Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Bloom Day

Well, we've had freezes and snow, but the last few days have gotten above 32, so the snow is almost all melted.  It was warm enough after work on the 13th, that I was able to take a few photos of bits of color and seed heads for Carol's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

I can't remember what this is, but I just went out in the dark and looked at the plant, and it was about 3 feet tall.  I looked at photos of the area from October, but I still couldn't figure out what it is.

This is an annual salvia.

This is the mountain mint in the front garden that is either a volunteer, or one I forgot I planted.  It is smaller than the one in the side yard, and hasn't had any stems rooting on the ground in its two years here.

This is the 'Black Jack' Sedum Judy, from Through my Garden Window gave me a stem of this spring.  It sure grew well, and the seed head is pretty, too.

There is still lots of verbena bonariensis around, which means there will be plenty, and probably too many coming up in the spring.


I have a photo of the green leaves of a snapdragon plant for my foliage follow-up post.  They sure don't want to give up the fight to keep growing and blooming.

This is a dianthus of some kind.

Aster seed heads:

Even though the hibiscus flowers are huge, the seed heads are not, but they are still pretty cool looking.

These aren't as dry yet.

Here are the 3 indoor plants I have blooming.  Each of them is a different kind of holiday cactus.  There are two photos of each.  The first one is Naomi, but I can't remember the names of the other two, which I haven't had as long.

The first two are in the garden window in the bedroom which we use as a dining room.  The last one is in the toy room, also in an east facing window.

I wonder what others will show for their December blooms.  I am ready to see some from warmer places without having a pity party.   Oh, and I've already had several dreams about gardening.  Usually, they don't start this early in the winter.  In one of the dreams, I had a nice sized area where I had planted flowering plants in a straight line, with quite a lot of space between them.  I remember thinking, "They look nice, but wait a minute, that's not how I plant things!  Should I leave them alone, or replant them?" LOL


  1. Great seed head photos! I especially like the hibiscus. How very nice to have cactus blooms indoors to brighten the winter. I scrolled down to look at your Sunday post about the snow. Great photo of water dripping from icicle!

  2. Great photos - the hibiscus is terrific looking and you are so right about the veronica - you'll have way too many next year with all those seeds.

  3. I love the seed head photos, especially the Mountain Mint which I added this year. It might be dreary, but there is still no lack of interest out there. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your garden is similar to mine at this time of year. Brown and drying. A few blooms are still hiding, but I really had to look for them. I do like the brown though and you have some lovely photos of the dying plants. Happy GBBD.

  5. Sue, this is so weird! I have the same dream! Things are always planted in rows. Flowers especially. Plus there is always a lot more room in my dreams, expansive places to grow things and yet they're all lined up. I don't want to replant them either. It's like this is exactly how I want them. How uncanny! We'll have to compare notes.

  6. I just love the seed heads of the Mountain Mint, Sue! I must find some next year!

  7. The Mountain Mint seed heads are just wonderful and I like how the resilient little snapdragon plants are still trying to hang on in between the leaves. Happy GBBD!

  8. Everything looks so pretty covered with snow! (I checked out your earlier post, too.) We haven't had anything more than a little dusting, and I'm actually ready for a covering of white. The seedheads all look so interesting, and that certainly is a brave snapdragon. Naomi and friends are putting on a show just in time. Happy Bloom Day and sweet dreams, Sue:)

  9. Gosh, we haven't had much snow at all here. It's looking like we won't have a white Christmas, which rarely happens here. Your photos of the seed heads are great! There's beauty in all stages of plants' lives.

  10. Hi Sue! I love that little strong snapdragon! I think it knows that 2012 is the year of a dragon!

  11. Lovely series od seed head photos, Sue. Do you collect the seed or let them self sow naturally?

  12. Sue, I love your faded beauty photos! Really love them; they are perfect for bloom day! Hoping you're ready for the holidays. xogail

  13. The salvia looks so interesting and really quite pretty. The hibiscus seeds look amazing.


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