warm and happy.

  11. The snow is beautiful! So far we haven't had enough to make much difference and it melts the next day.

    The contrast between the red fire hydrant and the snow is really something. I don't cut back anything until spring. I think the tops help protect the plants from the cold.

  12. Some lovely photos Sue. It looks like that sticky snow which makes for great photo ops. We lost most of our snow and yet have a thin covering which looks more like frost. Looking forward to spring now.

  13. Show is beautiful - and it will melt into the earth. I am aware of all precipitation. Great photos.

  14. Wow!! what a post. Every part of a nature is really so beautiful. Look some snow creat wonderful natural design. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post.

  15. Beautiful pictures! I think slow adds a wonderful contrast to the pictures.

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