Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November Foliage

It's time for Pam's Foliage Follow-up.  The foliage is pretty this fall.  The temps have been on the mild side, but still chilly enough that I haven't made it out as much as I'd like.  It doesn't help that it gets dark early.  I do enjoy the light in the morning when I go to work, though.

The perennial geraniums of different kinds are turning pretty colors.

The grape hyacinths have been sending leaves up in the fall, but still making it through the winter.

Arum is a weird plant.  I'm glad it's not invasive in my garden like it can be some places.

Larry's pink blooming spireas are a pretty color for fall.

I hope the euphorbias make it through the winter.

I like the colors of the grasses, such as this heavy metal switchgrass.

This may be the only sweet woodruff that lived after I transplanted some from other parts of the yard.  It looks ready to do some spreading.  The annual it's mingling with whose name I can't remember is still nice and green.  It's supposed to get down to 14 tonight, so I'm thinking these may not be green tomorrow.

I didn't know this persicaria would have such lovely fall foliage.  I hope I still have the tag out there to remember the name of it.  It did not have many blooms this year, but I have great hopes for next year.

Here's a foxglove that isn't ready for winter.

This euphorbia was green in the summer.

'September Charm' anemone is still nice and green.

The new statice I got from a farmer's market vendor looked good until recently.    Still, the colors are kind of pretty.

This is the verbena a friend gave me from her acreage.  I didn't expect the foliage to look this pretty.

I'm excited for the pasque flowers I planted in front to grow and look as pretty as these that have been in this spot for several years.

This yarrow gets more moisture than it likes, but it hangs in there, and is almost looking like it thinks it's spring.

The amsonia hubrichtii is past its prime, but still showing nice fall color.  I kind of like the brown of the liatris, too.

Amsonia tabernaimontana and baptisia are a good combination in all seasons.

I am looking forward to seeing the blooms of the hellebores and the spring that will bring them.

I'm still enjoying the little bluestem grasses, which won't be as little next year.

I am pleased that I found a little start to this gooseneck loosestrife, which has grown nicely in this tub. I hope it overwinters in it.  When the late afternoon sun shines on it, it lights up beautifully.

I wonder how many wild columbines will come up from this plant.  The purple coneflower leaves look like fall, too.

The strawberry plants under the bench are looking healthy.

Oh, dear, I didn't get this put in the egress window.  I better get it brought inside tonight.

I hope you are well and warm.  It's the middle of November, and in a little over a month, the days will start getting longer again.  That makes me smile.


  1. That gooseneck loosestrife is a beauty. Is it in the tub to keep it from spreading? And little bluestem is in everyone's garden but mine, it seems. I need to remedy that, as it's very pretty at this time of year.

    I'd love it if you'd care to leave your link in the comments section of my FF post so others can see what you've got going on as well:

  2. I agree the Statice is pretty, even though it's going dormant--the colors are so interesting. And the Geraniums are so lovely. I'm going to have to head out this weekend and try to find the Geraniums in my garden. Just gorgeous!

  3. I love the geraniums, spirea, persicaria and gooseneck loosestrife.

  4. It is amazing what beauty we can see this time of year if we look. Blogs like yours makes me realize that.

  5. Nice selection of plants! That is nice, and growing up partly in Denver, I would not expect you to have interest this late. Can't wait to look at your blog more!

  6. What lovely fall foliage color you have. I've enjoyed visiting your garden.

  7. I really do love the colors of fall and you certainly manage to capture them at their best!

  8. Oh, Sue...your foliage is fabulous this year! Your Geraniums are so vibrant...what amazing color! I wonder which Persicaria that is...a few of mine color up like that too...but not quite as much! That Loosestrife is a surprise to me...I had no idea they were so striking for foliage!

  9. nice post! thanks for sharing God bless you...

  10. So many colors in your fall garden! Fall has always held a fascination with me. I guess because it's not just green, but almost every color of the rainbow. The pics of the geraniums are gorgeous!

  11. It's always a wonderful surprise when the perennials put on a fall show. I forget about their foliage potential sometimes becaue I'm too focused on the trees. I'm glad your loosestrife is in a tub. It nearly took over a section of my garden.

  12. Always so much going on in your garden, Sue--even as things are slowing down for the winter. I always get a little sad when the days start getting longer. Opposite of how most people feel, but I always dread summer, and longer days mean it will be here before we know it. Love your Sweet Woodruff. I keep thinking that is one plant I need to grown. I love the Verbena in it's striking Fall colors. Very pretty. -jenny

  13. Hi Sue! Isn't Fall a beautiful time of year. You have given me such a chance to begin my "Wish List" for next year! :-) Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Most of the colour is gone from my garden, but there are still some leaves blowing around to add some colour.
    I had this strange growth of greenery coming up in September and October - got all excited because I thought it was colchicum (autumn crocus) - but alas it was only the grape hyacinths letting me know where they were. In a new house with an established garden there are always a few surprises - can't wait to see what the spring brings.

  15. Your garden has lovely fall color. We just got our first snow! Keep warm!

  16. Lovely mosaic of colors! Thanks because we don't see that in ours. We have perennial green and just turn brown and drop!

  17. Me too! Longer days will be so nice! I'm glad you're having a slow start to winter. Your garden still has lots of interest. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Sue. Will you be cooking? I will be but I've got lots of help. Cheers.

  18. It's almost sand knowing that the colorful growing season is over. Just a few months of cold and we get to see all those pretty blooms again. ;)


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