Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Day After

There were different amounts of snow reported from yesterday's event.  The news station a couple blocks away measured 4 inches, so that's what I'll report for our corner.  On my way to and from church this morning, I kept looking at the snow on all of the trees and such.  Hey, I just remembered I took some photos with my phone camera.  I'll put them in here.

This is one of the two flower beds I try to keep up with at church.  Normally, the snow gets piled clear over it.  I thought it was cute the way it was lined up around the edge this time.  I'm sure it appreciates the moisture, since it gets very little watering in the summer.

As I was driving out of the parking lot, I was in awe of the trees on the acreage across the street.  My camera phone takes fairly good pictures.

I drove a ways, then stopped to take a photo, then drove forward a little more to take another.

You can't tell, but on the left, just beyond the last tree, is a busy 4 lane street.

When I got home from church, it was so sunny, that I didn't go out to take photos until mid afternoon.  It was still sunny, but I saw that the snow was melting, and I wanted to pictures of what it looked like before it melted even more.

The critters have made tracks all over the yard.  I was surprised to see how much snow had melted.  I hope we don't get water in this part of the basement. 

I will need to move the two hellebores that I didn't get moved this spring.  I was waiting to see if the others survived.  Now, I'll have to wait until spring.

Look how beautiful and blue the sky was today!  Can you see the drop from the icicle?

I felt sorry for the honeysuckle vine.  I forgot to look up to see whether one should knock icicles off of plants.

 Here's a closer view.

All of these tracks were made by critters, including cats, rabbits, and squirrels.

It's still pretty out, but it doesn't look like it will last a long time.

The strawflowers look sadly pretty in the snow.

Next year, I'll be careful not to accidentally cut down all but one of the wild quinine stems.

Snapdragons have a strong will to live and bloom.

I love the look of echinaceas with hats of snow.

I just noticed while taking photos that the yellow repeat blooming iris had planned on a longer fall.

Larry put out more corn for the squirrels today.  I wonder how many of them live in this nest.

This weekend sure flew by!   I hope it was a good one for you.


  1. We got rain first so not as much snow as you but so glad for the moisture. Tons of birds came to the feeders. Had a good weekend getting some things together for Christmas. Have a good week!

  2. If you're like me, you are happy it's melting;-) So far it's been oddly warm here during the the 50's every day (although quite cold and in the 30's at night). I could very easily adapt to a winter with no snow & won't be disappointed if none comes our way this year--althought the chances of that happening are zero! I love seeing the snow on the perennials and I leave them standing too. That will be one of the only things I look forward to about having snow;-)

  3. Your photos are postcard pretty, Sue. I'm glad to live where snow does not stick to the ground.

  4. Ahh. .nice!! We got nearly an inch of much needed rain. .I like snow though. .at least once!! It's also nice when it doesn't last long. .though our friend Sue from Michigan sure likes it to stay around her neck of the woods!! To each our own!! Glad you got the moisture, and the fabulous views!

  5. What nice shots!!!! I love it when it snow....but when it melts afterwards...even better:)

  6. Hi Sue--you know how jealous I am of your snow, but I'm so glad you're sharing it with your photos. Melanie is right--I wish it would snow every day. Until March. Then I'm DONE!
    Have a great week......

  7. Good morning, friends. Thanks for the nice comments. I rode to work with Larry today because something is wrong with his truck. That means I have half an hour before I start work, and then, I'll be waiting half an hour when I get off. It would be nice if we worked the same hours, or else the extra hour would be on one end or the other, so I could go work out in our fitness room.

    The drive was pretty. I am in no hurry for the snow to melt, other than in the streets. Although, if the temps wanted to be in the 50s, I sure would be tickled with that!

  8. Great shots, Sue. I also love the echinachea with it's snow hats - that's one of the reasons I don't cut back my perennials over the winter - I love to see the snow on them all. Enjoy it while it lasts (which doesn't sound like too long).

  9. Still no snow here...

    I will just enjoy yours in the beautiful pictures.

  10. You sure got quite a lot of snow Sue. It is the fluffy kind that sticks to everything and make everything look beautiful.The Strawflowers do look pretty in their white bed. I know our snow is coming yet but I am in no hurry to see it happen. After the first snow I am all over it.LOL!

  11. I wish we could get snow again this year. It is so pretty. Great pics with the phone/camera.

  12. Well, it looks like you might be in for a white Christmas. If it keeps up anyway. Beautiful photos. I love admiring them.

  13. The icicles are beautiful! Isn't it funny how many creatures' tracks you can see in the snow that you never realized came visiting otherwise?

  14. Sue, The blue, blue sky, snow on the trees and icicles make for a beautiful scene! I wonder if we'll have snow like this and when! It's lovely. gail

  15. Rigtig gode snelandskabsbilleder.
    Hvor er der dog smukt.
    Tak for kigget.

  16. lovely in its own revitalizing way

  17. Very lovely and fluffy - and that blue skies set off the snow to perfection. I'm always amused at all the little crooked caps worn by flower heads.

  18. Hi Sue, those are beautiful photos especially for us who haven't seen winter yet, LOL. That plant with icicles drooping from the branches is so lovely, and those plants with "hats". But i really feel so sorry for all those which are still alive and tortured to die! How nature works!

  19. Hi Sue, You did what I thought about doing! (But obviously didn't get it done!) We've had two little snowfalls, so far. About 3-4" total. Not bad - but really pretty!

    I'm still having a hard time thinking we're going into Winter already! But that's okay, I'm ready for a break.

    Time to think about Winter things and make a 2012 Wish List! :-) Happy December!

  20. The snow looks very pretty! I think yours is the first blog that I've seen snow on so far. We are supposed to have a snowy winter this year, so far none. Love the icicle pictures!

  21. Well, it may look pretty, but I still want no part of snow! None here yet, thank goodness. I don't even want a white Christmas!


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