Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our First Snow of the Season

All week, the weather forecasters kept telling us to expect snow today, and they were right!  I took our grandsons over to see my parents as the rain was changing to snow, and it was fun to see the excitement of the almost 4 year old.  As we were driving up our street, the beauty of the snow on the plants caught my eye, and I exclaimed how pretty the house looked.  Grandson #1 said, "All the houses look pretty!"  I looked to make sure no cars were coming, stopped, and took some photos from the car then drove a little more to stop and take more.  I wish I'd have noticed the water on my lens and dried it off.

After I got the guys inside and the car in the garage, I walked around and took some more photos.

When I walked into the front door, I was informed that waiting for me to come in so the guys could go outside to play in the snow was boring.  We had a fun time getting extra socks and other layers on KJ, and out they went!

 Little Brother and I tried to see the guys from inside, but I had to change the batteries in my camera, and the photos of them playing in the snow didn't turn out the best.  I did manage to get a photo of a sparrow making a run at the safflower seeds in the feeder.

The holiday cacti plants are looking pretty good.  This is 'Naomi'.

I don't remember the name of this one.

After the guys left, around 3:00, I took a few more photos.

I am staying up to watch the 10:00 p.m. news to see how much snow we got.  I was going to wait and do this post after trying to take some better photos tomorrow, but decided to go ahead and post it since I ended up putting so many photos in already.  Happy December!  In a few weeks, the days will start getting longer again.  Yippee!

I am way behind in my blog reading, as usual.  I hope all are well and ready for winter.


  1. Hey Sue, those are very beautiful photos. But I pity the plants left outside! When everyone else in your part of the world is having snow, we get a little spill-over cold winds which doesn't go below 23C, and Dec is our loveliest time of the year.

  2. Beautiful series of photos. The first one looks like a Christmas postcard. Loved the green color.

    Keep warm. Merry Christmas!

  3. So much loveliness! It all looks so peaceful and quiet and I see you have put out a good supply of food for your birds.

  4. the first snow is always the prettiest it seems.

  5. This looks absolutely beautiful.

  6. Hi Sue,

    See, this is nice snow... Deep enough to play in, looks pretty and only lasts a day or two but not so deep that it causes major problems and becomes a nightmare.

  7. That snow is magical looking. Can't wait for our first "blast" of winter. I've had the cold for months, but still no sign of snow......

  8. I love the snow too! I love how all the flower beds take on a new look. We may get a little snow tomorrow.

    It sort of complicates a farmer's life though.

  9. Sue,
    Just enchanting...and this enchantment you produce time and time again is why I am passing on the Liebster award to you. To know more about the award visit me.

  10. Hi Sue - it looks enchanting. And sounds like you had a blast with the boys. There's nothing more wonderful than that first heavy snow. We're still waiting although we've had a few dustings.

  11. Sue, the first snow of the year is just a delightful thing, isn't it? My seven year old grandson, Bradley, was overjoyed with the snow and couldn't wait to get out in the snow even before it quite snowing. This morning he couldn't believe that it was still here and wondered how it could stay. This is only his second winter with snow. The other winters he was in a warmer part of the country and didn't have snow so this is a special treat. He wasn't into shoveling it off the driveway though. Imagine that. I think we got about the expected three inches here. We have had a great fall so I guess it's time to transistion into inside projects for the winter.

    Your pictures are wonderful. The snow was wet here too and stuck to every thing. My cedar tree branches almost touched the ground under the weight of the snow.

    Have a great weekend and be sure to post more pictures.

  12. I'm behind on my blogging and blog reading too Sue. Don't feel bad! Love your snow! That's something we rarely (if ever) get down here, so I get as excited as a kid about it. Can't believe the pile of snow on that bird house, lol. How much snow did you get in the end?

  13. What wonderful pictures of your first snow of the season. I think the first snow would be one of the best for some reason.

    Have a lovely Christmas holiday season.

    FlowerLady ~ in s.e. FL where there is a wonderful breeze, the sun is shining and it is 79 degrees.

  14. That snow was really coming down! I love seeing gardens in snow. It makes even dead branches look beautiful. I like the photo of the green coming up through the snow. And the patterns in the last two photos of your fence and seedheads.

  15. Awww, so pretty! That little squirrel looks cold, though. Nice photos! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm a bit jealous. Seems everyone's getting snow but us now. (Shush, Beth, it will last all the way into March so don't rush it.)

  16. Just found your blog!
    Love your snow photos!
    Love your house and garden pics!
    Also love your house color against the snow!
    I'll be back!

  17. Thanks for your comments. We ended up with 4 inches in our neighborhood. It's on it's way to being melted off of the streets. I hope it sticks to the plants a little longer. I haven't paid attention to how warm it's supposed to get this week, though.

    It was fun seeing the excitement of our grandson to go out and play in the snow. It was just like a magnet to him, as were the puddles in the grocery store sidewalk that drew his feet in.

  18. Hey Sue,
    your pictures are beautiful! Your house looks so homey with your beautiful garden covered in white.


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